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What must I edit to extend the life of the “New” tab that appears on the portfolio filtered page? Thanks in advance.

In loop-portfolio.php, line 14 (the “10” states that it will last ten days).

Cheers! Rich

filtered portfolio page – just installed the theme, and the filter is not floating on the portfoilio page, even tough i set it up as a filtered portfolio.. how do i get it to work?

You just need to have portfolio categories assigned to your portfolio items and it’ll show up.

Cheers, Rich

Hi. I’ve contacted a couple of times through support in the last few weeks and have never heard anything back. I’ve had issues with the retina display working in the admin side of customization, but not actually on my page as well as issues with the footer only appearing in the customization page but not in real time on the site. Also, randomly, today, my portfolio pages stopped displaying with large size images and they are incredibly tiny now. I have changed nothing and that’s happening all of a sudden. I know you probably get tons of emails, I’d just appreciate a response and the most pressing thing is the portfolio images at this point.

I’ve figured out what the problem is with the large size images, but still need help with why retina and footer will show in the customization menu but not on the live site.

Thanks so much for the help! Everything is fixed now.

Glad it is! No problem friend!


Hi, the bean instagram plugin 2.0, don’t work in wordpress 4.3… :( please update!

I’ll wait then. Thank you very much. :)

Hey David, just wanted you let you know I had updated the Bean Instagram plugin. If you’re logged in you can download the plugin from here.

Enjoy! Rich

Thx! :)

Pre-purchase question: It is possible to set the blog to display the posts entirely? Without the “Read More” option or having to click on the post to go on a separate page?

It is possible to customize the typography from the menu?

Hey there! Not out of the box, but I can help you with that; it’s a simple modification.

As for typography, we don’t have typography controls built into this theme, but you can install a Google Fonts plugin and have new fonts pretty quickly :)

Let me know if you have any more questions!


Hello! Just bought the Wonder theme and I think it’s beautiful but I’m having a few issues.

1. How do I include text above the portfolio? I added text in the Page editor but it won’t display. http://www.enanic.com/work/

2. I set the blog page template to default and have several dummy posts but the posts won’t display. Is there a short-code I need to be using to have the posts show up? http://www.enanic.com/blog/

Hey, how do I update the theme without losing any customizations I made ? Thanks in advance. :-)

Have you edited any of the /wonder/ files in the actual theme? If not, then dropping in the updated version will be all you need to do.

Yes, I edited some of those files ..

Yikes, OK.

There are a couple programs out there that will allow you to compare versions of files, in order to catch customizations you may not remember. Some recommended programs are WinMerge (Windows), Kaleidoscope(OSX), and handy GitHub (OSX) & (Windows).

You’ll want to pull your customized files into the child theme, and put your future changes there. That’s the only way to not loose any modifications you’ve worked on.

my portfolio images size is ok when I load the page , but after few moments portfolio images size reduced , how to increase size of the images of portfolio items?

Hi, I want to put ’’- view -’’ under the title of my portfolio page (first page) like this: https://abload.de/img/bildschirmfoto2017-01kdscq.png What do I have to do ?


Hi there,

You’ll need to first install the included child theme, and then copy the loop-portfolio.php file into that child theme. Then you can simply add that below the:

<h5><?php echo get_the_title(); ?></h5>
...code bit on line 26 in that file. You may need to do a bit of CSS tidying, but this should get you most of the way :)

Cheers, Rich

fantastic work! best for your sales in 2017