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Unique concept! Congratulations!

Thank you !

demo looks broken

Maybe something related to the maintenance of Themeforest that just happened, or maybe Tumblr had a problem. Is it working for you now ?

Great concept mate. Hope you get good sales on this one!

Thank you :)

The shooting of the screen when viewed by ipad is too long. Take a look at this. I would love to buy this theme. • lorsque les éléments de tourner la page, il ya encore un grand espace vide.

I see, it’s normal that the page height matches the height of the longest blog item, but I can see here it takes more height than it should. But I understand where it comes from so I can fix this.

Okay I think I came up with a fix, check the theme demo and tell me if it’s better for you, and then I’ll include the fix in the next update.

Can I change it from “Next page” or “post” to say “Next Episode”? I want to use the site for a web show. Thanks!

I’ll add the ability to change the labels for Next/Previous Page/Post and give an update to the theme during this week-end. :)

It’s done and available for download, just update the theme and you’ll see the new options (after saving, close and open the customization panel if you don’t see the new “Previous/Next Post/Page labels” fields)

Thanks for the awesome update and the speedy delivery! Great service! Great theme!

Thank you Tolrem, this is a great work. I’m wondering if I can have social sharing buttons for the posts. Will you help me with this please? Thanks, Roberto.

My bad, you can fix this by deleting the lines {block:PermalinkPage} (line 680) and {/block:PermalinkPage} (line 689).

I’ll do a quickfix today so theme users can choose whether it’s display only on single post page or also on home page.

Ok, theme has been updated with a simple option to choose to display the social sharing only on permalink page or also on home page.

Thank you Tolrem for your amazing support! ;)

Would love to add a tumbleroll to the sidebar under the social icons. Instructions from a generic search don’t work for this theme. Any advice on how to add to the “Right-Sidebar” section?

Can you check my personal blog that uses the theme and tell me if the Tumblr roll I added looks good for you ? Then I’ll make this available as an update :)

Oh wow. Thanks for doing that. It’s perfect. Can’t wait for the update.

Update is being processed by Themeforest right now and should be available very soon. Make sure to save any change you made before updating so you can report them (changes made in the Custom CSS field should still be there after updating, but saving your changes in a local file would be safer.)

I am interested in purchasing this theme. I do have a question though, would I be able to customize the color scheme?

Right now, only the main color can be changed (what’s green in the live preview), but I can add more color customization (backgrounds, menus, posts) if you’d like.

Hi Tolrem. I need these small things: 1) Why images inside the content of posts cannot be wider than than 500px? They get cropped in an unnatural manner. 2) How can I change the “Pages” menu label? 3) Is it possibile to improve usability by enabling left and right arrow keys to navigate through posts? 4) Is it possibile to improve usability by enabling and J/K to scroll through the page?

Ok Tolrem, thank you for the explanation and for the workaround for the images.

I’ll wait for the update.

Thank you :)

It’s online. Tell me if you need anything else :)

Perfect, it works like a charm.

I definitively consider this as the best Tumblr theme ever and I strongly recommend it.

Thank you for your pacience and for your collaborative and fast support, Tolrem.

Wish you the best,


Hello Tolrem,

Awesome theme and the concept as well!

Will be able to put adsense ads in 1. Sidebar and 2. before and after “Next Post” title?

Right now you can do it but it requires HTML and CSS changes. I’ll add placeholders next week so you can add ads easily, with documentation.

I’ll let you know once the theme is updated with these options :)

I’m interested in buy this, but was wondering if customization was added to this? (ability to change the color scheme and such).

The theme Within comes with those customization options :
  • The logo that appears on the sidebar
  • The main color (the green you see on the demo)
  • The main background color (both for outside the content and inside it). Sidebars background isn’t customizable yet, I’ll add the feature in a future update.
  • Custom fonts for title, contents, and menus
  • Enabling/Disabling parts of the theme (Tumbleroll, Search field, Social sharing)
  • Included background patterns, and possibility to upload your own

Hello Tolrem, interested i buying your project , just leaving a question so i would know you’re here :D because in future if i need any support i could contact you :)

Sorry about that :( Mood swings due to my health. I have a fix for you :

Insert this just after the line where you changed gumby.min.js. (around line 988)

<script src=""></script> 

I still have to fix the sidebar heights bug, it’ll come with the update including the fixes we dealt with.

