Discussion on Wizzard - Creative Ajax Portfolio Showcase Template

Discussion on Wizzard - Creative Ajax Portfolio Showcase Template

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Where are the installable wordpress file only?

Hi, You have bought the HTML Template, not the wordpress version

Where is the link for the wordpress version?

Hello, I think there is an error here. https://prnt.sc/rmmcrx This article should be in center of the picture. When I bought this product, there was no this error. Can you check and fix this?

in showcase.css at line 205 please set the width from 60% to 100%.



I want to delete the GOOGLE+ sharing link.

Any help is appreciated.

Can I ask another question then… Is there any chance I can install a “Google Search” on the website??

Now looks like the Javascript does not allow me any action, other then what you made (I love what you made!!!!)

Thank you for the possibility tp remove the Google Plus!!

If you want to integrate another js plugin, you need to initialize it in scripts.js (after line 101) inside FirstLoad function. Regards

Thank you very much!! Have a great day!!!

I noticed that the text over images are not properly centered for chrome and brave browsers on mobile, they look out of place.

Please provide us your website url. Thanks

If you view on your mobile with chrome or brave browser, the text over image will be out of position.


your url is not working

Could you help me add 1 <input> for phone number in Contact Formular of subpage Contact to get data. I don’t have any experient in php…

already done in html file, but in “contact.php” after added variable “phone” (base on others input) but email still not have information of ‘phone’. seem like my $phone did not work…

Send us a message via our themeforest profile form to give you the contact form with multiple forms.


at tab About, could you help me change list client to only Airbnb & Agoda? (Just image)

Please provide us more details. Thanks

oh sr, this is “Clients Table” in subpage About. I want it contain only 2clients: Airbnb & Agoda instead of current clients (php, github,...)

Remove all the list you do not want and keep only the two of them. Then go in shorccodes.css at line 741 and set the width to 50%

Hi! how can i get the “Packery Grid” of your wordpress version on the HTML version? i buy the theme in HTML because i dont like wordpress. Can it be possible or the only thing i have to do is purchase the wordpress theme? or another theme?


good job anyway ;)

the packery grid is available only in the wp version

oh, nothing to do, and i cannot return this theme and buy the other one, or buy the other one with a discount? i need upload photos in landscape and i didn’t see this limitation on the demo web.

you can buy the wordpress and ask for a refund at the html template

Is this template compatible with shopify?

No, this is a standard HTML template

Hi, I am also seeing laggy animations on safari (12.1.1 (14607. All smooth on Chrome but not so on Safari. I noticed a few people have commented here on this. Any updates on this or anyone come up with anything?

OK.. it seems the be the .section-shadow. Must be the blur filter as this can be quite intense. If I comment this out, the animation goes back to be very smooth in safari :-)

Hi, I really love this theme so far, and it’s really easy to customize! I am stuck on one thing – is there an easy way to disable the “img-split” effect on the Featured Projects showcase on the index.html page? I just want to show the image without the extra splitting effect when scrolling.

No need to respond, I was able to locate the javascript that I needed to comment out to disable the effects. Great work on this, very easy to understand and edit.

i want to change fonts to Helvetica Neue. how do i do this?

If you have licence for your font you can use https://www.fontsquirrel.com/tools/webfont-generator

i have one problem, all my linked pages in navigation bar are not working. how i can repair this issue?

Hi, The website loads pages via ajax. You need to upload it on your server and will work perfectly. Also you can use firefox on local. This browser emulate it as a server an run ajax properly on local host.

Best Regards

Hello! I purchased your theme but I couldn’t use it as in safari, animations and the navigation itself aren’t smooth…! I saw other people have the same issue with their websites but I’m having troubles with your demo in 2 different computers…!!! Any fix? Thank you! (Sorry, I’m writing you in the WP version as I wanted to see if the problem was only with the HTML version only but I have same issue on both!)

Could you please send us a sccrenshot via our profile form? Thanks

Hello! I’m interested in your theme but as other users want, I need video support in project pages. I also noticed that your wordpress version is updated. Will you add the new feature also on that theme? I hope the answer will be “yes”! Thanks!

Hi, i want to purchase this awesome theme, but i need to know if there is support to videos portfolio… vimeo, youtube or embed videos. Can i use videos?

Hi I bought – themeforest-21310393-wizzard-creative-ajax-portfolio-showcase-template from you guys.

But i have issues with the email & Google map…how do i fix this..

Searched your documents for help but it didn’t have any support.

Issues – E Mail – I have entered the email required to receive the emails from online but cant receive it.

Google map – it shows developer version.


The map works fine. Here is a screenshot: https://screenshots.firefox.com/altmPRn34tVHZbL1/www.fawazkouchak.com

Regarding the email, plz check your spam folder. The form works correctly


HI, Thank you for the reply….. The map shows like this for me:


Regarding the email, i checked my spam folder didn’t find it.

Please Help

Hi, you need a Google Maps API key to make the map work again. Try to get one first: https://developers.google.com/maps/documentation/javascript/get-api-key then you need to replace this line in your HTML file

<script src=”http://maps.google.com/maps/api/js?sensor=false” type=”text/javascript”></script>


<script src=”http://maps.google.com/maps/api/js?key=YOUR_API_KEYsensor=false” type=”text/javascript”></script>

Regarding email could be possible that your server has problems sending emails?

Hi, I bought the topic. But now I want to buy a wordpress version, is there any way to just pay extra for wordpress—version?

You need to ask a sale reversal at envato support. Thanks

HI, pre-sale question, is there a way i could make this into horizontal scroll instead of vertical scroll, in the main section?

Hi, i bought the theme, could you point me to the right direction on how to change the scroll in index.html to vertical?

I saw iScroll but not sure were i could enable the { scrollX: true, scrollY: false, mousewheel: true });

btw. love the theme!

Any chance i will receive a reply on this? btw i meant horizontal scroll and not vertical.

Sent you an email

Hello I’m still having issues on the contact form, I’m unable to receive emails

Hi, Did you replace your email in contact.php file? Plz check your spam folder


I allow myself to put a comment, indeed the theme is very well graphically, however I have the impression that it is adapted only to Google Chrome, when I open it on Firefox, I have nothing that s’ displays, or it appears but not at all fluid. On Safari too, navigation is not at all fluid. Do you have a solution to solve this problem? (vincentrousset.fr)

Best regards

Tested your website on 4 different computers and works fine. Plase reset your browser setting and zoom. Also optimize your images for web


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