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Hi ! Very nice work !

I’ve a little problem when I use the child-theme of wonder, the layout of my website isn’t good. There are bugs, like the mobile-nav which appears on the top and other things… I don’t understand what I made wrong. I’ve created a new folder (wonder-child) with my stylesheet (style.css), which contains :

/* Theme Name: Wonder Child pour SPNK mag Theme URI: http://www.demo.themebeans.com/wonder Description: Thème enfant de Wonder pour SPNK mag Author: Lucas Woock - Webdesigner Author URI: http://www.themebeans.com Version: 1.0 Template: wonder */ @import url('../wonder/style.css');

What’s can I do ? Thanks in advance !



Hey Lucas, there’s bugs with the theme or with the modifications? I assure you the bugs are pretty much all squashed :)

We actually built a child theme (included in the theme download here on ThemeForest) that is already setup for use in motion. Here’s the child theme itself so you don’t have to download the whole package again: http://thmbns.co/SgQa

Please contact us through the Bean Support Center and we’ll get the team to help you out. It is much easier maintaining communication through official channels rather than comments here. Thanks!


Hello! I’ve just installed the theme, and the website isn’t working anymore because of it.

The message: “Call to undefined function wp_get_theme() in E:\home\ydesigner\Web\wp-content\themes\wonder\functions.php on line 55”

Can you help me?


Hey Agatayama, I responded to your ticket this morning.

Without any other info, it seems you may be using an old version of WordPress, is this the case? Let’s keep the communication via the Support Center to avoid multiple streams of responses. :)

I’ll get you up and running! Rich


I love this theme and I’m getting on great with it, I’m surprised I haven’t experienced any of the problems posted on here. BUT….

I have a problem with image quality when uploading. I am using a retina display and the images I make up a crystal, but when I upload them to use in the site the quality seems to be down-sampled. Is there a way around this to keep the images ultra sharp.

Also I am trying to add in another meta field for the portfolio page, other than the ‘array function’ in the php file is there anything else I need to add in to make it work?

Thanks in advance, Liam

Almost all the problems listed in these comments are user related, not actual theme errors. When bugs are reported I tend to work around the clock to update the theme with fixes.

For the images you’re uploading – are you uploading double-sized images? The theme automatically resizes the image width to fit in the media container – so if you’re uploading double sized images, this could cause a problem.

Wonder uses retina.js to server retina images to retina screens – and your normal images to normal screens. I would suggest using this route, but if you’d like to just upload the large image, add:

add_image_size( ‘portfolio-single’, 9999, 9999 );

to your lib/functions/theme-setup.php, on line 70. That should do the trick.

If you’re adding another meta field, look in the lib/metaboxes/meta-portfolio.php and you’ll see where the metaboxes are pulled for the other meta there.

Hope this helps! Rich

Hello! Thanks for this great theme. I am just setting it up and was wondering how I could reduce the space between the title and the video in the single portfolio page. You can see here that is really big: http://vl730.dinaserver.com/hosting/ro-bo-t.com/?portfolio=as-i-am

Thank you! :)

Hey Sabee, that would be in lib/functions/customizer-css.php – lines 76-80 & the transition speed can be modded in style.css, lines 150-153.

And for the portfolio search, add the following to lib/functions/theme-functions.php on between lines 176 and 177 (like this: http://thmbns.co/SnIh):

$query->set(‘post_type’, ‘portfolio’);

Those will do the trick! Rich

Great, thank you!

No problem :)

Hello again, I am trying to create a separate page with a second portfolio from a specific category but I don’t see where you set the category inside the portfolio template. Thanks for the help!

Sure, if you check out archive-portfolio.php (lines 15-18) you’ll see where the text is output for the category views. Here’s a screenshot: http://thmbns.co/SvWH


Great thank you!

No prob :)


Why does my photos dissapear?


Hey mate, do you mind contacting us through the Help Center with details so we can help you out? I’m not following you there, it looks like everything is loading fine here.

Thanks, Rich

Now it works, Firefox problem!

But on mobile devices the portfolio images be hidden by blue overlay… How can i fix this?


I don’t think that’s an issue with FireFox, make sure you have the overlay enabled via the Theme Customizer. Here’s a screenshot of what I mean (http://thmbns.co/Sx3w).

For future queries, please contact us through the Help Center. Cheers!

hy, i’ve a problem with the text (the title) on overlay Image on Rollover… it doesn’t work ;( can you help me please

this is the site http://lnx.oizmud.com/

Hey mate, it looks like you figured it out. Did you not have it selected in the Theme Customizer (screenshot: http://thmbns.co/Sx3w)?

Cheers, Rich

Hey how do you get rid of the rollover text that pops up on the home page. “permalink to” It seems redundant to me. I went through support but no one responded to me.

Hey John, we’re wrapped up on our support tickets from the weekend – do you have a ticket number? The “permalink to” is actually standard SEO URL structuring, but to remove it, head to content-portfolio-loop.php and check out line 26. You will see the link there. Here’s a screenshot: http://thmbns.co/T0Z8


Hello there,

i’m looking to buy this theme but i need to add background images for each portfolio post. Is that possible?

Thanks. Best Kris

Ps. and is it possible to list both single images and slider images in a single portfolio?

Hey Kris, it’s not possible for bg images per portfolio, just bg colors. and it is not possible to have both, unless you had your portfolio post as a gallery format, with images inserted within your content area.

Happy Holidays, Rich

None of your Shortcodes are not loading in my Wordpress Interface. Why?

Fixed it. However now, the portfolio I created will not appear on the site I published. I have installed the plugin and uploaded the images to the proper places, but it’s still not showing up. Any thoughts as to why?

