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-How do I add an embed video to the top of the post above the title that’s not Vimeo? There must be a way to do this. -Also, I must be missing something, but how can I create a grid layout on the homepage? It’s defaulting to a category page style.

1.) Select the Video post format on the post edit screen and then add the video’s page URL to the top of the post content. It will only work with supported oEmbed providers and self hosted MP4 files.

2.) Refer to the documentation. There is a section explaining home pages. Also see this:

Thank You!

How do we add videos to the right sidebar on a single post page? What are the different methods we can add videos to that right sidebar? We think it looks beautiful but are using AOL and JW Players, so unsure how to go about it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

If you are referring to the Latest Videos list then you must enable the Latest Videos sidebar in the theme options. The theme will then automatically output the latest posts that have the Video post format.

We’d like to do a takeover, like this:

How do we change the background image on the homepage? And is there a way to make the background clickable?

I can’t provide the code to do that. In theory you want to set a absolute or fixed position background image on the page using CSS and then either an absolute/fixed position anchor to make the background clickable or use JS to add the click event directly to the background element.

We’ll try that, cheers. Thx for responding so quickly!

One the post page sidebar, how it has latest videos, latest posts, and widget area, is there a way we can switch out the small icon button or buttons? For example, the widget area sidebar icon is the 3 line icon; being able to switch that out with an in-house icon we have created?

Thanks in advance.

Change the icon using CSS. You would need to change the class on the icon’s span in the sidebar-post.php template and then apply your own CSS to it.

How do I put a banner ad at the top of the homepage whether the template is in traditional or grid mode, similar to your example? The top homepage ad function puts the ad under the featured posts. Also if I need to update this template will my previous content be affected? Like will I have to re-create and organize the posts.


I’m not able to replicate that issue. Please post a link to your site.

Your logo isn’t big enough. Either increase you logo image to a height of at least 60px or add this line of CSS.

.image-logo { height: 60px; }

Also, you need to reduce the length of your site tagline. At the moment it is too long and is breaking the layout.

Wonderful theme Eugene – just one thing I can’t figure;

background images on Pages (rather than posts).

I’ve tried using the custom field wirepress_background_image, but the value doesn’t appear to save. For individual pages I’d like to set a background image, or if I need to set it in style.css I am happy to set it to a solid background colour of black – what would you suggest?

It is not possible to add background images to pages. Only posts can have a background image. You can of course change the background colour using standard CSS but you will also have to give the content area a background colour.

/*---- Page Background ---- */
#wrapper {
background: #000;

/*---- Content Background ----*/ .content-holder {
background: #3E3E3E;

Hi nice work!

In the standard home page does not display on top the last post any idea?

Thank You

PD: All my post are video post

Ok I got it! thanks a lot!

The post set as “featured post” not shown as video post. it’s designed this way?

Yes it is designed that way.

The videos from youtube and vimeo are not responsive, do not display correctly on mobile devices, what can I do to make it 100% responsive?

Thank you

Hi! again, ihave this plugin actived: FitVids for WordPress, no working

You need to add “body” as the selector in the FitVids plugin settings.

ok Working thank you

When page is loading top menu does not appear at all if you hover over the menu icon. Is there any way to fix that? Working at all times menu is absolutely vital for our page.

It has to be like that or the menu will break after it has loaded because the action will become inverted. The menu will be open by default and close when you hover over.

If the page is taking too long to load it is probably a result of images that have not been optimized.

For anyone trying to disable the floating sidebar on the right of the post that you need to scroll to see the rest of the sidebar content, I think I have found a workaround. Add this to your Custom CSS and change the 948px to whatever height you want:

.sidebar-content-holder { height: 948px!important; }

.sidebar-scroll-container.mCustomScrollbar._mCS_1 { height: 948px!important; }

.sidebar-scroll-container.mCustomScrollbar._mCS_2 { height: 948px!important; }

It would be great to get a confirmation from the Author, as I don’t want to mess up anyone’s theme.

