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Thank you terusawa :)

Thank you mate broluthfi :)

hi – could you please specify what are the changes for today’s release (a change log or something)? I purchased this last night and I worked on some changes – I’d like to know if it’s something worth doing all the changes again or not

Thanks, Gabriel

First of all, Thanks you very much for purchase my template

I updated from 1 to 6 colors for this template without code editing. I want to give something worth for my clients.

Thanks you again and regards

Hi, like the convenience of the template builder, but missing the option to save a customized layout. Template builder CRASHES constantly when I try to adjust colors to my color spectrum (tried Chrome, Firefox and Safari on MAC). Have not yet made it work, despite restarting, clearing cache etc. Any pointers? The design color would be much nicer if I could harmonize it with our logo, but already spent over 2 hours trying. Crashed like 20 times… :-(

Aside from that, thanks for your cool designs, much appreciated!

HI :)

I try to change Main color and Background Color in TemplateBuilder. But it was working well. you may logout before and try again. (I test it in Chrome on Mac).

You may send screenshot to me or send the file that you create from TemplateBuilder and give me change color for you. I will check it what happen

Contact me at http://themeforest.net/user/akedodee#contact or pakpum.investor@gmail.com

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Hi, I figured out what I did… I hit enter key to make it crash. When I don’t do that, it works :-)

Another question… do you have a Linkedin icon that fits the social media icons used?

Hi, You can download free icon at http://iconsweets2.com/ We are glad to know that you are out of the problem. :)

if you any problem. Please feel free contact me at http://themeforest.net/user/akedodee#contact or pakpum.investor@gmail.com

If you like this template and our work. Please rate it.

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Nice but - there are some very annoying bugs

The system gets stuck. The button that should be clicked for download gets shaky and does nothing when clicked. I had already done a download and was changing colors—now I will have to start over.

This bug needs to be fixed. Thank you.

Thank you for purchase my template and report bug :)

It may be server down. I’m looking new server however I will check it for you.

Please send your purchase code via below link :)


Best Regards, Akedodee

Hi what tools or plugins can I use to make the animated slider gif that is at the top of the demo?


Thanks, do you have that .PSD file?

Thanks, do you have that .PSD file?

Yes, the PSD include in package

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Can this work for Outlook 2013?


This template is working for outlook :)

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Hi, I am wondering how hard this (or any of your other templates) is to integrate into Constant Contact? Will the blocks/styles etc work?

Thank you for your question :)

Constant Contact can use regular html It can work with Constant Contact by create your template with templateBuilder ( http://www.rookieapp.com/TemplateBuilder/ ) and export as Normal html then you can open file in editor program such as Dreamweaver , text editor or sublime text 2 therefrom, copy all html code and past in editor in constant contact :)

Learn more https://community.constantcontact.com/t5/Post-Archive/Want-to-use-my-own-template/td-p/16821 Best Regards,

Best Regards, Akedodee

I’m experiencing bugs on Mailchimp. For example:

1- I can’t make the add/remove section button work. I click ”+” or ”-” and nothing happens. On Firefox, these buttons don’t even show! There is only an eye icon with a bar above it.

2- little black boxes with the message “Editing disabled Duplicate mc:edit ID”

3- Sometimes I’m replacing the template images for my own (same size, of course), and suddenly all the sections below the section I’m working on just dessapear. So, if I’m working with layouts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6, for exemple, I change a text or image on layout 2 in the design editor, and the layouts 3, 4 and 5 dissapear, leaving just the footer.

4- I can’t change layout places, for example, use the layout 3 model below the layout5 model.

Thank you for purchasing my template :)

1. MailChimp has got bug on Firefox. you probably use Chrome Browser instead Firefox

2,3,4 Please send me your screenshot or video via pakpum.investor@gmail.com I will check it what happen :)

Sorry for the inconvenience

I have a video example creating MailChimp file by TemplateBuilder and upload to MailChimp
and a video example using MailChimp file in package that you download from Themeforest

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