Still having this issue, please reply. I have tried reinstalling plugins and everything.

Hey Faze, are you uploaded featured images to each of the portfolio posts, and have you set a template for the portfolio?

Wonder Doc

Also, my logo is not showing up as Retina on my Retina MacBook Pro. I followed the steps on your site. Can you help?

Hey Faze, please check and ensure your logo and retina logo have the same exact file name (except with @2x.png appended to the retina version). If you’ve uploaded multiple images with the same file name, then WordPress adds a numeral value to your file names, to ensure they are not overwritten. Chances are, you may have uploaded multiple images. You can check that in your WP Dashboard > Media manager section o f your WordPress Install.

Cheers, Rich

Hi, I am thinking about purchasing either “WONDER” theme, or “KOI” theme, but I would like to check first how easy I can manipulate the cms in thes themes, Is there any free version, or other way to check it?

Thank you in advance, Vasilis

Hey Vasilis, the themes both run on the WordPress CMS and supports all the standard WordPress functionality, with some extra stuff on top of it. There’s not a free version of either theme – as that would break our exclusivity agreement with ThemeForest, but if you’re familiar with WordPress then you’ll be able to manipulate the themes pretty well. If you’re not, Wordpress is rather easy to pick up both front end and code wise.

Cheers, Rich

I personally like Koi better but Wonder does have some neat functionality with the single portfolio views (custom bg color and accent colors)


Please tell me how to change the link site/portfolio/postname on site/work/postname. Thank you.

Hey there, go into the Bean Portfolio plugin package, and look at bean-portfolio.php (line 115 – screenshot: http://thmbns.co/TNEH). Here you can change that slug term. Just remember to resave your permalinks when you do.

Cheers, Rich

Great thank you!

Awesome :)

Hi Rich

I’m still loving this theme and the small eco system of plugins that keep coming, Is there any way that I can get a revolution slider or similar on the front page of this theme?

Thanks, Liam

Awesome, glad you’re lovin it :)

You could probably implement a plugin/code of sorts to hook into the page-home.php, above the isotope-container – though I have not tested any of them with Wonder in particular.


hi, if i use the filter for portfolio black&white so i see this only in safari. Why is not activate in Firefox.


Hey Alex, not all browsers support CSS3 Filters (yet), and unfortunately FF is one of them.

Cheers, Rich


I like the Wonder theme a lot, but before purchasing it, I would like to know if the starting page being the portfolio can be changed. I would like have the blog page as the main page. Regards, Ann

Hey Ann, most certainly. You can elect to display your posts as your home page via the Theme Customizer (screenshot: http://thmbns.co/ThH5).

Cheers! Rich

Hello Rich, an answer within a few minutes, what a service! Thanks!!

Thanks :)


Hi there! (pre-purchase question:)

Is it possible to make the thumbnails “squared height”, so the height is the same for all the pictures. In addition, is it easily done to add the title and category below the images?

Like this: http://demo.visualkicks.com/crush/standard/

Hey there! Sure it is. I have uploaded different sized images, which is what creates the stacked look. If all your uploaded featured images are the same size (portfolio) then your great will have that squared look (kind of like our theme Koi, except squared).

Not too hard indeed. Here’s the output that you would put in loop-portfolio.php, then you would just need to add a little CSS to massage the edges and make it look good. :)


Hi I am interested to buy your template. Is it possible to create a Portfolio category with a sub menu of different categories?

Hey Clara, it is most certainly. You can add them right via the menu panel (screenshot: http://thmbns.co/TiSl).

Cheers, Rich

Hi, excellent theme!!! A small change… is it possible to have in Wonder theme the same rollover effect that Folo theme? Thanks!!!

Hey Asterios, so glad you’re liking the theme! It is possible with a couple CSS modifications. You need to remove the current, and this below may do the trick:

 #isotope-container:hover .isotope-item { 
     opacity: .3; 
     -webkit-filter: grayscale(1);

 #isotope-container:hover .isotope-item:hover { 
     opacity: 1.0; 
     -webkit-filter: grayscale(0);

Hi, is it possible to have different page layouts for the single portfolio pages than shown on the ‘Wonder’ demo? I like the layout of the ‘Snazzy’ single pages , where there is a text column and images running down not full width. Is that possible in ‘Wonder’ or only text at top followed by full width images? Sometimes you can’t see the whole image in one go. Thanks, Hanna

Ok, thanks for getting back to me. Hanna

Sorry to ask a couple more things but just want to check this theme will do what I would like it to: - can I add the filter categories as a menu section at the top rather than the filter menu on the image posts? - can I disable any of the top menu sections that I don’t want to use yet e.g. ‘blog’? - can i chose how many posts appear across the width of the homepage? - can I not have an intro para under the top menu and have the image posts starting higher up on homepage.

Sorry if these are obvious questions. Many thanks for your help. Hanna

It’s all good – I’m here to answer. :)

1. Not unless you code that into the header.php file (using the filter content in content-portfolio-filter.php). You could however link to specific portfolio category pages.

2. The top menu is set in the WP Dashboard > Appearance > Menus section, so you may add any links to pages/outside sources you’d like.

3. Currently the theme is set to take a percentage based on the window width, and divide that “space” into presentable areas for the grid look. You can modify that code (in assets/js/isotope.js) but I would suggest leaving it pretty similar to where it’s at, as it’s the most optimized for mobile, all the way though massive desktop monitors.

4. Yup, if you don’t want it, you could just leave it blank (via the Theme Customizer – http://thmbns.co/ToDz).

Hope these answers help! Rich