Hello Tolrem , thanks alot its fixed now . well you are saying you are a terrible web designer but trust me mate you are very good at web designing . everyone make mistakes but you come up with solutions as soon as possible ;)

And do take care mate :)

Get well soon :)

Glad it works, and thanks for what you said :)

Hello Tolrem, How are you now mate ? i hope you are fine :) Anyway i have some questions and issues .

let start with issue ,

1. im using only one post on front page, sometimes ( most of the time ) when i click on next page, the post don’t load correctly , it only show half of the page . well im having difficulty in stating the issue , better take a look at snapshot :) Snapshot

2. i read somewhere that if we combine all the css file into one, it will increase the load speed . so i did , i manually copied all the css and pasted into one file . YES the speed increased but the menu messed up ..

Could you let me know how to use one css file instead of many and one js file instead of many .

Thanks alot, waiting for reply :)

Update is processing and should be available soon. I’ve combined and minified the css, I’ve merged the main javascript into the html, and I’ve fixed the way content and sidebar height is calculated so there shouldn’t be any more bug.

Thank you so much Tolrem, yes all the bugs are fixed now xD

Thanks alot

You’re welcome, I’m happy it works fine :)

Hey tolrem, im trying to implement Facebook comment box but facing some issue

take a look at snapshot

the comment box is visible above ad and copyright block is not visible .

this is the code im using <div class="entry-meta clearfix"> <div class="fb-comments" data-href="" data-width="100%" data-numposts="2" data-colorscheme="light" /> </div>

how to fix this ?

Thanks :)

Hey Tolrem, need your help again regarding editing the theme :P two questions only

1. How can i change the color of these texts ( Random Post, Posted on etc .) to proper black , Snapshot i know there is some code like rgba(0,0,0,0.1) , to make it black i need to change this to rgba(0,0,0,0.9) . But i don’t know the particular code.

2. How can i decrease the width and height of the post container , Snapshot The dimensions of this picture is 500×500 but it looks very huge on site . i want to make it look as the max width of all post would be 600 and height auto on desktop .

and on mobile devices the size would be as so the user dont have to scroll to see the full image , example . Snapshot In this no matter how big or small the image is , it will appear inside this post container so users dont have to scroll to see the image . ( users have to scroll if the picture size is big )

P.s i feel real stupid asking so many questions again and again but i tried making changes but couldn’t find the correct code . I hope you dont mind .

Thanks :)

or can we do like this , in this the container width is around 600 but image appear inside the container which make image to look not huge and can be easily view-able :)

1. Add this code to the custom css area :

.entry-meta ul li a {
  color:#222; /* Choose your own color here*/
It will change what you need, except the like and reblog icons that aren’t handled by css. If you want them black, you’ll have to find the following code around lines 850-860 :
  • {ReblogButton size=”28”}
  • {LikeButton size=”28”}
  • and change to
  • {ReblogButton color=”black” size=”28”}
  • {LikeButton color=”black” size=”28”}

    2. Add this on the custom css :
    .photo .entry-content img{
       max-width: 500px /* Optional, choose the maximum witdth you desire for your images */
    This will prevent the images in your photo containers to be resized so they aren’t bigger than they should be. Unfortunately I can’t resize the container without a lot of work here, I hope this solution is enough. I don’t have solution for fitting the images on mobile devices regardless of their height, since it can be different for every images.

    Hey! I love this theme, but I was wondering if it was possible to remove the top grey navigation bar? Thanks!


    I’ll be able to update the theme and make the navigation bar optional.

    Filtering posts by tag is also something I’d be able to do with an update, I’ll try to do this in the following days so I’ll keep you posted.

    Reading through the comments, and from this experience I am having with you, you must be literally the best developer. Thank you so much for considering everyone’s suggestions and requests to your theme; it really shows a lot about your character and your work. :)

    Thank you, I really want people to have the best experience with my themes :)

    So, the post filtering by tag is more complicated than I thought, because the theme uses a lot of javascript so that the active menu item matches the current displayed post, and it causes troubles if I hide posts.

    This theme is working fine but has a few code flaws I can only fix by redoing the theme from scratch so it becomes easier to modify. I did not find time to do this yet as I have other priorities but it’s really something I want to do because this theme is popular.

    There’s no problem in hiding the navigation bar though, and I can still make the update if you want. I will make the items from this bar (like Home, Ask, Archives, Pages) be available on one of the sidebar if the top bar is hidden, but you’ll still be able to hide them if you don’t need them.

