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I have two questions:

1. I’m trying to do the about us session but I do not see any about template. I created a widget as HomePage Page Section with Title About and Page to About. and also I created a Page called About and tested with Page with Right Sidebar, full width page, default page, etc template and nothing happens, just show the content… http://napkin-marketing.com/dev/Ace/

2.I would like to add a tag for each service and show this section by tag (category), do you have any idea how I can do it?, is it possible?

Thanks in advance


Please mail the issues at diamondtheme@gmail.com

Thank you.

Hi, I’ve purchased the theme, It’s amazing… I’ve got a problem with navigation, the link names are missing, you can see the code below. How can I solve it?

I would like to take a look to the page template file, as you mentioned in the post below:

“DiamondTheme AUTHOR almost 4 years ago Flag Hi You can make the page content clickable as per your need. For portfolio, you will need to add portfolio page template so that it will it will be linked to its partcular item. We can send you the page template file and help you to achieve this. Thank you.”


Hi luisalovato

Please send us your website URL and WP details to diamondtheme@gmail.com.

Thank you.

I sent WP details 3 days ago. Thank you!

Hi, can you send me the portfolio page template file, please?

Hi guys, I recently bought your WindCake wordpress theme. I must say the layout is fantastic, ideal for my own business purposes. I’m very happy with my purchase. I am just having one or two little problems with personalizing it and was wondering if you could help me?

Testimonial Slider speed I have the testimonials widget on my page but the transitions moves a little too fast to be read easily. I was wondering if you could tell me how to slow them down..

Prices widget I have the prices widget on my page but I was wondering if it would be possible to change the text on the button from “Buy Now”to something like “more info”.

Could you also tell me how to put a blog page into the Nav bar up top?

I hope you can help, I’d really appreciate it. Thank you!


bonabo Purchased

Hello, dear friend!

I would like to ask if it is possible to make a blog pages with categories. etc. in menu I will have Sweet cakes, Raw cakes…and I need to show me posts only from the “raw” category. Is this selection possible?

Thank you very much for your response! bo

Good day! Cool theme but I have one problem I was not able to rename a price list (BUY NOW) please help me to rename! jerdesh-taxi.ru URL

Hello just purchased but where is the demo


Please check the theme package. The demo files are included in the theme package.

Thank you