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hey guys, awesome theme. only a slight problem with the demo, when i click the customizer section, i get a login page.

Hey Phruit, I disabled it because of an error that it was causing on the mobile version of the demo. I just enabled it again for you :)


How do I change the fonts? I can’t find anywhere in the admin to do it.


Hey @awetherill! There is not a Theme Option for fonts, though if you look into the CSS file style.css, you’ll see the majority of the fonts loaded in the first few lines (screenshot: http://thmbns.co/Rn1W).

There is a Google Fonts Plugin you can use as well.

Cheers, Rich

You sneaky you :) You’ve done it again. Like the style. GLWS

Thanks mate! :)

Really like this theme but have experienced quite a few problems with the image uploader for portfolio posts as well as the homepage not displaying all my portfolio pieces

Portfolio thumbnails on the homepage also aren’t displaying edge-to-edge for me. Not sure if this is a code thing or a conflict with my previous theme

Hey mate! Do you mind copying your comment and replying to our Support Center and we’ll see what’s up?

Cheers, Rich

So minimal so functional, simply WOW! I love Wonder. My warmest congratulations ThemeBeans.

Appreciate it ThemeBull!

Hi there!

This is a beautifully designed simple theme. I’m very interested in it.

But when I test it on my iPhone 4S, Portfolio thumbnails do not link. I click on the thumbnail and nothing happens? I really want to buy this…

That is odd. I’m also running iOS 7 here. Do you mind copying your comment and sending a screenshot or two to our Support Team?

I’ve sent a message, thanks Rich!


Hello there,

Happy Friday! :)

I love how minimalist and clean this theme is! I have a few pre-purchase questions.

1. In this theme’s demo, I don’t see “filterable portfolio” option. If I wanted to add category filter at the top of portfolio page, is this something you guys can help me with?

2. When I move mouse cursor over portfolio thumbnails, they zoom in. If I wanted to remove this “zoom-in” effect, is this something you guys can help me with?

3. I see that some of the main images and videos on blog page have “zoom-in” effect when I move mouse cursor over them while some don’t. Is this “zoom-in” effect an option for blog page?

4. If I wanted to slightly increase the width of blog posts so that I can post bigger/wider images, is this something you guys can help me with?

Sorry for so many questions all at once. Looking forward to hearing back from you. Have a wonderful weekend!


Hey Jessica!

That would be a decent bit of work – and we actually have a filterable template in development for Wonder per popular request :)

2. Yup you can remove this in the Theme Customizer via the “Enable Hover Scaling” option (screenshot: http://thmbns.co/RtQS). This controls both the portfolio and the post thumbs.

3. The hover effect is appended to the posts where the post thumb image is a link. That saying, the gallery, video & image post formats do not have a hover affect.

4. You would need to modify the .row CSS (screenshot: http://thmbns.co/RuKb) and is just a single line of code. Easy Peasy. :)

It’s all good, hope these answers help! You have a great weekend as well :)

Cheers, Rich

Hi Rich,

Awesome! Thank you so much for taking the time to answer all of my questions! :)

Looking forward to the completion of filterable template for Wonder! May I ask ETA for the filterable template? I’m purchasing Wonder as soon as the filterable template is available. Woo hoo!


Purchased the theme today and love it, good job! What font did you use to create the Wonder logo?

Awesome! Glad you like it! We actually included the logo in a PSD file (screenshot: http://thmbns.co/Rtx0) and it is “Lavanderia” font from Google Fonts.

If you’re liking Wonder, please help us by rating the theme. Would be killer and it does wonders for us (no pun intended) :)

Cheers, Rich

Already gave it 5 stars!

Oh nice! Mega thanks!

This is a beautiful theme and I’m trying to decide between Wonder and Folo (both are so awesome it’s hard…)

Have a couple of pre-purchase questions though (related to both so I can decide..):

1) For both Wonder & Folo, can I set the blog entries to display the full entry instead of getting cutoff after a number of words?

2) I really like the post meta “post likes” feature on Folo, is this available on Wonder? If not, will it be a feature in the future?

3) For both Wonder & Folo, can I change the width of the blog posts and sidebar? Is it just through the CSS?

4) While I absolutely love the grid/front page of Wonder portfolio, I much prefer the cleaner organised style of the individual porfolio entries in Folo. If I use Wonder, will I be able to set up the individual entries to look like the Folo style?