    Hi Tolrem, How are you ? I need your little help today :)

    i want to add a widget between posts and the caption , sharing , reblog section . Take a look at Snapshot

    i tried by myself and i created a spot between post and caption section .

    The problem i am facing here is that spot is not stable like top widget and bottom widget .

    how can i make this post stable , so whenever i navigate to next post this widget will not move like the top widget and bottom widget .

    Please help thank you :)

    Hi Tolrem, Yes you are getting me right , the widget between post image and caption is not stable as in the case of top and bottom widget ,

    Can you see the Snapshot now ?

    I see it. So as I said, the part you’re showing me is part of the slide, so it will move with the articles, I can’t make it fixed at this position. Sorry for the inconvenience !

    no problem brother , would love to see this update in future :)

    Hi Tolrem, i need your little help in customization .

    i want to decrease the space between top nav and article , See Snapshot

    and i also want to decrease the space between bottom nav and article , see Snapshot

    Please let me know the custom css code

    worked like charm , thanks alot :) :)

    and yes please could you let me know the code to change the color of ” next post ” button to black , currently its grey .

    to change that, use the following :

    .item-nav a{
        color:#222; /* Or #000 for pure black */

    Thank you :)

    Hi Tolrem & thank you for the great Theme!

    Im looking for a way to show only the first image of a photoset on the main page and then go on the post page when cliking on it in order to show the full set.

    I’ve been trying different things but without success. Any ways this could be done? I’m not looking for a css trick but something to change at the core.


    This can’t really be done without a css trick since Tumblr includes all images when a photoset post is loaded. What we can do is to prevent the photoset layout to load on the main page and hide all images except the first (will show something similar as a single image post) and have that link to the post page.

    Around line 792 (to line 818) you’ll find the photoset block :

        <div class="entry-content">

    Delete and replace that with the following :

        <div class="entry-content">
            <div class="photo-slideshow clearfix" id="photoset_{PostID}" data-layout="{PhotosetLayout}">
                <div class="photo-data">
                  <div class="pxu-photo">
                    <a class="tumblr-box" rel="post-{PostID}" href="{PhotoURL-HighRes}">
                        <img alt="{PhotoAlt}" src="{PhotoURL-HighRes}" data-highres="{PhotoURL-HighRes}" data-width="{PhotoWidth-HighRes}" data-height="{PhotoHeight-HighRes}" class="noheight {block:Exif}exif-yes {/block:Exif}{block:Caption}caption-yes{/block:Caption}" data-iso="{block:ISO}{ISO}{/block:ISO}" data-aperture="{block:Aperture}{Aperture}{/block:Aperture}" data-exposure="{block:Exposure}{Exposure}{/block:Exposure}" data-focal="{block:FocalLength}{FocalLength}{/block:FocalLength}" freezeframe="" />
                  <div class="icons">
                    <span class="info">Info</span>
            </div><!-- close SLIDESHOW -->
                <a href="{Permalink}" class="photoset-index">
                    <img src="{PhotoURL-HighRes}" alt="{PhotoAlt}" />
        <div class="entry-caption padding">

    Then add this to the custom CSS :


    It should do the trick.

    thank it does work ^^ ! Too bad we cannot find another way at the core (I’m loading a lot of GIFS) >

    I think I’ve found a solution with js/jquery :

    Additionally to the code I gave you previously (minus the custom css), add this at the bottom at the file before the body closing tag.

        $(document).ready(function() {    
            $('.photoset .entry-content').each(function(){
              $(this).children( '.photoset-index:not(:first)' ).remove();

    This way, it will delete images from the photoset except the first one on the index page, before the images actually load.

    Hello Tolrem, i need your little help regarding customization.

    i want to add widget between post img and caption/share section .

    i am trying to add from last few days but all my customization is not working

    i can add widget between these two sections but the only problem occurs of size , i want to add 728×90 ad size but it add dont fit there because of container size issue . Take a look at snapshot

    if i move div’s then it dont work .. i am using only one post per page so slider wont make any problem .

    Please help me to solve this . Thanks :)

    come soon bro, i need your help :)

    So you want a way to increase the maximum width of articles so a 728×90 ad could fit in ?

    I can help you do that but it will only visible for users having large screens, plus you still need to use responsive ads.

    Add this to custom css :

    @media screen and (min-width: 1385px) {
        #content .article-wrapper{
        #content article{

    I can’t do much for lower screen sizes without having to shrink sidebars.

    Hope this helps.

    Thank you , better than before _