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How to handle mail.php if SMTP security is made with SSL

Hello again, Shold.

If you created a mailer address and have made recommendations, just send all your latest php codes in your file, i will check it on our servers. There is possible Gmail settings too, and mail is enough for this. Thanks.

Sincerely, Zafer

Hi there, I love your theme but the main header slides are not resizing to fit mobile devices. The slides are getting most of the sides cut off. Please Help! Here’s the URL:

Hello there! Thanks for the message and i’m sorry for the delay.

Sure, i checked your website. I think you used img tags for slides. And slide divs have mobile backgrounds. You can try this way;

- You can remove images in the slide divs, and use “background-image”. - And add this code in your css/style.css file;
#slides .slides-container  div{ background-size: cover !important; }
Then will looks better your images.

But if you want you can make smaller the slider for mobile devices. Then will remain a wider area to your images. You can edit your slider’s height with this code for the mobile devices;

@media only screen and (max-width: 480px){ #slides{ height: 400px !important; } }

You can edit the 400px area, thanks!

Sincerely, Zafer

Thanks for your help. I tried this method but it didn’t work. @media only screen and (max-width: 480px){ #slides{ height: 400px !important; } }

I’d like to control the max height of THE opening slides. Can you please let me know why this isn’t working?


Thank you for your help!

Hi Kyle! You are welcome!

I checked your website now and this code is working. But there is still images in the slide divs. If you use only background images for divs, it will be solved. You can re-download the theme and copy index1.html slide codes. It is it;

Also, if you can’t do it again don’t worry :) Just send us your style.css, index.html and background images. I will set them and send you again. Thanks!


Sincerely, Zafer

Where do I adjust the image of team members in the team tab? For example, Can i adjust the spacing between team member images.

Hello shold.

Sure, you can add this code in your css/style.css file;
.team-items .owl-item{ padding:0 15px;}

You can edit the 15px area. And you can change images in the images/team folder. Thanks.

Sincerely, Zafer

Additional questions. Where do team members adjust their images on the Team tab? On mobile devices, if some mobile devices, it looks to the other side instead of the center. How can I adjust to arrange it center?

Hello again Shold.

I said before, you can change the team images in the images/team folder. And you can edit responsive options in the plugins.js file. Please come to .slide-boxes area on line 236;

    items : 4,
    itemsCustom : false,
    itemsDesktop : [1169,4],
    itemsDesktopSmall : [979,3],
    itemsTablet : [768,2],
    itemsTabletSmall : false,
    itemsMobile : [479,1],

You can edit and copy this code. And if you can’t solve your problem with this code, please give more details with an image, thanks.

Sincerely, Zafer

youtube video not working on full screen video at top of page

Thanks for the fast response!!

did you get me email response to your previous reply?

Hello there!

Yes, we got it and replied. Thanks.

Sincerely, Zafer

Hi there!

Is there a way to set the speed of the PR slider module?

Thanks for any help!

Hi there! Thanks for the message!

Of course, please open js/plugins.js file and come to first line, there is slider options for the fullscreen slider. You can add play: 5000 code or copy this code;

      animation: 'fade',
      play: 5000

You can edit the play area, thanks!

Sincerely, Zafer

Hello is there a way to center the team members?

Hello there! Thanks for the message!

Of course, there is simple ways with the css to centered team members. When you try it please let us know :) Thanks!

Sincerely, Zafer

Is this theme compatible with WordPress version 4.8x? Also, will I get the .XML dummy content for this theme?

Hello there! Thanks for the message!

I guess you dropped message on wrong item :) This is Wisten’s HTML version, you can see WP version on here;

Sincerely, Zafer