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Hello! I love your theme. It has been perfect for my site. I’ve gotten some feedback from users that, in their words, there is some “overlap” of information on the site when using Internet Explorer (Looks great in Chrome). Any thoughts on why this is the case or how to resolve this?

You need to be more specific. What is overlapping? What version of Internet Explorer are they using?

It would also help if you provided a link to the pages where the issue is visible on your website.


I want to show high resolution logo image in retina display. How to achieve this?

Upload a logo image with a height of 120px. The theme limits the logo image to a height of 60px so the image will be scaled down to fit but maintain its quality.

Wow. Simple!

Is there a way to keep the featured image on the post, even if you set as the featured post? I like the idea of having backgrounds for my posts, but I still like having my featured image at the top of each posts page.

I’m not sure what those codes are saying.

I would like to have my posts look like the link below, even if it is the featured post.

Like I said in my last post you will have to look through single.php and alter/remove the sections of code that check whether or not it is a featured post.

I have given you the first line of the two conditional statements you are looking for. You probably want to remove the first one and its contents and remove the second one but keep its contents.

Thank you.

Great theme. I’m thinking of purchasing it. I really like the grid homepage layout, but it would be nice to quickly look at a non-visual list of the latest posts without leaving the page. A really cool example of this is the number drop down of latest posts on the steam theme:

Hi Eugene, just wondering if there might be an easy way to increase the size of the social share box to left of posts – e.g. 200%-300%! Thanks.

Eugeno, where/how should I be inserting the CSS for post share button colors? Haven’t been able to get this to work. Would it further be possible to remove change of color on hover? Thanks!

Eugeno, where/how should I be adding the CSS above? Haven’t been able to get it to function. Also, would it be possible to disable the hover-over color change? Thanks.

I would put it in the child theme as it’s a customization to the core theme. To disable the hover colour add the text colour to the link’s :hover selector as well.

.post-share-button .icon-facebook,
.post-share-button .icon-facebook:hover { color: #xxxxxx; }

I know this was mentioned by someone else, but do you plan to fix the bug that involves when hovering over a menu while the page loads causing to be unclosable?

Also, just a thought- when using the sidebar dropdown to select categories to browse latest posts, the menu doesn’t close when clicking on a new category. It seems a bit natural that it should close from a UI aspect once clicked. The dropdown can obscure the entire sidebar and the user my not realize he has to click out of the menu to reveal the newly loaded ajax content.

Really like this theme and want to buy it.

I plan to look into the navigation bug but I cannot guarantee a fix for it.

Your second suggestion makes a lot of sense. I’ll add it to the to-do list.

Thanks for replying. Glad you’re looking at improvements.

Hi, good job Is there any option that allows the menu is always visible at the top? After the header, showing 2 posts: (the guitar and the car). 1. Is there any option with smaller photos?. Two. Is there a way to place more than 2 posts, to how many? Is there a way to keep the sidebar always visible, even when I open latest link or movie link? Can you send me screenshots to


You would have to modify the CSS yourself to make the header fixed.

1.) No. All images are resized by the theme but they must meet the minimum dimensions for where they are going to be displayed.

2.) I don’t understand what you are asking.

3.) No. When you change page the whole page reloads.

Just a quick question – i haven’t delved into the theme code or files. Does Wirepress utilize the wp-admin/wp-ajax.php file to load more posts on the AJAX powered post Grid or does it utilize an included file? I’ve had plugins overload that file in the past. Thanks!

It does not uses that file. It’s a simple .load() call.

Thanks- that’s great.

Is there a way to make the “featured image” use the full size of the image on my server? I’d like to make my page retina display friendly but it seems like the featured image is locked to 720×540

Actually I just figured this out on my own… Another question though: how can I force the share buttons to always display below the Post title, similar to when the page shrinks down on a tablet

You would need to copy the CSS from the responsive stylesheet into the main stylesheet so that it is always applied.

You can find the properties using your broswers developer tools. I would recommend Chrome.

Does it have an option for user reviews?

The review plugin allows visitors to submit ratings.

Scroll down to the summery box on this page and hover over the stars:


Thanks for this great theme.

Can I upload video to background inside of post rather than picture? Maybe this will make great advertising area for who wants video advertising…

No the theme does not support video backgrounds.

Is there away only to include certain categories, or just top level categories in the ‘Latest Posts’ drop-down sidebar? I have over 20 categories/subcategories and it’s kind of messy with so many.

You can achieve either of your requests by modifying the wp_list_categories parameters in sidebar-post.php.

The available options can be found here:

In particular you would want to look at using the include, exclude and/or depth parameters.

Two questions on color:

1. Would it be possible to assign the text of each category in the drop down with its own color?

2. You previously explained how I can change the color of social media icons to left of posts. What I would like to do is have the icons change from white to set colour on hover over (thereby over-riding link accent). Where should I be copy-pasting the code you suggested earlier?


1.) You can use the CSS classes on the li elements to set the link colours.

2.) Apply the colour to the :hover state of each social button link instead of the link itself. It should be added to the child theme. You might need to use !important to make sure the CSS rule is applied.

.example:hover { color: #FF0000 !important; }

Cool, thanks!

