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I am not seeing the funky shortcodes plugin, where do I find this?

Go to Appearance > Install Plugins and you should get step by step prompts to install all the recommended plugins.

what plugin do you use for that widget which comes when you open any post which is on the right side of the post showing videos, archive etc?

and also i would love to buy this theme but this theme needs a lot of improvement, my suggestion is in next update make the homepage more like so that it can be a news magazine theme….now it looks more like a theme for photographers, it would be lovely to see that addition! i would definitely buy then.

That is not a widget. The first sidebar tab is latest posts with an AJAX category filter, the second tab is latest posts with the video post format and the third tab is a standard WordPress widget area.

I will not be changing the home page layout.

can we keep the homepage page to infinite scroll?

There is automatic loading. To load more posts the user has to click the button at the bottom of the page.

very nice theme! I have few suggestion

it would be nice if there is author archives and filter like tags and categories. Because there are many chances magazine style blogs have multi authors.

in demo, sidebar has a bug. I can’t scroll at first loading. once I choose other tab and return, then I can scroll.

if ads can place between posts in sidebar post list, it will be very effective I think.

The post sidebar scroll bar bug is fixed in the latest version 1.0.2.

Awesome job on the sidebar, looking great! Is there anyway to load with the sidebar in video mode by default? Another request for autoscroll for the grid homepage mode if you get a chance in another update :)

That would be great. Any advice RE loading sidebar in video mode instead of smaller thumbnails?

To change the default active sidebar tab create a child theme and make a copy of sidebar-post.php. In that file remove the .active class from the latest-posts button to the latest-videos button:

<div class="sidebar-buttons">
                <!-- latest posts -->
                <a href="#" data-tab="latest-posts"><span class="icon-document-stroke" /></a>
                <!-- latest videos -->
                <a class="active" href="#" data-tab="latest-videos"><span class="icon-play" /></a>
                <!-- widgets -->
                <a href="#" data-tab="widget-area"><span class="icon-list" /></a>

And also move the active class from .latest-posts to .latest-videos.

Finally add this to the child theme stylesheet:

.sidebar-content > div { display: none; }

.sidebar-content > .active {    display: block }

Perfect, thanks!

Hi, I can´t make the pagelist shortcode to work. It seams that it won´t process the shortcode and it´s just text. It might be a conflickt with other shortcodes but all other funky shortcodes works. 1. Any suggestion where to fix it? 2. Could you please display the configuration of the pagelist shortcode used in demo?

Thanks / ola

Which plugin have you used to get the video thumbnail instead of setting a post feature image or have you just taken a screenshot of the video thumbnail and set it yourself?

Updated to 2.0.2 and problem solved. Thanks for support and a great theme! PS. I’m using Video Thumbnails as recommended in this forum… It’s prefect!

I’ve had a quick look at the plugin and it looks perfect for the theme so I will be adding it to the recommended plugins list in the next update.

Please also take a second to rate the item.

Hi again, been spending a lot of time with this theme today. All continues to fall into place nicely. Appreciate prompt support. A couple of (hopefully final) questions:

1. I was thinking of not having any menu headings for my blog, however when you hover over the main logo even without any menu items, there is still a drop down box that comes down a fraction under the main header and looks a bit out of place. Is there anyway to remove the menu/menu link/drop down entirely?

2. What additional benefit/value to the user is the login function? Is it just for reading purposes, and remembering social media logins etc? Or is there a write/submission possibility here also? Would like to know if I should explore further.

Many thanks (again) – rated 5/5.

1.) Add this to either the custom css option in the theme options or the stylesheet of a child theme:

.nav-dropdown .dropdown-content,
.nav-dropdown .dropdown-border { display: none; }

2.) By default there no added benefit to allowing users to login (as with any WordPress theme). The login and registration links are there incase you want to make use of membership plugins and other user features added through plugins that require visitors to be registered and logged in.

Champion! Sorted, thanks.

bro, i fucking love the theme but we really need a place to put more ads!!! like the sidebar, the index header, between the posts and stuff!! :( i really wanna buy it

I’ve already added more widget areas for advertising. It will be in the next update.

:3 take a pic!

