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did you make something with the image gallery? i can’t see a dome for that…

No it is not possible to place ads on the grid home page template.

is it hard to do it? if i buy this, can you help me with that?

I do not know how you would place adverts on the grid template in a way that would look good.

Featured posts do not show the featured image and display a full screen gap when on the single article page. If a post is not featured and has a featured image, it displays the featured image correctly. any way to correct this? can be seen on your demo as well as on my site.

That is how it is supposed to be. Featured post do not show the feature image, instead you set an image background and the gap at the top of the post allows you to see that background.

Perhaps that could be made an “option” of some sort in an update? To me it just looks inconsistent and a waste of space. Besides that, this is a great theme! I’ve also noticed if you click on the site title and return “home” and keep hovering over the menu while the page loads, it will load with the menu showing. Moving the mouse away from the site after that shows the menu, hovering over the site title will then hide the menu until you reload the page. This bug may only happen in Chrome, only browser I’ve tested.

You can already set a background image on posts ( which sounds like what you are looking for. If you would like feature posts to look the same as regular posts create a modified version of single.php in a child theme removing all the formatting relating to the ‘wirepress_feature_post’ custom field. It should be pretty simple to find as its just a few if statements.

I am aware of the navigation bug. It is caused when you hover over the navigation toggle before the page has finished loading. Before the page has loaded the navigation drop down relies on the CSS transitions. Once the page has loaded the JS toggle function kicks but because the navigation is already open the function is inverted.

Hey there, four more (hopefully straight forward) questions for you:

1. What is the best way to insert adsense into the boxes you set aside in last update? Have tried a number of plugins, but they create their own space and skew the design.

2. The sidebar never seems to come down to the bottom of each post, but rather only to the bottom of the screen – any idea why?

3. Is there an easy way to insert a background image for all posts? Again, have tried a few plugins, but no luck.

4. Facebook share is still coming up with comments comments. Have enabled open graph, tested with new posts since updates and given it a couple of days, but no luck!

Thanks in advance.

Thanks for this, great to be able to remove only comments tab. Works like a champ. Would obviously prefer to use Wirepress’ inbuilt social shares that have same design. Look forward to update that fixes FB share option!

The update has been processed and should now be available via the download page of your themeforest account.

Sorted, great work!


I am looking at page and the gallery at the bottom of the page doesn’t seem to work. I click on an image and it takes me to the image URL instead of opening up in some modal or something like that.

Is this how it is supposed to work?


The gallery works how it is supposed to. It is the standard WordPress gallery shortcode and is nothing to do with the theme other than the CSS restyling to make it match the theme aesthetics and to make it responsive (which by default it is not). You can install plugins that make it open in a lightbox if that is what you want.

First I want to say that this is the best template I’ve used out of the 3 or 4 that I’ve bought before this. It is perfect for my website and if anyone wants to see it in use visit

Right now I am using white as the accent color so that the menu hover doesn’t put a colored box around the logo. Problem with using white is that my tags are impossible to read. Is it possible to either make the accent color not affect the menu hover or to make the tag color independent of the accent color? Thanks

Perfect support as usual, thank you! Also, do you do custom work?

I don’t do custom work as my time is taken up with theme development.



First off, great theme.

Is it possible, for the homepage, to use only the first post format? I want the grid at the top, but then the post format for the first to posts to carry out throughout, without the introduction of the rows of content.

No but its a pretty easy modification to make. You would create a copy of page-home-traditional.php in a child theme. Increase the posts_per_page parameter of the second loop to however many posts you want to display on the home page and then delete the third loop altogether.

I really like grid homepage. Is it possible to make category and tag archives page looks like grid homepage?

The grid template can not be used as the archive template. To do so you would need to create a new archive.php using page-home-grid.php as a base and modifying as necessary (you would have to remove the custom wp_query).

When I type my URL into Facebook, instead of displaying the name of my site and the tag line, it says “Home Page (Grid)” as the main link (the previous title of the page I had set as home) and the title of one of my posts as tagline. Any idea where I can set the correct details in this regard?

Any easy way also to resolve menu flickering if hovered over during load?

Disable the facebook open graph in the theme options and use one of these plugins instead:

There is no solution for the menu yet.

Great, thanks.

Is that the same theme as Polygon ( uses?

No the ploygon website would be custom built.

Hello EugeneO,

I have bought new your theme.. But the most important thing for me is to add ad places.. How am I going to do that… I have checked from wiget menu but there is no such explanation in there.. could you pls. let me know.. Best, Can

Thanks for your help.. Somehow I have downloaded same font from fontspring via option that covers turkish characters and now it works..

Anyway – my question is contact form.. I have created contact form page and gave link from homepage.. Perfect but how am I configure it.

I mean configuration of email that will recevie messages filled via this form..

I have tried several times and filled the form but after submit message … Page is refreshing itself and do nothing.. I am not getting any messages to email that I wrote at general settings and etc… Can you help me about it.. Thanks in advance.. regards,Cancenk

The contact form emails are sent to the admin email address on the Settings > General screen. The contact form will not work if your WordPress installation is running locally via XAMP, WAMP, etc.