Few pre-sale questions here. 1. With the whole minisite feature thing, what all can I do to customize each minisite and make them different from another? 2. How good are disqus comments on this theme? 3. With this full width feature, can I put anything (review score, title, etc) to not make it just an empty space? 4. Can I do anything else but stars in the user reviews section and the review section by the titles in the thumbnails? 5. Have you tried how any forum plugins work with this theme?

Thanks, just want to make sure i’m making the right choice.

Oh, and, can I add different icons to the little post sidebar? Like, idk, a music icon or a leaf or something?

1.) Eash site will have to use their own child theme. Once each site has its own child theme all theme and template options can be set specific to each site.

2.) I have seen a buyer using disqus with the theme and have had no reports of problems.

3.) The feature post layout cannot have any content above the title. The space at the top so that the background image is visible. The idea is you add a background image the is relevant to the post.

4.) The theme uses the Taqyeem Review Plugin which is included in the theme for free.

5.) This theme is untested with any forum plugins. There is no reason why it should not work however it is likely you will need to make CSS edits to get the appearance of the forum plugin to match the theme.

6.) There are no options to add additional icons to the share button sidebar.

I could be wrong about number 1. You should be able to save different styling options for each site while using the same theme or child theme as the settings are saving to each site individually. I originally thought they were associated with the theme but I was wrong.

hello, is it possible to have a category with grid/traditional style?

for example i would like to have in grid style

also, is it possible to only show image for some category, for example this one

1.) No. The grid layout is only available on pages.

2.) No but you could easily create a new template for a specific category based on the archive template and remove images in the standard archive template.


Hello there is a problem when using “Home Grid” template and not using “infinit scroll”.

It displays at the bottom a buttom “load more posts”, but when clicking it shows the same posts above, not loading more posts.

Please help

The problem was Facebook Plugin, the official one

Which one could i use to have Facebook Comments?

It’s an issue other people have had the issue with WooThemes:

It looks like it might be a conflict with the custom pagination function in the theme. I’ll look into it and get back to you on Monday.

I will be posting an update later this week or at the beginning of next week reverting the pagination to the WordPress native function which should fix the plugin bug.

In the mean time you can apply a fix yourself if you wish.

  1. Copy page-home-grid.php, archive.php, author.php, index.php, search.php to your child theme.
  2. In the child theme version of each of those templates replace the existing pagination function:
    <?php pagination(); ?>

    with this:

    <?php // Pagination 
        global $wp_query;
        $big = 999999999; // need an unlikely integer
        echo '<div class="post-pagination">
    <div class="pagination">';
            echo paginate_links( array(
                    'base'        => str_replace( $big, '%#%', esc_url( get_pagenum_link( $big ) ) ),
                    'format'    => '?paged=%#%',
                    'current'    => max( 1, get_query_var( 'paged' ) ),
                    'total'        => $wp_query->max_num_pages,
                    'prev_text' => '‹ '. __("Prev", "funky_theme"),
                    'next_text' => __("Next", "funky_theme") .' ›',
                ) );
        echo'</div></div>'; ?>

Be aware that some of the pagination styling might not look correct until I post the update.


Sorry if this has been asked before. It’s the first time that I work with Wordpress and I’m quite lost. I just purchased the theme and I love it! Right now I have a couple of questions.

First of all, is there any way to narrow the column in the right side of the posts?

And my second question is: How is it possible to make the front page look like the Live preview? I mean, all my posts look have the same size and in the Live preview there are several sizes and they are all over the frontpage in different categories. How can I do that?

For example, can I make my last post look bigger than the others in the front page?

Thanks so much in advance!

1.) No there is no option to change column widths. You can change it manually in the stylesheet but I do not know what knock on effects it would have so do it at your own risk.

Decrease the width of the sidebar:
.content-body .secondary { width: xxxpx; }
Increase the width of the content area:
.primary.with-sidebar { width: xxxpx; }

The two widths need to add up to 1100px which is the total page width.

2.) You need to set a page as your home page and then give that page the Home Grid template. Refer to the “Pages” section of the documentation. There is a “Home Page” sub section with step by step instructions.

Thanks so much EugeneO, I’ll check that out. I have another question. I have checked the “Infinite scroll” box in the Theme Options, but it I don’t why it doesn’t work. There are numbers in the front page:

Thanks for everything!

Ok, I managed to solve and question regarding the home page and I’ll leave the column width as it is. I also solved this last questions that I asked. Thanks so much!

hello there!

i just had 2 questions

1. is their a full width post option? i saw in the comments a while back that there was not wasn’t sure if this was updated.

2. the sidebar ad, seems to get cut off when viewed mobile. is that not responsive due to being a widget?


1.) No there is no fullwidth post template.

2.) As you said it is a widget. The sidebar that holds it and widgets themselves are responsive but ultimately for it to be truly responsive whatever you are putting in the widget also needs to be responsive.

got it thats what i thought. thanks for the reply and beautiful theme!

Hi again!

I’m having an issue with the tags. Once you click in one tag at the bottom of any post to see all the posts with that tag, the tag becomes invisible. I mean, from that moment you can see the box but not the text on it. It happens only with tags that you have clicked on.

Any one else having this issue? Is there any way to fix it?

Thanks in advance for your help.

I’ll fix this in the next update. It’s planned for next week.

Thanks EugeneO! Great job!

How is registration accomplished (like the demo)? Is there a particular plugin you would recommend?

The live preview uses the standard user registration included in the WordPress core. No extra plugin have been used and not extra user management functionality is coded into the theme.