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Awesome work, glws mate! ;)

thx csspress :)

Nice, Just a little thing, I have a 22 Inch monitor and images are small here! :/

hy.. Thank you amindiary, it was only just a small images, but it does not matter if you use the bigger picture, it will look to the center.

Hi your theme looks great can I ask where you got those background images from?

Hy Julesvz, all the explanation is in the description :)

Thank you for really simple and nice theme. I like provided patterns. But as background image is 20-times this: ;)

Hi filias, Thank you for purchasing my item. It is a picture of a replacement for the picture that are not included in the package. So you can replace the image you want.


preview is dead “cpu limit exceeded”

Hi All, Sorry for the inconvenience. Now preview items can be seen again. Thank You :)

I think your images may have been screwed up.

Just downloaded this and there is a whole lot of odd screenshots.

Looks like the files have been hacked.

Please advise.

Hi drking0211, thank for purchase.

as I have explained in the item description.
that images on the live preview is not included in the download item.
you can replace with your own image, in the way that I include in documentation.

Thank you.

Stoopid me. Regards

Hello! The preview appears to be dead… I realise this is an old-ish item, but I like the look of what I can see so far. Would like to check out the preview if possible!