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hello and thanks for your awsome theme ;) question: is it possible the pagination arrows inside single portfolio to scroll as you go down the page? i have big images in the portfolio post and the arrows are not following the scrolling… thank you :)

Sure, that’d be a little CSS edit you could pull off pretty easily. Try adding the following CSS (to either your child theme, custom CSS editor, or theme’s style.css file (near the bottom) – in that order of preference.

.single-portfolio .pagination {
position: fixed;
top: 67%;

you’re the man….thanks a lot ;)

No problem mate!

Do you have plans to release a 3.x compatible Wonder template? If so, when?


Hey Scott, what version are you referring to specifically? Its all tied up with the latest version of WordPress.

Ok, your themes are really the finest quality ever made, and you have become the portfolio masters. Congrats, and thank you.

I’d like to know if your theme “Wonder” is compatible with “Easy Digital Downloads Plugin” as your new theme “Grille” ?


Thanks mate! It is compatible in that EDD will work with Wonder, but there are no custom styles built in – like in Grille – that would tidy things up. It’s something I’m considering adding to Wonder though.


hey, love your themes! i’m working with a Wonder one now and i have a few editing questions because i am a pre-novice when it comes to coding. i was wondering how you can 1) delete the category name above a blog post 2) change that Courier font with a google one 3) if/how you can get rid of the date/comment bar below a blog post. i tried looking on your website for support but i’m such a beginner that i would really need to be shown exactly where to change things on the stylesheet. any help would be great – thanks!

Hey there – so glad you’re liking our themes! Sure here’s some answers for you:

1. To remove the category, simply comment out or remove the last li item in content-post-meta.php (line 5 – screenshot: http://thmbns.co/U0MC).

2. We have a quick article referencing font changes with Google Fonts. Just do a search for the instances of “Courier” throughout style.css and add those CSS classes/IDs with the font-family google font.

3. I’m not quite following you on the last question, if you’re referring to the post meta below the featured image/title then you will see that also in content-post-meta.php

Hope this helps! Rich

Thanks Rich for your help! One last question – so I (or rather the client) would like to use Copperplate instead of Courier. It’s not available on Google fonts but it’s a fairly common font so don’t know if I can just input the name into everywhere Courier appears on the stylesheet. What should I do? I realize this is a silly thing to ask but I honestly have no idea what I’m doing. Is it possible you can show me a screenshot of how to input the code correctly where the ‘Courier’ font occurs in the stylesheet? Thanks!

No problem, If you have the font files, then you could use the @font-face CSS to set it up. It may work on it’s own, but I’m unsure of that. It’ll look something like this:

p { 
    font: 14px/24px 'Copperplate', 'Times', serif;

How can i redesign head tagline with css?

Hey KireKerik, you could use the following CSS selector to customize the styles of just the header tagline:

.header-tagline p {} 

I’m more than likely going to purchase this theme. It’s exactly what I’m looking for. I noticed a few things though:

1. The footer isn’t showing up when viewing the demo page from my 15” MBP.

2. Half of the “back to top” arrow shows up. The other half is cut-off.

Anyone else experience this? Otherwise, awesome theme.

Nice. I have the test drive mode disabled for the time being. I’m moving it to a different install, so that the test drive does not interfere with the live demo. It’ll be back shortly :)


I see. Thanks again. Now I’m considering the Krative theme. Both are solid but I love the simplicity of Wonder. Cheers!

Ha, well I’m partial to the Wonder theme – one of my personal favorites.


Hey there,

this may sound like a silly question, but is there a Test Drive for this theme? Would like to know what exactly is possible, because I couldn’t figure out, if I can change the Title font Lato to another Google font?

Also I’m kinda confused about a comment you made 2 months ago:

…it’s not possible for bg images per portfolio, just bg colors.

But in the Demo (http://goo.gl/BmrPJc) you are using background images?

Anyway, also an awesome theme. Like your work alot.

All the best David

P.S.: Just saw, that there is an error with the Dribbble widget and the Feature Areas shortcodes aren’t working.