I noticed that this change affects the homepage sidebar also, so if you want the change to only affect the posts page, you have to change the class. Go into the sidebar-post.php:

Change: To:

Now in your custom CSS, just use the new Class name .sidebar-content-holder-1

So the Custom CSS should look like this now:

.sidebar-content-holder-1 { height: 1052px!important; top: 0px; }

.sidebar-scroll-container.mCustomScrollbar._mCS_1 { height: 1052px!important; }

.sidebar-scroll-container.mCustomScrollbar._mCS_2 { height: 1052px!important; }

I’m not sure how would be best to remove the sticky sidebar as its tied to some javascript that triggers the stickyfloat plugin itself and also resizes the sidebar. I have obviously managed it as the stickyfloat sidebar does not move on mobile devices but it was many months since I coded. My guess is I too used pure CSS to do it and it would be in the responsive.css stylesheet.

Hi EugeneO, is there a way to add view count to the videos and posts on the frontpage?

No there is no option to show view count. You would have to look for a plugin that counts page views.

Hi there, The wpadminbar is not showing up for me. Do you have a quick way to fix that? We have the recommended plugins activated, plus the Fitvids one for responsive videos.


The following block is where the issue was introduced. Our environment forces SSL on the dashboard but HTTP on the front end—this affords us added security without having to spring for hundreds of SSL certificates. WordPress allows for this via it’s FORCE_SSL_ADMIN constant in wp-config.php.

if (strtoupper(substr(PHP_OS, 0, 3)) === ‘WIN’) {


define( ‘CMB_META_BOX_URL’, trailingslashit( str_replace( DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR, ’/’, str_replace( str_replace( ’/’, DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR, WP_CONTENT_DIR ), WP_CONTENT_URL, dirname(FILE) ) ) ) );

} else {
define( 'CMB_META_BOX_URL', apply_filters( 'cmb_meta_box_url', trailingslashit( str_replace( WP_CONTENT_DIR, WP_CONTENT_URL, dirname( FILE ) ) ) ) );

We resolved the issue by commenting out the above block and replacing it with

define(“CMB_META_BOX_URL”, get_template_directory_uri() . ”/inc/template-options/”);

We are running a linux server, but I don’t see why the same formula wouldn’t work on windows as well.

We are also noticing another bug where featured posts do not display video, but non-featured posts do. I’m not sure if this how it’s supposed to operate but it appears to be contradictory to the documentation.

Videos are displayed on Featured Posts but they are not moved to above the content as they are on normal posts.

Is there any way to utilize the grid layout for categories?

And is there also a way to handpick specific posts using the grid layout besides just the latest posts?

The advert is there even when the author box but isn’t visible because of a CSS bug. Just add this:

.ad-widget-area {
clear: both;

Last inquiry, I promise!

In the theme options to upload the logo it says max heigh 120px but on the header it gets shrinked to 60. I tried tinkering around to increase the limit of the logo and line height of the header but haven’t solved lining up the search area and moving everything below the header accordingly as the widget area gets covered.

You should upload a 120px image which will then be scaled down to 60px. This is so that it still looks sharp and clear on retina devices.

can you use a custom header image with this theme :)

how do you add a logo to the header instead of text

The theme options.

I am trying to hide the part that says “comment” from all pages, and posts. I have added a Facebook commenting system.

Here is an example that is on all of my posts, and pages.

I’m not sure how the facebook comments plugin works so I can’t say for sure what the safest way is to remove the WordPress comments.

My suggestion is to remove <?php comments_template(); ?> from single.php and page.php.

I noticed when I use the template Home-grid-template, the lazy loading works great and loads all the posts i.e. 75+; however, when I set the page that is using the home-grid-template to a static homepage, the lazy loading only loads like 15 posts. Do you know how to fix?

Create two pages. Give both the Home (Grid) template and set one as the home page. Then post a link to both pages so I can take a look.

just setup on test site and activated the child them as per instructions… seems to have lost all responsive characteristics. any help is appreciated.

never mind. see the option in the theme… assumed this would always be on, but guess some buy a responsive theme to just shut it off?

Correct. Some buyers asked for a quick way to disable the responsive layout.

Is possible to make sidebar ‘not fixed’ when scrolling?

There is no option to disable it. You would have to customize the JavaScript file yourself.

how do you add a favicon

The theme options.

the favicon that i upload in the theme options is not working

it still has the white background on the login page

The login page is considered an admin page. The favicons from the theme options are currently only shown on front-end, non-admin pages.

Adding this to functions.php will also add the favicon to admin pages and the login page:
add_action( 'admin_head', 'add_custom_favicon' );
add_action( 'login_head', 'add_custom_favicon' );

the css of is messed up