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A very nice work! Good luck :)

Thanks HappyBird!

Hello thank you for the great work

one question:

Even if imposed as the maximum width of the media settings in wordpress the average width of the image to 1400 pixels, the theme continues to reduce my images to 780 pixels wide. How can I make the images embedded in the posst or portfolios remain of their normal size? thank you

Hey @tasters, glad you like the theme :)

That’s because of the add_image_size function for the theme posts (lib/functions/theme-setup.php – screenshot: http://thmbns.co/SDzv). You can add a ”, false” behind the “9999” (screenshot: http://thmbns.co/SEgu) or set the 780 to 9999 as well. You may need to massage the CSS on the front end a bit, if there’s any overlap or such – but you should be good to go.

Cheers! Rich

Hi ThemeBeans,

I’m interested in buying this theme, but before I do I have two questions.

Is there a way to make different pages with different portfolios? (Or a filter option?)

Can I adjust the animation of the rollover to make it less zoomed and slower?

Hey David, sure here’s some answers:

1. Yup, you can use the category link. Here’s an example.

2. That’s a simple CSS touch up. You could adjust the amount of scaling (the zooom – screenshot: http://thmbns.co/SDSd) and the milliseconds in which the zoom takes (screenshot: http://thmbns.co/SCbc) pretty easily. We’d be able to point you to the exact lines if you needed a push in the right direction.

Cheers! Rich

Hi! I’m creating my portfolio with your awesome theme, and all is perfect. But I have one problem, when I enter on the home page with chrome, the tiles of images looks like ok, but when I navigate to another section and return to the home (portfolio) the tiles are unorganized and overlayed. On InternetExplorer when you enter for first time, the situation is similar.

you can see my site here: http://syntetyc.com

Incompatibility with some plugin? When I resize de navigator, the tiles return to the correct position.

Ops… I just found the solution. I deactivate two plugins from my old theme, and all run ok. (lazy load & infinite scroll). Sorry for the last message.

This is the best theme of the world! :P

Awesome! Glad you like it and glad you figured out the issue there. Thanks!


hey, thanks for the great theme! i just have one problem concerning the home page, maybe i didn’t understand it right:

i created the page “work” using the “portfolio template”. then i activated this page to be my home page.

then i created a portfolio with a gallery, but “work” is not showing anything, just an empty page.

isn’t this page supposed to be filled automatically? i might have just forgot a checkbox somewhere …

thanks, b

ok, i got it, i just had to define a feature image! :)

but one more question:

the categories are displayed as “skills” – can i change that wording?

and can the tags be displayed also?

Hey, yup you need the featured image, for the post to appear accurately on the portfolio template. For the “skills” text, you can mod that in single-portfolio.php (line 48 – here’s a screenshot: http://thmbns.co/SFH6).

There’s not a way to include tags as of yet, but we’re working on that option. :)


Hi there,

Can I put the portfolio content first before the name and description etc? Like for mobile I would love the portfolio name, date, skills etc to be below instead of on top. Let me know if this is possible. I will then surely purchase. Thanks!

Hey Zaggadon, you would need to swap the elements in the single-portfolio.php file to pull the meta.

Also, is it possible to create my own landing page with a self hosted video and buttons etc?

You could use a default template, set at a fullwidth layout and add any elements/shortcodes (using the Bean Shortcode Plugin) pretty easily. :)

Hi Rich,

I’m trying to decide whether to purchase the Wonder or Krative theme…

- Does the Wonder theme facilitate the same feature as the Krative theme whereby you can have a portfolio page (http://www.demo.themebeans.com/?theme=Wonder#) and filter the categories?

- Does the Krative theme allow the images on the pages to appear larger in full column like the they do on the wonder theme? Here are the pages on each theme so you know which images I’m referring to:

http://www.demo.themebeans.com/?theme=Wonder# http://demo.themebeans.com/wonder/portfolio/osio-brand/

Many thanks in advance!

Cheers Jim

Hey Jimmy, I’ll do my best to answer :)

1. Wonder does not have a filterable portfolio grid option, whereas Krative does. We opted out of that in order to include the edge-to-edge responsive fullwidth grid that resizes with you. I do not think it’s entirely possible to combine the two, without a major drop in UX on either functionality.

2. Krative does not have a full width option for the portfolio. It’s possible to code in an option, or make them all fullwidth, by altering the column layout (twelve across) though. It’s not too tough, but can be if you’re a less developed developer :)

Hope this helps! Rich

If you’re looking to set up a portfolio, Wonder is more niche, lightweight, and built solidly for that functionality – whereas Krative has more bells and whistles, but is also a good bit larger and more difficult to customize (because its a larger package).

Wonder is my particular theme of choice if I had to pick one of the two, but it really depends on your end goal and what you’re looking to accomplish.

Cheers! Rich

Hi really nice work ! Beautiful design and very simple to manage. I’ve one question.

Is it possible to use the portfolio layout for the last articles in the home page ?

Thanks !


Hey Lucas, Ah I see what you mean. Currently the theme is set up to only pull portfolio posts, but with some custom dev work you can modify the loop to pull posts instead.


Ok i’ll see that. Thanks

No problem, cheers mate!



On the masonry homepage, is it possible to either

1) use custom size images and/or 2) use landscape format images

as opposed to only square and fixed height portrait images?

Thank you Paolo

Hey Paquito, The masonry layout is truly masonry so you can have any size that the responsive layout maxes to. It’s currently set to a default max of 400px (I can show you where to mod that) and the responsive nature of the theme basically divides the grid into separate columns, based on screen size.

