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Same question as manudrum72…

hi, I would like insert a check box for accept privacy policy. is it possible? (when I add a checkbox this is hidden… i see only label of it)


You don’t seem to have purchased the theme. There is no purchased badge on your account. Can you please send your message with the account you purchased the item?

Silly me, wrong forum… I purchased the Responsive Corporate WordPress Theme.

Hi, I ve purchased your HTML template, but it s crashing under IE (and IE is a request for my end user). it seems the revolution slider is the cause (at least it s what i think). any comment ? quick alternative to revolurion slider ?


Can you please provide your website link so we can take a closer look? Also which IE version are you referring to?


Please, I need PHP Send Mail for Wiretree/HTML Template! Best Regards from Brazil, JM


Please purchase the template if you need PHP Send Mail.

The theme seems to have problem using iPad. How can I set up the iPad to use the iPhone configuration? Do you have any solution regarding this issue? Thank you.

Do you have an email/contact so I can send you my website URL?

I think the problem is coming from Safari

Do you see the same issue on our demo? You can send us your website URL via the contact form on our profile page: http://themeforest.net/user/elemis

What’s most likely cause of icons disappearing. All works except icons. css is in the right place and looks ok in code as in

  • But just get circle with f309 in or similar. Same with the arrows in slider. Must have something in wrong place but can’t figure out what. Thanks for any help. Great template.
  • Thanks – Same in all browsers so it’s me messing something up. just starting to build it.


    You seem to have edited the fontello file paths in fontello.css. You don’t need to edit the paths. Could you please replace the css file with a fresh copy and check again?

    Works perfectly. Thanks a million!!!

    Do you know if there is a fix for Isotope problem with images disappearing as soon as page finishes loading? Thanks


    Could you please provide your website link so we can take a closer look? On which browser do you have this issue?

    How can i add more retina icon.


    Is this a pre-sales question, or are you referring to the Wordpress version? Wordpress version discussion can be found at: http://themeforest.net/item/wiretree-responsive-corporate-wordpress-theme/5680168/comments

    I need to add a video using the lightbox. This is the code I’m using but it does not work. The spinner just spins. Isn’t adding the class “fancybox-media” all I need to do?

    Here is the code I’m using:

    Yes, all you need is “fancybox-media” class. Please make sure you are working online. The videos won’t show in the lightbox while working locally.