5)With the share buttons in the blog posts, can I not have them in the coloured buttons and change them to my own icons for e.g.?

Thanks. Sorry for all the questions. I wish I could get the best of both Wonder and Folo and combine into one theme!! :)

Hey Zceline no problem, they’re both great – but I’m biased ;)

1. Yes, both are controlled via a custom integer that is entered via the Customizer/Options panel (Snazzy uses the new Customizer Panel, whereas Folo is still utilizing the Theme Options Panel).

2. Likes is not currently available on Wonder, but it is on our “maybe” update list.

3. You can do this via CSS for minor changes – though I would recommend through the column widths if you’re wanting bigger sidebar modifications. We can point you to the exact lines to change.

4. You would need to customize the single-portfolio.php file in Wonder, to emulate Folo’s single portfolio view. It’s not possible via an option but is not impossible to do – would take some customization.

5. Sure, via CSS (in style.css it starts at line 1250, marked with ”/* POST SHARING */”

Hope these answers clears things up :)


Thanks for the quick response :) I think I’ll probably go with Folo then based on your messages above. Thank you again!



Hi, I am really like this theme. I want to know what is the Related Work base on ? the Tags or the category? Is the home page infinite scroll? Its really hard for me to choose folo or wonder. wonder has big page navigation(really like it.) and Related Work. but folo has infinite scroll homepage and a bank margin in the pics(could i set it in wonder).

Thank you!

Hey @miuniu – The related work is based on the portfolio categories. There is no infinite scroll on Wonder unfortunately, that’s only on Folo. What are you referring to for bank margin exactly? If it’s what I’m assuming, then that’s controllable via CSS.

Cheers! Rich

Hey, really digging the theme!

Just a small issue: There seems to be a gap above the sticky nav when I scroll: https://www.dropbox.com/s/fpkmokq4cllsold/Screen%20Shot%202013-10-14%20at%2012.38.00.png

I’ve tried updating the theme but the issue is still there..

Many thanks

Hey Awetherill, do you have your admin bar disabled?

Hi, nice theme! I want buy it Can you tell me if I can have a light box on the homepage instead to open the project page? Thanks!

Not out-of-the-box, though it’s possible via plugin/a little custom dev.

Cheers! Rich

Hey there,

really liked this theme and im thinking about getting it. had a question.

1. when you click on an image from the homescreen of your portfolio, is it possible to then change the max width of the images that are being featured? not sure if there is a set width.

Hey @Citrus4, glad you’re liking it :)

It’s possible with a couple of modifications to the isotope JS and the max-width set for the isotope item (which is currently at 400px. Basically the JS takes and divides the width of your screen into intervals and displays the number at which is stated in the JS file. Changing that number would do the trick :)


Tried emailing twice about my issues but I’ve had no reply, can I get some help or have I just wasted my money?

Hey @Kee440 – have you been contacting us through the Bean Support Center? I just checked and there’s no open tickets at the moment (a couple are pending a response from customers though).

Rich http://help.themebeans.com

Hi, I love the theme and its pretty perfect for a friends website. One question I have is, does this theme support password protected galleries? Thanks in advance, Marinko

Yup it does!

That’s great.

Another question I have is whether I can have custom links from the “portfolio squares” on the home page?

Thanks again,


Hey Marinkom, it’s not a default functionality per-say, but its not impossible to do. It depends on what level of functionality you’re looking for, but you could be able to add a meta box with a custom URL, then add an if statement to the portfolio thumbnail link to use it, if it’s entered. Or you could simply use a URL re-routing plugin to route specific URL’s to other pages throughout the theme.

No problem, Rich


i like the theme, but i have one question. Can I put the contact upward over header, where now there is recent news, search and instagram?



Hey Alex, you could put any widget up in that area – its simply a widget area holder. :)


well now i have the theme and i’m happy and like this. But how can i put the widget in the area? i haven’t a contact widget. The other think is, how can I set the selection under the portfolio (recent work) pls help. thx

Hey Alexander, I’m not 100% following you, but I think you probably just need to turn on the header overlay via the Theme Customizer, then add the widgets in the Widget Areas that populate in your widget dashboard (WP Dashboard > Widgets). Here’s a screenshot of those widget areas: http://thmbns.co/SIY6

I’m not following you on the second question. Did you mean the Related Work section? If so, that’s triggered via the portfolio category – so all the portfolio posts within that category will populate below it.

Hope this helps! Rich

Hi, I like this theme very much and thinking to purchase.

