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EugeneO, is there an easy way to decrease the size of the font for the titles of blog posts? Longer titles are taking up a lot of space at the moment. Thanks.

Edit the h1 font-size using CSS or use more specific selectors to target the title text.

Sorted, thanks.


One big concern I have for the theme is that the logo remains the same size in all devices. This proves to be an issue as the large logo needed in desktop applications forces the menu icon to shift to a lower level in mobile devices, including the Galaxy S4 and iPhone 5. Any way or plan to dynamically decrease logo size?

I have added a mobile logo option in the next update so you can upload a smaller logo to be used on the responsive layout. In the mean time add a max-width to .image-logo img in the responsive stylesheet.

I don’t have the exact changes you need to make to reduce the header height. You will have to use your browser’s developer tools to inspect the elements in the header and reduce their height, line-height, padding and margins to reduce the overall header height.

What code should I put in to my ‘responsive.css’ file exactly?
.logo {
                float: none;
                margin-right: 60px;
                                max-width: 80%; <<<< added
In addition, when will the next update be released?

Try it inside this media query in responsive.css:

@media only screen and (max-width: 767px)

Hi EugeneO,

First off, thanks for an amazing theme! I’ve used dozens of themes but this one is quick, beautiful and impressive in creativity!

I am using the grid for my homepage but I want to fix a couple of the post blocks (for newsletter, fixed categories). Is this possible? I have used the homepage advertisement widget but this messes up the grid layout.

Any tips?? (test url:

Thanks, Sander

Ok.. Is it possible to select specific post category’s to filter the posts that I want to be shown?

There is no built in option to do it. You would have to edit the WP query parameters in the template. I gave someone else steps to do this a few days ago so search back through the comments and you should find it.

Ok, thanks

feature request: buddypress, bbpress, and woocommerce styles? thanks.

There are no plans to add any of these at the moment.

maybe just woocommerce :)

Hi, I would like to know how activate the sidebar on the home page ? I’ve installed your great theme but the sidebar is not present and I don’t know how to activate it. Thanks !

Okay and if I want to change this paging the same number of grid pattern “1 2 3 … 13 Next” what should I change? My website is in the plugin “Coming Soon” at this moment so I can’t post a link.

Pagination will not work on the “Home Traditional” template because that template uses offset loops. That is why the link at the bottom goes to the latest post page instead of loading more posts via AJAX or loading the next page of posts on the same template.

Okay, thanks a lot !

I watched your demo a moment ago and feld a little disappointed because of the preview pic in item details.

Can I design a page that is like the one in your item image?

A blog on the left (traditional) and a sidebar left with latest? Can posts selected in “latest” loaded via ajax?

I added this to favorite. Have to watch it some time and decide later

This is the page shown on the preview picture. It is the standard post template:

There is no blog layout with the AJAX sidebar. These are the home page archive templates: 1.) 2.)

No the latest posts do not load via AJAX.

EugeneO, is there a way I might be able to remove the menu icon at the top altogether? Linked to this: I don’t want the colour to shift on the hover-over of the main logo, but understand that if I remove the menu icon, and change hover colour to the same as the background this would achieve the desired result? Thanks.

EugeneO, further to above would it be easily possible to remove the menu icon only for mobile devices? No major if not (can simply remove menu globally as above).

To remove it only on mobile devices you would have to wrap the CSS that removes it inside a media query. You can see examples of that in responsive.css.

Right. I see what you’re saying, and while I can read and interpret the code that is there, writing it, and in the correct place, so that it actually does what I want is another matter :) I simply need to learn this stuff. Appreciate your guidance on this, and previously.

Hi there, thanks for this great looking theme.

Am I correct that a video post (video above the title) can not be a featured post? If I want it to show up in the top featured area, I mark it “featured post” but then in the post page, the video goes below the title, and the embed gets clipped off by the sidebar.

Any help?

The video player cannot be placed above the title on a feature post. The behavior you describe is correct. You need to install a video resizing plugin to make videos responsive as they are not by default. The recommended plugin is “FitVids”. In the FitVids settings use ”.primary” as the jQuery selector.

Okay, thank you for your help.