Hey David, I actually added support for portfolio background images about a month ago with the 2.0 Framework update. You can change fonts, but Wonder is not quite as simple as Grille in font switching capabilities. You would need to add the @import from Google to your style.css and change the font-family via CSS.

A test drive option like Grille is in development. I hope to have test drives for all themes running our 2.0+ Framework by this weekend.

PS: Thanks, I need to upload the new Shortcodes Plugin and my Dribbble username has changed :)

Cheers & thanks for the kudos! Rich

Hi, I just starting using this theme for my portfolio and I have a couple questions:

The portfolio images aren’t touch swipe enabled- an oversight on my part before I purchased. Will the theme work ok with a plugin like Tablet Photography.

Also I would like to add a “like”/”heart” button on my portfolio entries – can you recommend a way/method…

Thanks, theme is nice


Hey Kareena, are you referring to the portfolio slider layout? If so, those do indeed have touch enabled on those. The View.js (lightbox effect) is not swipe capable, though you may still click on the thumbs to the left and right. Once View.JS is updated to v2.0 (when they are adding swipe capability) then I will update Wonder to include that as well.

For your second question, that can be quite a task, unless you pull the code pieces from one of our themes that are using the likes functionality.


Ok thank you, when do you think v2.0 will be released. I’ve used some plugin shortcode to add the heart likes onto my portfolio pages. Works ok for now.

Thanks again K

Hey Kareena, I am not an author of View.js but it’s been in the works for quite a while.

Hi Rich

I have had my friend purchase this theme for their blog through my recommendation. Everything is going well. But we would like to try and use the overlay widget areas in a different place, e.g.. below the header before the opening row of the main page content. The hide function is not needed, just the ability to have a widgetised area on selected pages before the opening content/ sidebar. Is there a way to do this. I have tried moving some php around but no luck. Can you point me in the right direction please.

Many Thanks

Hey there, you would need to just add widget areas, you could pull the <?php dynamic_sidebar( 'Overlay Left' ) ?> (middle and right too) layout from the header-overlay.php file, and place that in header.php probably. That way your widget areas are already “linked” via the back end widgets dashboard.


Hi there, I have just instaled your theme and the required plugins. Is it possible to show the portfolio twice? I mean one in the my “Home” and in “Portfolio” section as well? It’s weird because If I do this, in the “Home” section I just get the very first item of my portfolio.

Could you help me please?


Hey Monold, I’m not quite following you here. Do you mind contacting me via the Beam Help Center with a URL to the pages you’re trying to work it?

You can have the portfolio template assigned to multiple pages if you’d like, but most likely not with the URL slug “home” – but as your home page.


just starting setting this up—how many images can be displayed in a filtered portfolio page (which I’m using as a front page). I seem to have hit a wall at 11.

I take it there is no pagination or a feature to allow more images to load?

If that’s the case I won’t be able to use this theme as I have images from 4 artists, and I can’t even get the 20 from the first artist to load at the same time. As I’m adding them in, some are being dropped from the display.

I’m in a big panic to get this done so would appreciate an answer. If I have to switch themes at this point, it’s really going to set me back.

url is surfaces.gallery—sorry… been a long day. I can give you access if you need it.

No pagination, but you may set your template count via the Theme Customizer.


How can i highlight the active menu item?

You can use this CSS here:

li.current-menu-item a {
    color: #222!important;

Cheers, Rich


Firstly, a fantastic portfolio theme! Good work! I just had one question and it’s probably something so simple and easy to do but I was wondering how I go about adding a little intro on the homepage like the one in the live preview? I had a go but the intro doesn’t show up when I preview it.



Glad you like it – Wonder is one of my fav’s!

Did you add it via the Theme Customizer (http://thmbns.co/UxaT)? And to get it to show on all your pages, select “Display tagline globally” via the Customizer as well (in Theme Settings: http://thmbns.co/Uwx1).

Hope this helps!

Legend! Thank you so much! It’s exactly what I was after in terms of a portfolio/blog! Thanks again!

Nice! Glad it’s working for you! If you haven’t already – we’d super appreciate if you’d rate Wonder via your downloads page. Does wonders (no pun intended) for us!