I want to ask two questions; - Can we change the images easily? Is there a size etc constraint? - Code of top navigaton allows for changes? “Blog, shortcodes…” Adding new titles, changing space and sub categories for example like “ideo.com”

Since its going to be a corporate blog, I need more sophisticated navigation.



Hey Deniz. The size I would recommend is 780px wide by any height. There’s no constraint but the width is more important because you want it to look sharp when it resizes via the theme’s responsive attributes.

You can modify the top of the theme via the header.php file – but not without some custom development. What ideo.com did would not be too difficult for a seasoned developer for sure.

Cheers, Rich

Hi, I’m looking for a theme that run smoothly on iOS7 and yours are some of the few who look awesome and load fast. I solely want to use it as a portfolio site, not as a blog. Some questions:

1 I have a ton of images, in many different categories. Is there a limit to the number of images I can upload in a gallery?

2 Can I add share buttons to galleries?

3 I like how Folo has the menu at the buttom since it’s easy to use. ‘Wonder’ does not have one and it makes it harder to navigate, unless I link all galleries as “related work”. Would Folo show all galleries in that case, almost like an endless scroll?

4 Is there a way to always show the top menu in Wonder? Where the content slides underneath it?

5 Are the images in the Wonder demo part of galleries or posts? I don’t see a difference between them.


Hey Egg, I’ll do my best to answer :)

1. There is not a limit.

2. It is possible, but would take a little dev work.

3. I’m kindof confused with your wording here. Folo does not show the related portfolio posts like on Wonder.

4. You could reverse the JS query, to start with it open yes. This would also take some dev work, but any seasoned developer could easily handle this.

5. They are handled as gallery images (in portfolios) where you would upload the images to the post, and output in either a stacked layout, jquery photo viewer, or slideshow.

Cheers, Rich

Hi Rich, sorry for not being clear. Me being Dutch, but in NYC, is part of that problem :) I will try again:

2/4 > I am in no way a dev so I have no clue how to add the menu to the top permanently. But I do think that if there is no menu readily available then users will get lost. Unless they scroll all the way back up which is tedious on mobile.

I also have no clue how to add share functionality, either to menu or to each gallery. Is this something you may do in a future update?

3 > If I give all galleries one common tag, will they all show up as ‘related?’ That way I could make something like an endless scroll and show all my galleries at the same time.

Last question I hope. I notice on mobile that it takes two taps to get into a gallery. First tap show a square with a title. Second tap opens it up. Can I delete the first tap, so that gallery opens up immediately?

Thanks for your quick reply by the way! Cheers.

Hey Egg, the menu on Wonder is actually a “sticky” menu, so it’s always there (except for mobile views).

The portfolio related feature is based off of the categories, not the tags. And for your last question, no unfortunately you can’t delete the “second tap”, because most mobile OS’s count the hover function as a tap it itself (which is why you’ll tap once, see the would be hover, then tap again to proceed). You could remove the hover effect altogether though.

No problem :)


hi there!

loving the theme!

was wondering for the newsletter widget, what “subscribe code” would we place in that field?

thanks in advance!

Hey! Glad you’re liking the theme!

Sure, it’s the “form action” code that is supplied when you create a subscription form on any of the popular email marketing platforms. It’ll look like this <form action=”XXX…”/>


Before I purchase I would like to know if I am able to add a footer navigation links to the bottom.

Well I wouldn’t say that Krative has a few bugs here and there, it just performs very different from the way I built Wonder. Wonder is more lightweight and efficient (because there’s not a whole bunch of templating/extra CSS that Krative utilizes).

I’m not sure if you know your way around coding or not, but if you do it would not be too hard to mix and match things as you like.

All in all Wonder is more simplistic & refined, whereas Krative is more of a powerhouse theme. I would go with Wonder personally because I feel that the full width audio portfolio looks dang sharp, but that’s a personal opinion really. ;)

Hi I think I will go with Wonder. Is there any way to put the portfolio item details on the right and have the content on the left? This way on mobile the content will be shown first. I rather have the content first instead of the user having to scroll down before getting to the content. Is this possible in Wonder or Krative or Folo? Let me know please thanks!

It’s possible, but you would need to know your way around some HTML, to configure the column layout like so. The framework is based on a twelve column layout, where elements across the page total to twelve columns, so it’s not too difficult to accomplish. You would make the mods in the single-portfolio.php file.