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We run a community of 11,000 members and wordpress & WOfiice are great tools!

Theme fits our needs, customer service is excellent (we've had some "issues" with plugin conflict and they are VERY RESPONSIVE & helpful to get to a fix)

Easy to tweak and add custom CSS, within reason - no need to edit any php, though we were able to easily change labels and such by editing those, too ...

I just wish BuddyPress had better support, acknowledged ALL existing members right after installation and had more flexibility with built-in feature set - i've had to add a number of plugins to add features like editing the activity stream ...

I would encourage you to consider WOffice and other themes from AlkaWeb - we also own Starry Theme (love cursor affects!)

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One of the best customer support! Have issues with WP Admin bar appearing and François actually help me figured out which plugin that causing the issue. It took a few days but issues was solved although it's not caused by their theme. Most theme developer will just pushed aside because it's not their issue. Thanks for the helpful support!

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My favorite theme, to date. My favorite experience with the developers of a theme, to date.

This is an absolutely gorgeous theme. It works out of the box, as advertised. The supporting documentation is wonderful.

The only thing that I would suggest would be for the developers to hire a native English speaker to help write the English portions of the website and the documentation. Some of the English is just impossible to understand. And since we are building the website for an online English school, we have to correct the English that our students will see.

But, other than that, I have to say that I am extremely pleased. These guys work extremely hard. The theme is gorgeous and their customer service is superb.

I will be back for more themes from this company.

I am truly an Alkaweb fan after this experience. Thanks, guys!


Author response


Thanks a lot we really appreciate it

Is there a way we can get in touch about those English typos? Feel free to contact us at contact@alka-web.com

We are really looking forward to making both the documentation and the demos error-free.

Kind regards


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Absolutely impeccable theme! Thank you so much, so simple to use and manage! Really impressed!

for Customer Support

Excellent and fast support :-)
They have a very good customer orientation and they are happy to help.
I really appreciated the time they took to help us and now everything is solved.
Thanks !

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The Woffice support team is AMAZING. They are always quick to respond to my quetions and have not let me down yet.

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Great Theme. Great Support. Reasonable price. I give it 5 stars.

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Le service client est très réatif et peux parler en plusieurs langue, c'est rare de trouver un support en Français. Le theme est très bien réalisé avec beaucoup de fonctions. Bravo, continuez comme cela.

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Alkaweb team gave us excellent support in order to obtain the WOffice functionality and performance we need.

for Customizability

This is a pretty stellar theme. We needed an Extranet for our remote company. It's simple, yet customizable. The theme works with dozens of widgets and plugins. (One plugin that embeds Gdocs [not sanctioned by Woffice] does throw it off, but all base plugins work seamlessly.) I'd like greater task management options (sorting, reports, checking off tasks on Dashboard vs. inside projects) and the ability to run some user reports, and adding links to "fun facts" and announcements... but that's pie in the sky. This thing does everything we need it to do and it looks SO GOOD our managing partners were floored and impressed. Five stars to anything that makes me look so good! :)

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