Hi EugeneO,

I have a problem with the mobile version of my website. My home page is the “grid template” but when i load my website on my mobile, it looks like bad. I have two columns of posts instead of one, and the menu is really long and skinny. How can I change it to a menu with just one column and a normal menu ? Thanks, and sorry for my english I come from France.

Which plugin was causing the problem?

It was “JavaScript to Footer”

All of the theme javascript that can be in the footer is already placed there. There are a few that need to be in the page head to work.

Just got this theme. Beautiful design and smooth functionality. Good job.

I have one issue so far. Whenever I go on the Theme option Page, then click on another tab like the “color settings” or the “contact settings”, the page does not load. it stays on “appearance settings.”

Any quick solution for this? Bets regards.

1.) It sounds like you have a Javascript error. Go to the theme options page and press F12 to open your browser console. Click on one of the tabs and see if a Javascript error occurs.

This is most likely caused by a plugin. Disable all plugins one by one to see if one is the culprit.

2.) The page background colour is set on #wrapper.

I am using Firefox on an iMac. How do I check for Javascript error on there? I have tried disabling the plugins, but the problem still exists.

The color only change on the featured post with no background image.

It does not affect the normal post background. Any suggestion?

1.) Press F12 and it should open the console or use these steps: 2.) I don’t understand what background you mean. Use your browser to inspect the page and identify elements and their CSS properties.

Hi mate, love the theme.

Can’t seem to make posts sticky though, they just keep on falling back until they slip off the page (tried to make the very first post on my site sticky, but it stayed at the bottom).

I’d like the sticky post be the one in the largest tile on the Traditional Home. It’s kinda important. What am I overseeing here?


Create a copy of page-home-grid.php and put it in your child theme folder. Then remove this line from the child theme version:

'ignore_sticky_posts' => 1,

That line shouldn’t be there. I’m not sure why I left it there.

Cheers mate, that’s a very quick response

To be honest you could just remove it from the version of page-home-grid.php in the theme itself. I’ll be removing it from the theme in the next update so it wouldn’t make a difference.

Yeah, figured as much. Thanks again. I do have another question:

Background images in feature posts get topped off by the header. Is there a way I could make those images start from under the header? On my 14” laptop screen important parts of background images get cut off the way it is now.

Here’s an example:

Inside a WordPress loop there is a posts_per_page variable that specifies how many posts are output. In the page-home-traditional.php template there are two loops. The top loop with featured posts outputs 5 posts which fills the grid. The reason stick posts are disabled in this loop is because WordPress will output 5 posts PLUS all sticky posts. What you have to do is reduce the posts_per_page number by the number of sticky posts you have.

If you want to output specific posts (which is not what you originally asked) you need to use the query parameters to customize the post loop.

Could you please post a screenshot to where the following BG-line is supposed to go in the CSS?

background-holder { top: 60px; }

We can’t seem to get it right.

Cheers mate, much obliged

#background-holder { top: 60px; }

Goes anywhere in the child theme style.css.


This is amazingly charming theme! But I have a question. I no, it may not related your theme but I fall in love in this post grid that you created for the main page. I have a blog about USA and I want to use the same main page that you made. Unfortunately I can’t just buy and use your theme because I already set up mine and I love it too. So, my question is is there any way to create the same post grid with my theme. Can you share which javascript you use or how can I make it.

Thank you so much for your help!

The layout is all CSS. You can create it if your HTML / CSS knowledge is good enough. Otherwise you are going to have to pay someone to do it for you.

Hi EugeneO, a couple of questions:

1. I’d really like to make the Grid homepage grayscale (colour on hover). I presume the relevant CSS is this:

.post-grid .post.loaded .has-feature-image, .post .loaded img, #background-holder.loaded #background-image, #background-holder.loaded:hover #background-image { -ms-filter: “progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.Alpha(Opacity=75)”; zoom: 1; filter: alpha(opacity=75); opacity: 0.75; }

Is there an easy way add a grayscale filter (instead of opacity?)

2. How can I increase the number of posts in the sidebar, both in desktop and especially in mobile view. Without a previous/next post option in mobile view, it would be useful to increase number shown below posts, otherwise requires constant navigation to homepage to see other posts.