Your are so quick… Luckily I bought this theme.. Your support is super!!.. I will continue my questions in soon :)


Screen size under 1120, I have to click to toggle navigation bar’s button. How to make it works with just hover like on bigger size window?

I customized login toggle using Theme My Login When I click the form to type, drop down part collapse. On bigger window size (Hover trigger drop down), there are no problems. That’s why I want to make it works with just hover.

so If there is other method to fix this problem, clicking is OK with me.. Help me please.

The header drop down menus must be triggered by click events on the responsive layout because mobile devices do not have a hover event.

You would have to modify jquery.custom.js so the click event is attached to the icon span inside the toggle div instead of the div itself.

there is an uncompressed version of the JS file included in the download in the development folder.

Where it is currently this:

$('.login-toggle').click(function () {

You would want to try something like this:

$('.login-toggle > span').click(function () {

Thank you! It works exactly I wanted.

Hey EugeneO, almost finished with customizing the site. Well worth it! Just wondering if it would be possibly to increase the default shadow/fade on the full grid homepage. Sometimes if the thumbnail has a lot of white, or text in lower section it makes the main white title difficult to read. Making the thumbnail a bit darker should improve clarity.

Also, I have a default background setup using a plugin which is working now for all pages except for the category display. How can I remove the default dark grey background coming up here so it can be consistent with the rest of the site?


EugeneO, how could I apply a grayscale filter to the homepage? “progrid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.BasicImage(grayscale=1)” would appear to be the appropriate code. Where/how could I insert this in the above to make the homepage grayscale, and colour on hover? Thanks!

EugeneO, how might I apply a grayscale filter over the grid homepage images? “progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.BasicImage(grayscale=1)” appears to be the correct code, but not sure where/how to implement in the above so that homepage is grayscale, and separate images become colour on hover? Thanks!

Sorry but I have no idea.

does it works with some e-commerce plugin or something?

can you test it please? :3 i will buy it if that works with any ecommerce plugin, i’ve got a magazine with a tinny store

pleaseeeee :3

As this is not an ecommerce theme I will not be testing for compatibility with any ecommerce plugins. The theme is coded to WordPress standards so unless the plugin requires specific coding it should work but it would require CSS modifications to make it match the theme’s styling.

Awesome theme. Super easy adn quick to set up. Please keep your themes that easy & awesome. 5 stars, of course.

My goal is always to come up with something that is easy to use. I see far too many themes around that have so many features and options thrown into them that it makes managing them more complicated than it needs to be.

Thanks for the positive feedback.

Hi, we seem to be having trouble in ie8. Our images aren’t showing up on the home page, just getting the post title and text with a box in my “accent color” where the photo should be. Appreciate the help, thank you!

I haven’t been able to reproduce this in my testing. Can you provide a link to your website?

In the mean time try clearing the browser cache.

Just noticed the FidVids plugin doesn’t seem to be working for smartphones. If I am using video posts (with video at the top), which JQuery Selector should I be using to get the youtube videos to be responsive? (.post? body? .page?). Have searched FitVids support forums, but none seem to be working thus far. Any suggestions appreciated!

I used .primary on the live preview.

That works, thanks.

Hello! I’m brand new to the world of blogging, building websites, coding etc… I’m still learning how to even edit my page, but my question for is: how do I get my page to have the grid layout that i see on your example page? My site is and I’ve created a few posts to start. I love your example page and how the posts on represented by boxes of different sizes and that’s how I’d like mine to look.

First you need to create a new page and give it the Home Grid template. You do not need to add any content to the page as it will be filled with your posts automatically.

Once the page is created you need to set it as your home page. You can find instructions explaining how to set a static page as you home page here:

Are we able to, in the admin or anywhere else, turn off the sticky right menu on the individual blog pages? It’s kind of annoying how the right sticky menu flickers every time you start to scroll down or up… i’d rather just have it scroll with the rest of the page if that’s possible…

No there is no option to turn it off. You would have to use the uncompressed version of jquery.custom.js and remove the code that resizes the sidebar and the function that makes the sidebar sticky.

Just a suggestion for future updates: random post icon in the nav bar. Would be a great addition!

Am I missing something in terms of the post settings in order to have a featured image such as the knife in this link?

For some reason it is not displaying my featured image like that, or at all.

Let me know what you think.

It’s weird, the image is there, but something is sizing it down to 0px by 0px.


Here is a link to a screen shot of what plugins I have active at the moment.

I am using the ordinary wordpress upload method in order to set it as my featured image.

Thanks for the help, and the quick response.


The theme includes its own image resizing code used to output the feature images. From the URL of the images on your website it looks like there is another resizing script running from a plugin that is changing the URL.

The change in URL is resulting in the theme’s resize script not being able to retrieve the correct height and width parameters.

There are two solutions:

1.) Find and disable the script in the plugin that is resizing the image and changing the image URL.

2.) Create a copy of single.php and put it in a child theme. Then change this line:

<img class="post-feature-image" src="'. $image['url'] .'" alt="'. $alt_text .'" width="'. $image['width'] .'" height="'. $image['height'] .'" />

to this:

<img class="post-feature-image" src="'. $image['url'] .'" alt="'. $alt_text .'" />

Thank you very much! So helpful.