Is it possible to create product schedules in which there are all the information about a product, and all the news and the articles about it? (For example this page )

And yes… Me too need more ads spaces :(

I originally looked into adding this but could not find a way for it to work with the WordPress taxonomies that was tidy. I think the best way would be with a non-hierarchical custom taxonomy (product) which you can then use to tag posts. I’ll look into it more for the next update.

Is there anyway to remove all references to “categories” in the sidebar? i.e. in the “Latest” drop down, and in the third option down that displays recent comments, archives etc. For my purposes this third option potentially wouldn’t be required. See side bar in for example. No major if not possible, but would require use of categories of some description then. Thanks!

For the story previews on the homepage under the photo preview section, is there an option to make the story previews more blog like? As in make it so there are maybe 10 posts instead of two? And make it so media like soundcloud widgets and YouTube videos are actually playable on the homepage? That way viewers can view tons of media without being requred to load new pages

Changing the home page template to show more posts in the blog format is a very easy customization to make but it would have to be done manually.

There is no option to show media content in the archive or latest posts templates.

congratulations, really good job! I only have an doubt, what about slide? This theme come with slide option?

No. There is absolute no reason for this theme to have a slider.


is it possible to add ad places like this: ?

Hi there

Already Purchased but i couldn’t find how i can customize to be exactly similar to the one in the demo, so far , its just picture boxes and text under of it! How i can d it?

Refer to the documentation. There is a section explaining how the home page works.

Is it possible to add google ads on this theme around the inside pages?

Yes there will be a widget area at the top of posts where you can put an advertising widget.

Thanks.. You mean in the new update right? When is that coming out?

The update will be submitted either today or tomorrow.

Hi again, let me simplify earlier question: how might I setup the sidebar so that it only shows the video tab, and remove the other tabs entirely. Would this be easily doable with custom CSS, or a significant job?


I’ve added an option in the next update that allows you to disable whichever of the sidebar tabs you don’t want as well as select the sidebar tab that is visible when the page first loads. It will be in the next update.

Even better, thanks!

Hi, I wanted to Purchase the theme but here are some questions i want to clarify:

- What are the possible advertisement widgets areas. Is there any support for custom ads in the posts and pages?

- Is there any framework provided for customization or does the theme use Wordpress customizer?

- What about the author’s bio section? When we open author archieves, does it show author bio on the top before the posts?

- What about the Menus, can we just simply display the categories without that snap menu in the display?

- Can we customize the sidebar for every page and post?

- Does the theme supports any Ajax features in sidebar or any other areas?

- Can we place the logo on the most left of the page and all the categories after that in a row?

- how the login system works?

Please answer the queries ASAP

1.) In the next update there will be widget areas:

2.) There are colour and layout options built into the theme. These are all manageable through the theme options or the WordPress customizer.

3.) No it does not. I’ll look into it for today’s update.

4.) No.

5.) No. All posts use the same sidebar unless you install a sidebar generator plugin.

6.) No.

7.) Not by default. You would have to edit the CSS.

8.) It’s the standard WordPress login. Themes should not effect functionality. This is the job of plugins.

will you put some ads on the grid homeP

No because resizing the adverts to fit inside the boxes would be a problem.

:( please bro, we need that

Awesome update, including all suggestions put forward! This theme deserves to get featured.


Is there a feature to disable the ajax sidebar and just use a normal sidebar?


You can disable any of the sidebar tabs you do not want to show on posts (latest posts, latest videos, widget area), however you must have at least one enabled as there is no full width post layout.

Quick question: the Facebook share option on the left hand side of posts has “comment comment” set as default when sharing posts to FB. Any way to adjust/remove this default text? Thanks.

The theme includes Facebook open graph meta information for posts and pages:

This needs to be enabled in the theme options under the Social Network Profiles tab. From what I have read and tested it can take a few days for the meta information to update when sharing a page.

During development Facebook would ignore the description meta and output a similar “comment comment” description. I have tested a post from the live preview this morning and it is now displaying the correct description.

Ok, thanks. Have had open graph enabled, but still coming up with comment comment. Will see if it updates with new posts from hereon in.