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for Customer Support

The Woffice support team is AMAZING. They are always quick to respond to my quetions and have not let me down yet.

for Feature Availability

Great support and features. 5 stars.

for Customer Support

Great Theme. Great Support. Reasonable price. I give it 5 stars.

for Customer Support

Le service client est très réatif et peux parler en plusieurs langue, c'est rare de trouver un support en Français. Le theme est très bien réalisé avec beaucoup de fonctions. Bravo, continuez comme cela.

for Customer Support

Alkaweb team gave us excellent support in order to obtain the WOffice functionality and performance we need.

for Customizability

This is a pretty stellar theme. We needed an Extranet for our remote company. It's simple, yet customizable. The theme works with dozens of widgets and plugins. (One plugin that embeds Gdocs [not sanctioned by Woffice] does throw it off, but all base plugins work seamlessly.) I'd like greater task management options (sorting, reports, checking off tasks on Dashboard vs. inside projects) and the ability to run some user reports, and adding links to "fun facts" and announcements... but that's pie in the sky. This thing does everything we need it to do and it looks SO GOOD our managing partners were floored and impressed. Five stars to anything that makes me look so good! :)

for Customizability

Unfortunately its marketed as a GREAT Intranet but honestly it lacks so much you could create a better(much better) intranet with any of the other top theme on ThemeForest. I gave it an honest shot and unfortunately now that we've launched we can't go back. That alone is sad & frustrated because hands down this lacks so much common sense.

1. Why would you ever run a dashboard off widgets? History isn't kept as far as changes go. You can't customize with many short codes from other plugins or page builders or custom html. It limits you incredibly in what you can ever do in the future. That's not a good for growth or expand-ability.

2. The visual builder with Unyson is horrlble. Works horrible with Pro Calendar. And is severely limited. Do I switch over to Visual Composer or do I trash the theme all together. With all the other shortcomings of this theme its almost better to cut your losses and start fresh with another theme.

3. You can't customize the headers of each page without custom css? Again severely missing the mark as far as customization and very common tasks clients or developers want to do.

4. Two calendars? In the documentation you suggest the new Pro Calendar but you haven't created styles to look like your demos??? Misrepresentation in the first place of what I bought and why be so lazy? Again now that we've launched using this Its a bit unreal I'd have to go to event on and retrace all the work I did in your suggestion use of a calendar plugin.

5. I won't recommend any of the other themes I know could do the same exactly function Woffice has but i will leave it at this. Don't let the marketing fool you. Check the best sellers. Any one of those can accomplish all of this plus nearly endless other options that Woffice cannot. I severely urge again buying this theme. Just my honest opinion after 2-3 months of using live within an organization.


Author response


Well first for taking the time the time to write the review, I hope you'll have time to read the answer.

1. Well, first as of right now, the history is not saved as that'd provide ton of useless metadata but it can be changed very easily if needed. Here is why we used widgets:
WordPress widgets can be added by ANY plugin, meaning you can build your own widget or use any of the 50000 WordPress plugins available to add their widget to the dashboard. Which you can't do with anything else but widgets. So any plugin can be added, including in your case shortcode support: https://wordpress.org/plugins/shortcode-widget/ You can also add page content if needed and any kind of data. Custom HTML for sure: https://wordpress.org/plugins/enhanced-text-widget/

This dashboard has been improved by adding an exclusive drag & drop support and will be improved in the future, we're looking for ideas ;)

2. We use Unyson because it's built-in with Woffice so it helps avoiding having too many plugins. BUT Woffice works just fine with the Visual composer and you are free to use it in your side if that makes your life easier.

3. What about the built-in Page options? You can change every page's title, image, layout...Let us know what could be improved and that'll be on our roadmap.

4. This was done in order to provider better features for our users. To get the demo style, you just need to update Woffice (as explained here: https://alkaweb.ticksy.com/article/4136/) and that'll be automatically updated. You can find all the details about why / when we introduced a second plugin here: https://alkaweb.ticksy.com/article/8855/

5. I really don't understand your one-star rating after you say: " I severely urge again buying this theme.". Would really appreciate more details here though. Here is a list of what Woffice can do and that you won't find in any "Multipurpose top seller" theme:

- Complete project manager extension with tasks, file manager, built-in comments, roles, calendar sync

- Time tracking widget for your staff

- WordPress exclusive Slack integration

- Safety and security controller

- Live notifications

- Drag & Drop user dashboard

- Exclusive wiki manager

- Exclusive directory extension

- Custom members directory with custom fields

- Members map directory

- Frontend creation / edit for most post types

- REST API security

- Active directory extensive support.

- ... the list is long and growing: hub.alka-web.com/woffice/changelog I guess you didn't used all those features, and no problem :) I'm just saying Woffice has a specific audience and does bring innovation.

If by any chance you had appreciated the support or anything else our work, we'd really appreciate a rating update because 1-star is kinda rough and hard for the work / innovation placed in this item.

Of course, we're always listening for ideas / feedback, feel free to let us know what we could improve at contact[at]alka-web.com

Yours sincerely.


for Customer Support

This is the package I was looking for. Excellent theme, complete features, and, most important, a quick and perfect support. The extensions are super easy to use, if not, contact the support and they'll help you within a day.
Thank you Alkaweb

for Feature Availability

I love the great features of this theme. Keep it up guys.

for Customer Support

very speedy and accurate fix to an issue I had. Turned out to be something simple at my end but was proving elusive to find. Woffice team turned it around within a day. Thanks.

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