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Like it, very clean work, GLWS!

Thanks !

clean and smooth design :)

Good Job, GLWS ;)

Nice work, clean design. Loving it :)

Thanks designova !

May use this for personal portfolio :D Great work here, super clean. Keep good work coming!

Really good design! Any ETA for Wordpress version? Would def buy it

Hello gavronsky ! Thanks, there’s no Wordpress Version planned at the moment, but why not !

Pure inspiration. Affable navigability: a balanced choice of shades seasoned with a minimalist elegance, accompany this great user interface in an excellent visual result.

My compliments Supview and keep it up!

such a nice post, pretty proud to hear that from someone, thanks so much thembull !!

Hi, Quick question: How do I make the work blocks half the size? (from 450×300) I want to make them half the size and double the number of works.

Great theme :D Thanks.

Hello nwaz, For this you have to edit into your main stylesheet the .item width. At the moment it’s 25% width, just do 12.5%, but you’ll have to edit the h3, text etc for fit.

Thanks & don’t hesitate to rate it ;)

first of al very nice design, second i saw a little flaw in the demo, if you make the screen smaller to check the responsive view, you see in the top(homescreen) the text not aliging correctly

Hello there :-) I don’t speak of responsivness when i resize the browser, for me it´s all about test and working on the device. That´s why i test my template on iPad Mini, MacBook Pro 11” and 13”, iMac 27”, iphone 5, iphone 4 and on a Normal computer. so i can tell you it’s responsive and work correctly on this different device ;-)

Love your theme!!! Quick question—how do I embed a Vimeo file into one of the project pages? Having a tough time for some odd reason.

Thank you! :)

Hello blair1289 :) Thanks first ! You have just to embed the code from Vimeo into the correct portfolio section, then put it under the h3(title) & p(text) from the portfolio. Generally the div that encompassing the content is div cIass =”seven columns”.

And don’t hesitate to rate the template ;)

Just rated you! :) Sadly though… still having my issue. In the preview it says “file or directory could not be found” Any ideas?

Could you please send my a link ? or by my e-mail ?

i just purchased this one, but I can’t get it to work. Installing Theme from uploaded file: WINTERED 1.1.zip Since all the files are not zipped, I have to do it, and then when I tried to install, I got this message. Any help out there… Maybe it’s just a simple thing to do. Thanks in advance!!!


Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.

Hello there, Sorry but it’s not a Wordpress Template, it’s a HTML/CSS Version :/

Bought this not realizing it wasn’t a wordpress theme. Any way to convert to a wordpress theme?

Hello jgmz82, sorry there’s no wordpress version planned at the moment :/

How come the live example does not demonstrate video? it says “vimeo” but… can it play video? I would like to see how it presents that

Did you realy checked into your mobile ? Because it’s responsive i can show screenshot, i tested it on iPhone 4 & iPhone 5. You won’t see correctly the responsivness on the web browser by resizing it because the media queries is only for the device and not the screen.

honest! not working! :( for both Chrome and Safari (for iphone) it shows only part of opening text too. “we can help with your-” and the rest doesnt show. I wish I could send you a screen shot. When I scroll down, it just stops at the bottom of opening picture. I can’t see the rest. I have iphone model: pple iPhone 5 AT&T – 32GB, Black and Slate (MD636LL/A)

Could you please send me a screenshots by e-mail ? ( hello@iamsupview.be ) And discuss about this, because i’m currently on my phone and it works fine :/

Hi, first of all thanks for the great theme.

we have a little issue with the liquid-slider in the mobile template though, i hope you can help us:

we adapted your theme to this website http://www.bonsaininja.com/

in the “WANNA KNOW WHAT WE DO?” section the liquid-slider works perfectly on a web browser, but in the mobile version the tabbed navigation doesn’t work properly.

it seems that the voices of the menu are Undefined.

how can we solve that?


Hello Lumpa, Thanks for purchasing it :) Glad to hear that you like it ! Concerning the navigation of the liquid-slider you have to edit the jquery.liquid-slider.js and replace the line 140 & 141 by theses :

.append('<option value="tab' + (n + 1) + '">' +
$('img', this).attr('alt') + '</option>');

Thanks a lot for the quick answer, sort it!

thanks thanks thanks thanks!

Perfect :) Don’t hesitate to rate the template ;)


Nice template, very clean! ;)

I used the http://retinajs.com to optimize my website for retina displays, it’s working well except for close.png and logo.png, they are not appearing on retina displays, any ideas why ? Alternatively I tried to add a 2x bigger png and resize it manually in the index.html (width, height) but it appears 2x bigger instead. Where can I resizing the logo.png and the close.png exactly ?

Up ;)

Hello obzilo, i’m not familiar with retinajs but maybe it’s because of the padding & others stuff on the style.css ?

Thanks anyway I will work on it and let you know if I resolve this issue ;)

Love your template! How can I make the container for the “portfolio detail” wider?

Thank you!

Hello blair, Thanks you very much ! Concerning the width of the portfolio detail, you can modify the div with seven columns and use the twelve columns wich is the largest one ;)

Hello, love your template too. I’m just trying to show less works (actually six) but I can’t understand how! Have you possibily any example / hint I can follow?

Thanks a lot!

...actually I can notice works are responsive, so they show in 2-3-4 colums according to screen. Still if I simply remove 2 items (leaving just 6 works as needed) on my resolution I see 2 empty spaces. I guess I’m missing something :) maybe I can set works number somewhere?

Hep, you could just replace these lines :

  .item {
    width: 25%;
    > a { height: 25%; }
    &.tall {
      margin-bottom: -12.6%;

by theses :

  .item {
    width: 33.33332%;
    > a { height: 50%; }
    &.tall {
      margin-bottom: -16.7%;

thanks a lot, it works! I’ve just rated 5 stars … I think I might disturb you again next days ;)

Hey Supview,

I´ve got a bug/problem with the mobile version – I work with Icons for this kind of tab like area and on desktop it´s all cool, but on mobile I´ve got a kind of dropdown where I can´t change “undefined” to the names of our services. I have searched the whole last day in every file …

Can you help me?

Best regards, Paco

Hello ThemeTitan !

Concerning the navigation of the liquid-slider you have to edit the jquery.liquid-slider.js and replace the line 140 & 141 by theses :

.append(’<option value=”tab’ + (n + 1) + ’”>’ + $(‘img’, this).attr(‘alt’) + ’</option>’);

Thank you – was the perfect hint :)

Hey! im looking to purchase this template very soon! (it wouldn’t let me do it last night due to my papal)...However! how easy is it to actually edit the template sounds odd to ask I know just wondering though :-) ! Great work!

Added At the button where it says “Alright im in” is this meant to have a pop out contact box ?? I think on another of your templates it has this built in?

Hello CreativeLabz, Concerning the template, yes it’s easy to edit and pretty well detailed into the HTML & CSS Code. About the Alright i’m in, it’s just a link there’s not pop up or modal window on it.

Absolutely love this theme would recommend it to anyone! great template to work with and very easy to use!

Thanks CreativeLabz ! Hope everyone will see it :)