Cheers, Rich

Hi. I just updated the Wonder theme in my site and for the life of me I can’t figure out why my blog keeps setting itself as my default home page. Would you happen to know about this issue? Thanks.

I bet it’s something very trivial. Do you see a Contact Template sidebar area? Email me at rich(at)themebeans.com with your URL and login creds and I’ll take a peek for you :)


lol! Better it be something trivial, than complex. Easy fix. I’ve sent my login info. Thanks again.

Got it and found the problem – mailed you back!

Hey…. Can you tell us the solution about the sidebar… i’ve read above a guy with the same problem…. no sidebar at all i think i’ve everything…. after the update i missed them… Thnx


There’s already an update in the ThemeForest queue for the sidebar fix (along with a couple other improvements) but generally you need to modify line 44 of page.php to:
<?php dynamic_sidebar( 'Internal Sidebar' ) ?>

For your second question, if you’re referring to site wide, it’s via the Theme Customizer (screenshot: http://thmbns.co/VAkh). If you’re referring to the portfolio posts, it’s beneath the portfolio post editor, in the Portfolio Style Settings metabox (screenshot: http://thmbns.co/VB6Q).

Cheers! Rich

thanx a lot its working ;)

Hi there, I’m interested in buying this or another of your themes. I’m not sure if it’s just on google chrome but in your demo i don’t see an X button to close the portfolio once it’s open. Is there one? All i can see are arrows to go to previous/next. No actual close button to return to home page?


Hey Phenexx, what exactly are you referring to? These arrows in this screenshot: http://thmbns.co/VL5l ? There’s not a case where the portfolio grid opens up on the homepage itself – as all posts head to it’s single view.

Cheers, Rich


i installed the theme, but on my mobile it looks like the browser version. How do i enable the mobile responsible theme?


Hey Zeiman, I’m seeing that you’re loading your website via an iFrame, instead of by itself. I don’t know if you’d be able to trigger the responsive nature within an iFrame – why are you loading your website this way?



Really loving wonder!

I have customized the portfolio-overlay h5 a bit, and noticed that a few of my titles are two liners when viewed on mobile. I’d like the two line titles to be centered in the space vertically (while keeping one line titles centered), is this simple to achieve with css?

If so, mind pointing me in the right direction?

Thanks so much for the awesome theme and great support. Adam

Glad you’re liking Wonder! One of my favorites for sure :)

It is for sure. You’d probably need to set a media query (like in mobile.css) and target that h5’s positioning within it. You could do that, or even make the H5’s a tad smaller on mobile – the same way.


Awesome, Thank you Rich.

Last question:

I’m trying to edit the colors of the responsive nav in mobile.css, but every change I make, doesn’t take effect after I save and overwrite the file (ftp). I have also tried editing the file in bluehost file manger, no luck there either. I’m sure that I’m editing the right attributes and classes because I used firebug. Could you please help me understand why this is happening?

Thank you so much for you’re help.


Hey Adam, could it be you have a cache plugin of sorts turned on? Do you mind contacting us though the Help Center? I’ll get some guys to take a look, but most likely it’s caching or file permissions not allowing changes.


Hi there, I love your theme but I have a problem with my site.. the portfolio is not responsive and all of the pictures are different sizes!

I hope that you can help me!

Kind regard. Jan

Sorry I have found it my bad.. haha :)

Glad you found out what was going on :)


Hi! i love this template. works really good on all devices.

I have a question :

in a “portfolio” with an image gallery set as “stacked images”, can i have all the images in full wide with no space between each pictures ?

I tried to find those options in the “custom” menu but didn’t find out and i don’t know anything in CSS

Keep doing the good job. Cheers

Hey mate! Sure add this custom css to your style.css, child theme, or Custom CSS editor within the Theme Customizer.

#media-container li.stacked-image {
    max-width: 100%!important;
#media-container li.stacked-image img {
    margin-bottom: 0!important;
    padding: 0!important;
    width: 100%!important;

Cheers! Rich