3. You mentioned another update. Any timeframe and what it might include? Wondering whether to make the above changes and others already made to current version main theme files, or setup childtheme.

Many thanks as always!

1.) I do not know how to make greyscale images. Through a simple Google search I found this:

2.) You need to increase the posts_per_page argument of the latest posts loop in sidebar-post.php. By default it is set to 15 for the “latest posts” tab and 10 for the “latest videos” tab.

3.) There is no timescale for the next update. It won’t be done until there are significant enough changes to warrant a new version being released.

Understood, thanks!

Hi EugeneO, when i change a Post as a featured Post (with the traditional home page) to show at the top, the post has no image in post view at the top. is it possible to have the same look (in the single post view) as other posts (without the featured setting set). regards Nils

No. Feature posts have a fullscreen image background that is intended to replace the feature image that appears at the top of a standard post.

Is it possible to give the grids a fixed width? just relaunched their site (still uses wordpress too!) and it resembles a skinnier version of wirepress’s continuous grid for sure. It would be a cool feature, or maybe something for a new theme. I’m sure people are going to want a clone of it. I’d buy it!

All you have to do is give .post-grid-wrapper a max-width and centre it.

.post-grid-wrapper {
margin: 0 auto;
max-width: 1100px;

Thanks so much for the quick response!

Hi EugeneO, Thanks for a stellar theme! I have purchased and installed it to my website 2 days ago. Still trying to adapt it to my collaborative travel blog and I’d be very glad if you could answer some of my questions below:

1. I have selected for the post sidebar to show ‘latest posts’ and ‘latest comments’ however they do not appear. i.e

2. Is there a way to further customize Author’s Bio sections? Especially when clicked on ‘view all post’ link on the author bio beneath the post it directs to a page like this ( and bio is in all capital letters while the author avatar is in very sad dimensions on the left :/ Also would be perfect to add a author avatar on the author bio section under each post. And also is it possible to hyperlink any author personal website’s on their bio.

3. I am using the traditional home page layout. Is there a way to display category titles on also for the posts that are not on the grid part. This is very essential for me as I need to show which post is from which city. (

Thank you so much for your time! Best, zaf.

I can not provide the code necessary to do the customization you are looking for. It goes beyond the scope of support offered. The only answer I can give is the general answer that you will have to copy the page templates you want to edit into a child theme and and then make the changes you want. Then make any CSS changes in the style.css which is also in the child theme.

I understand.. Would you be willing to make these customizations for me, I don’t know if you work like this but I’m stuck. So if you do please e-mail me with your rates at Thanks!

I don’t take on any freelance work as my schedule is already full with theme development. If you ask more specific questions I can guide in the right direction but as I said before I probably won’t be able to give you exact code.

One other quick question; I noticed that sticky posts don’t apply to the the infinite loading grid homepage. Is there a simple way to implement this?

Nevermind – I took a look at the php and was able to change it.

Really loving this theme. I’ve had it for awhile, but finally have a project to use it on and it’s a fun theme to play with css.

A couple things; when I use Disqus or any other comment plugin I’ve noticed that the sidebar doesn’t go all the way to the bottom of the page and stops above the comments area. Do you know if there’s a simple fix to this?

Also, I’ve read some of the other comments, so sorry if you’re repeating yourself with this, but is there anyway to removed delayed animation effect with the sidebar?

Thanks a bunch.

Thanks for all the info. Oddly, Chrome is really smooth for me when I set it to 0. But I tested it in Firefox and I think I got the jagged effect you were talking about.

Mouse wheel scroll down and you might see the same effect in Chrome.

ah ok, I see what you mean. Was on a notebook w/o mouse scroll.

I’m actually messing around with another jquery plugin ( ) to see if I can get what I want. We’ll see….

Thanks for the support.

I think your theme is great. I just have a few questions before purchasing the theme: -Are we able to lazy load the grid on the homepage? -Are we able to change the color of the search box so it stands out more?

1.) I wasn’t able to lazy load the grid images. It was something I tried but couldn’t get working.

2.) You can do it with simple CSS.

Thank You