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Any chance to release this theme in light/white/silver color scheme?.. Regards

There is already a white colour scheme. You can preview it by clicking the cog icon in the pink square on the left side of the live preview.

You can also see the full colour options here:

Ohh that is sweet.. Just one last suggestion however. Can you add auto load feature and item scroll on the items from the sidebar just like polygon?
Your Page:

Polygon (Just click on sidebar link):


It would be a nice addition. I might look into it in a future update.

Congratulations nice work. Good luck dude!!

Fantastic work with this theme. Pleased to be your first customer! Agree with vellatechie’s comments RE side bar. Two further questions: 1. Is it possible to insert advertising (adsense) in the sidebar of blog posts? 2. Is a Tumblr icon provided for the social media sharing in top nav bar? Thanks, and good luck with sales!

1) You can use advertising widgets. The default page template and Home Page (Traditional) template have widget ready sidebars and all posts have a widget ready sidebar are but it is not the active tab when the post is first loaded (the latest posts list is).

2) All the social buttons available in the header are shown in the live preview. I will add a Tumblr icon in the next update. Note that the icons in the header drop down menu are links to social network profiles rather than share links. The icons floated to the left of the post content are share links.

Sure thing, understood, that all sounds great. Just another plug for the autoscroll also. Would be a great feature if possible to add to the homepage. Cheers.

Love this for blogging, great job! I’ve been waiting for months for something like this. Now, easily my favorite theme. Now I just need to start my blog… :)

Awesome work!

Thanks, Spra.

Hello… Really Nice theme!! Does it support BuddyPress too? :D

Ok great. This theme looks perfect for something I’m working on but I need BuddyPress on it as well. If it’s something u might do I could wait.

It’s something I would be interested in adding but I can not guarantee it will be added or a date it will be added by.

That’s fine. I might look into adding it myself after purchasing.

Awesome Concept!! Loved it!! Going to buy it this weeked! :D:):)

Awesome Concept!! Loved it!! Going to buy it this weekend! :D:):)

Thanks, axakor.

Dear, Can I use some Blocks as advertising in grid styli, google ad or normal ad … I like the theme so much m so interested.

No the blocks only output posts. To get ads to appear in the grid they would have to be a custom post type. It’s possible to achieve but I think the implementation would be messy.

Love this concept, it’s about time someone brought something new to the table. Good luck man!

Cool theme. Slightly reminds me of

I see it fitting on a project that i’m working on. Nice work ;)

That was the inspiration. I really like how they made the most out of post sidebars which in most blog and magazine themes look stale and boring.

Hi, just bought this beautiful theme but when i install the required plugins i get an error:

Warning: require_once(....../wp-content/plugins/funky-shortcodes/shortcodes\accordion\accordion.php) [function.require-once]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in …../wp-content/plugins/funky-shortcodes/shortcodes/shortcodes.php on line 24

There are no other plugins installed. WP 3.6

can you help me fix this issue? Thanks!

I’ll look into this.

New verison of the Funky Shortcode plugin fixing this bug:

Thanks! it works indeed :D

Hi There,

I am almost planning to buy this theme. Before I do, I would like to know if this theme is compatible with WooCommerce 2.0+.

Thank you in advance! I hope to buy the theme

Kind regards,

Chris from Amsterdam

This is completely untested with WooCommerce as it’s a blogging theme.

Are there any slots in the header or sidebar to promote any standard ad formats? Thanks!

There are not but I do want to add a banner ad space. I’m just not sure where to put it so that it doesn’t make the design look tacky.

Fantastic theme. Few questions before I buy.

1. Branded login/register page? Right now it defaults to a WP standard page. A little disappointing to see that with such a great theme. Will this be updated? If not I presume this is easy to remove from the menu bar?

2. Any way to add a pin social button on the custom social slider?

3. As a new customer to your themes. How often do you typically update your theme/s?

Nice job on the amount of requests (45) that are needed to load the site.


1.) I didn’t include a custom login page because there are plugins that can be used to do it. The login and register button can be disabled via the theme options

2.) I will add this along with Tumblr in the next update.

3.) I update them as they need updating. If a bug is found I update the theme that day.

I honestly didn’t even test to see how many database queries or request are need on each page load. I code to WP standards and keep to the features that are needed and it seems to work out.

Description mentions no need for featured images. Is it possible for thumbnail images to be automatically pulled for video posts – both for homepage, as well as side bar? Any recommendations for login/registration plugin? Would be great for this to be as seamless as possible. Thanks.

Cool, thanks, will check it out.

OK, so I’ve played with this some more. Have found a good plugin for pulling images from videos ( The issue I’m having is that the feature image gets displayed at top of post ) see, and doesn’t appear as your vimeo video post (TCM Thematic Opener | Action) where video is right at top (without featured image). How did you get that particular post to display in that fashion (as this is how I’d like all my video posts to display). P.S. Do you have direct support contact so I don’t clog comments here? Thanks.

All support is handled via this comments section. To display videos at the top of a post put the vimeo page URL at the top of the page content in the editor (it needs to be the first URL found in the content so its safest to put it right at the top) and then choose the video post format.

long shot but is there any way to make the homepage grid layout featured images smaller? sort of setting a max height and width or something?

No there isn’t.

First off, great design, strongly considering this for an upgrade to , couple questions first:

1) Can I use my current horizontal logo (image file) as the page logo or is it limited to only text?

2) How are the sizes of the boxes within the grid determined? Is it random or selectable?

3) Are you able to provide the documentation so that I could review ahead of purchase?

4) Is there a way to disable the date from the posts?

5) Is there an image slider option for a individual post?

Thank you, looking forward to hearing back!

Perfect, I’m sold, will just wait for today’s update. Thanks

The update has already been uploaded.

Thanks again, just purchased.


Your template is really cool. I have one question: is possible to have an header with more information (such as ones)?

Thank you

No it’s not.

I think that if there would be the option to put something between WirePress and the plugin for the social network, it would be a good thing :)