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Themebazaar … I have the same issue as others … Theme option menu is no more within WP menustructure after WP is updated. Please respond with a solution. I’ve tried contacting you via and also via Envato… I just send a ticket via “” which was written in another comment.


Please make sure that you are using the latest version.

Hello, I reported ticket #24122 and got no answer in 17 days. By now I have figured out all the issues except for one major problem. When opening the page in a cellphone or shrinking the window in a pc, the main menu buttons disappear and are not replaced by a menu icon with the three bars as i have seen in your sample, so there is no way to access the pages. By inspecting your sample I have noticed a class called slicknav that does not appear in my code when i resize the window. Could that be the issue? Please answer as soon as possible because with this problem the web is not responsive for cell phones. How can this be resolved? the web is

thanks in advance, Carolina

hello, how to get back theme options? it disappeared last week?

i updated already. but my theme options didn’t appear. what is other option to get back?


Please download the latest version from themeforest, it will automatically fix this issue.

Hello, How can I resize the video on post pages when video option is enable? for example on your demo:

Hello, is there anything I can do differently to get an answer for my question? I asked both here and via your support and still I answer

Thank you @themebazaar for your help on solving this.

Hello, Still no support from here nor from your support site. Is there anything wrong or am I asking the wrong question


We are sorry for delay in response, Could you please share your ticket number?

Ticket #24217

Hello please i bought this template when it was an HTML Template but now it is WP. Please how do i convert my HTML site into responsive without installing the wordpress version?

Hello . I am writing to inform you that i bought your template Wisdom of Life from ( ) . By the way my acount name is Hakam8 i installed this theme in my website : ( wordpress) Today i did not find option theme in my administration Appearance -> Theme Options

please help me for back this appearance and i need to know if i can use this theme twice for my same website but in another version language like : fr it means Frensh thank you


Please make sure that you are using the latest version of this Wisdom of Life. if that is the case then contact us through our ticket system along with your website information, we will look into it for you.

What about the mobile version of this theme?

Responsive menu (slickmenu?) has stopped working.

Wondering why even with a fresh copy of the theme, it’s not working. Does it mean there is a flaw in this code?

The problem was because of your custom changes in JavaScript file.

Sorry but that’s not correct. I didn’t touch the JS file. I also just downloaded a fresh copy of the theme package from here and installed it on a test server and I’m getting the same issue. I have also seen from an earlier post I am not the only one with this issue.

Could you please tell me the right way to create a child theme for this theme? I´d like to customise it and not losing changes when updating. I already tried the usual way (style.css), but it does not work. Thank you.

no support?

Hi, we provide regular support through our ticket system at, have you sent us ticket there?

I have fixed it myself. Thank you

I updated wordpress to 4.5.3 and now it no longer shows Theme Options. Is there a fix for this?


That issue was already fixed, please make sure that you are using the latest version, thanks.

Hi, I purchased this and had a hope that when I import dummy data it will appear as demo url I have been trying since long to set it up exactly as it appears in demo but its taking too much time. The other themes are setup within 5 minutes. I am afraid I would have to ask refund.

Please let me know if you can set it up exactly same as demo on this url ? I will share wordpress admin details or ftp, whatever required but its critical. I need ot deliver it today itself.

please revert ASAP or email me on

I have raised a ticket on with all the required details. please do the needful or I had to go for a refund, its urgent, and critical.

Hi there,

I wanted to know if any updates this theme.



The updates are in queue, please contact us through our ticket system, if you are facing any particular issue.

Do you know when the update to this theme will be available?

Please i am unable to add images to gallery. I created a new post and tick the ‘gallery’ category and set the featured image but it does not show on the gallery page. when i add a youtube url to the video section of the post. it shows but only the video. how do i add images to the gallery. thank you.

Hi webzilla,

Please contact us through our ticket system( ).

Nice theme really but still get support ?

Hi bakulutu,

Yes We provide active support through our ticket system at ( ).

Is there a newer version than Dec 2015? This is what the site says and I need to download an update to hopefully fix some bugs.

I would like to see the admin panel before buying because that is the most important part for me. is it possible online?

he most important thing to me is the themes admin panel and how donations are received. I need to have a look on a instalation you already have, there is no need to make a install just for me. Just give me credentials to any install that you have, i will have a look without touching anything and that will be enough, if that is possible.

actiony what i am really trying to imagine is how a final client will be able to create a cause. Let ’s says he is registered in my website as an editor.

Hi marcelhochman,

We are going to arrange a demo for you please contact us through our skype id “extracoding”.


dawpguys Purchased

This theme not updating anymore for latest WordPress version


please contact us through our ticket system to report the issue, you are facing.