Hey Beans,

Purchased Wonder and very happy, except wondering where to find the PSD source files? In the theme’s Sources folder, I only see logo assets, but not mockups of the pages themselves… Are these available?

Thanks! Adam

Hey Abwheel, currently only the PSD source files are included (with all the assets used in the theme). You should see a list of assets like this (screenshot: http://thmbns.co/SLFw).

I have assigned the full PSD mockups to go out with the next update. We don’t usually do the full PSD page mockups (with a few exceptions) and Wonder will be one next week :)



Great theme guy! I’m considering purchasing but like a number of comments am looking for a ‘filter’ feature on the home page/portfolio section.

I’ve read over previous comments which you’ve commented the filter is a popular request and it’s in development.

I’m divided between this and Krative but like Wonder more, just if it had the filter option!

Is this something you can update me on?

Cheers, Bren

Sounds good to me! ;)


Sweet! filter added as promised! theme purchased! Thanks Rich

Yup! Just approved early this morning. Let me know if you need anything mate!


I can’t install it on my wordpress website :(? what to do?

Hey Mahabinfares, what’s the problem? Are you installing just the wonder.zip file? Contact our support team with some more details and we’ll get you back on track.

Cheers, Rich

Hi, Theme looks great one question. Is there a way to take off the zoom hover state? Thanks

Glad you like it! Yup you sure can, there’s a theme option in the customizer for that. :)


Bean Social WordPress Plugin

The latest addition to the Bean Plugin family – Bean Social WordPress Plugin. It generates a nice widget and provides quite a few shortcode options for you to place icons anywhere and everywhere. Give it a look – oh & of course it’s free.

Cheers! Rich

Bean Pricing Tables WordPress Plugin

The latest (and arguably the greatest) addition to the Bean Plugin family – Bean Pricing Tables WordPress Plugin. Give it a look – yup, it’s free too.

Cheers! Rich

Hi! Your theme looks really nice. I’m thinking about purchasing it for my blog. I’ve got a question. On blog page posted images are rectangular. Will I be able to post square images? Will I have to change some CSS? Is it difficult?

Hey there, thanks :)

You can post images at dimension, though I recommend the 535px width – due to the responsive nature this will ensure it looks just right – and any height will work perfectly fine.

Cheers, Rich

Hello! Can this be used with woocommerce? :)

Hey Violetlocks, I have not tested WooCommerce with Wonder but they Woo mentions that it works out of the box with all themes. You’ll probably need some customization/css to massage it though.

Cheers, Rich

Nice theme. I am not a developer and have a query. I have reduced width of thumbs to 200 (as i want many more than will fit comfortably at 400 wide):

.isotope-item {

max-width: 200px;

The trouble is the pics still sit in 400 wide and the extra 200 is now a gap between each one, depth has worked fine and vertically they butt up to each other?

Also how can i not have any comments as it is for a folio only?

Hope you can help.

Have you videos online about set up, it would be a great help to those with no developer background.

Cheers – David – Australia

Hey mate, sorry about that – totally missed your comment here.

It’s possible with a couple of modifications to the isotope.js file. Basically the JS takes and divides the width of your screen into intervals and displays the number at which is stated in the JS file. Here’s a screenshot of what I mean (http://thmbns.co/SdNE).

That code states that if the window (n) is equal to 800, then divide it by 2 – which causes the isotope to split the portfolio’s width to 50% each, at a max width of 400 pix. If you’re looking to shrink the size of these, try taking the divided by numbers ( ” /2, /3, /4 etc) and make them each larger.

It’s a bit confusing because this is pretty technical code, but try increasing those numbers by 1 and see what happens (which would divide the content area into more “pieces” for the portfolio posts).

Hope that clears it up!


Cool, took a while to find it, cheers it works, made boxes 300 wide so multiples of that:

s = function () { var t, n = e(window).width(); n <= 900 ? t = Math.floor(r.width() / 3) : n <= 1200 ? t = Math.floor(r.width() / 4) : n <= 1500 ? t = Math.floor(r.width() / 5) : n <= 1800 ? t = Math.floor(r.width() / 6) : n <= 2100 ? t = Math.floor(r.width() / 7) : n <= 2400 ? t = Math.floor(r.width() / 8) : n <= 2700 ? t = Math.floor(r.width() / 9) : t = 300;

Yea the Javascript here is pretty daunting to say the least – but the end result is clearly worth it. :)

Glad you figured it out!


hey beans,

we have the theme running and are quite happy. there are just some things we are still wondering about:

1. we now have a couple of portfolios published, but the portfolio overview just displays the first 10! is there a limit to this overview, which would be quite a shame?

2. how can we add content to the header overlay? in the customize appearance tab i can switch this on/off, but cant add content …

3. we still have an unanswered support ticket #2150 pending …

thanks for your help! ik

Hey Bastian, check your mail – I just finished rounding up the support tickets this morning from the weekend (the team & I do not typically perform support on the weekends – everyone needs a break). :)

1. Of course you can edit the number of portfolios to display – that would be a shame indeed. Have you used the Wonder Theme Customizer yet? If you look at the Portfolio Options, you can select the number of posts to show on your portfolio template (or set -1 for unlimited).

2. I responded to your ticket with this info, but essentially, once you’ve enabled the header overlay, you will see three widget areas appear in your WP Dashboard > Appearance > Widgets editor (screenshot: http://thmbns.co/Ser0). Head in there and drop different widgets into those areas.

In the future let’s keep support communication through the Support Center, to avoid multiple lines of communication with duplicate answers/responses. Cheers!


hey rich, perfect thanks! :)

Awesome :)