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Hi. I can’t find the demo data XML file. I tried clicking “Import Demo content” but it gives me this error: Sorry, there has been an error. The export file could not be found at . It is likely that this was caused by a permissions problem. Sorry, there has been an error. The file does not exist, please try again.

Can I be e-mailed it or given the file somehow?


The issue was fixed. Please wait for the theme update. Thank you for your patience.


Just downloaded the zip filed and uploaded the new files in theme_config, and it worked. Thank you!

Glad we could help.

Hello – great theme. quick pre purchase question…

is it possible to have a plain image in the header ont he homepage instead of the projects circles?


thank you for your swift response – i have purchased the theme – can you please advice on how to remove the green overlay on the images, pluss change colours of menu bar and other theme colours— thanks you !

never mind – figured it out – thank you

Glad you’ve solved it!

Love the theme! Great work. I Sent you a message. Im getting this error on the homepage

winterfell/tesla_framework/core/tesla_slider.php on line 609 -

Pls help?

Hi, We have fixed it. The problem was in the portfolio posts you have added. Most likely you have imported them from another WordPress theme that had some custom meta tags attached to it or from an older version of WordPress which used to store the post details in the database in a slightly different way. In case you have more posts to import and/or add, and you get the same error again, open your newly created/imported post and simply hit the “Update” button so the WordPress will update the post meta, making it compatible with Winterfell theme.

Are you able to customize this theme a lot?

Mainly, can you change the height and background of the header? Can you change the green background to another image? And do you have any other stock photos that come with this theme? Can you easily change the size of the white space or images?

Our themes support custom CSS styling, so everything is possible to be done via your CSS, including, width, height, background etc.

About the stock photos, we do not provide any, you would have to use your own images.

The green image can be also changed from the admin dashboard of your wordpress installation.

Live Preview is not working, please fix. also I would like to know if this great theme is translatable or not?

It is live, we don’t see any problems. No sadly the theme is not translatable.

Hi, great theme! I just tested it on my iphone and the dropdown menu is really buggy – it drops and then closes immediately and goes to the Pages main page.

Also, the calendar is a bit buggy too – if I go back to July, the 28th works great, but the 15th just flashes and does nothing.

I’m really interested in your theme but the responsiveness really needs to work properly – any idea when this will be fixed?

Thanks and great work!

Hi, kellyrnh The menu items are made to open on long tap. Please let us know if you have any issues in this case. About the calendar, could you please describe the problem in depth on our support email hi@teslathemes.com and we will investigate is as soon as possible. Have a nice day.

Can you include a Sticky Navigation/Menu Bar in the next update?

If you included I think that would complete this theme and secure its spot as one of the best unique themes available.

Hi bizburst, Thanks for advice we will try to add it the the next update.

Hi can this theme work with new Wordpress version 3.6 ?

Yes, of course.

Hi guys, I did not buy yet the theme because I would like to know if I’ll be able to customize the homepage and the footer of this tempalte. I need to add a “welcoem box” and a “news box”.Please let me know Libera

Hello ,

Thanks for showing interest in our template. You will be able to achieve something similar by using Text and Latest post widgets in the footer area of WinterFell.

Best regards.

and what about the homepage??

The homepage is built with shortcodes with Custom Posts (Latest Works and Testimonials) and static options with Custom Posts ( Our Skills and FAQ ) . You can choose to show this or not and build the homepage with our Grid system or other shortcodes as you wish http://teslathemes.com/doc/winterfell/#section6 . Also you can order a paid customization from us.

For theme support please visit our Support Foum http://teslathemes.com/forums.

Hello! I want to make a pre-purchased questions about the theme, it is easy to make the circles image buttons into a normal square?, and how do you change the images in the background? in code it seem to be a few layers of images oh and does portfolio use some plug in? would be easy to export it in some years.


Waiting for your reply to purchase this awesome theme!

Hello Itachi :) , If you are talking about the portfolio circle items , then it is very easy to change them into squares ( a couple of CSS rules we will help you with ) especially when possessing the Mangekeo Sharingan :) . Some images are changing through admin panel , other through shortcode’s parameter . No portfolio does not uses any plugin . Exporting will be easy too. Cheers.

Hi there, really nice theme! want to buy it but unfortunately it all crashes in IE. do u have have any idea how to fix it?

Hi. which version of IE do you use?

I check this on IE 8

Please see the description. It is compatible with IE starting with 9 version.


How do I rename my portfolio page? I want it to show portfolio posts on a page called “details”. Right now, the page with a URL as:


Is set to the portfolio template and shows the portfolio posts just fine (I have one post called “venue”). But when you click on the post, the URL shifts to this:


When I want it to show this:


How can I change this?? Cheers!

Hello , try to install the plugin “rewrite”, it will help you customize links. Cheers.

Hey, is it possible to create eventos on the calendar you created on this theme http://teslathemes.com/demo/wp/winterfell/?page_id=130

Would make sense to show on the calendar past events and future events…

Thanks Teo

Hi ExitoDigital.

Yes, this theme does have the requested functionality. We’ve added a event on June 1-st on theme demo. Please check


Million Thanks… Its a great theme for me..Hope my client likes it. I have a lifetime membership.

If you have any questions feel free to open a ticket at our support desk http://support.teslathemes.com/hc/communities/public/topics