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nice work gud luck :)

Thanks AliA :)

Clean and Beauty GLWS :)

Thanks joomlastars :)

Nice! GLWS guys!

Thanks RocketWay :)

Clean and Beauty Theme, GL :)

Thanks HinaThemes :)

Great Theme, GLWS :)

Thanks fieldthemes :)

Nice work. Please share the Litmus rendering results, so we can see how you managed to get the custom fonts render on Windows computers and how you deal with latest Outlook (desktop) challenges. Thanks.

Thanks – are you planning to fix the OUTLOOK rendering issues, which are pretty bad, and narrow down the template to avoid cut-offs in Yahhoo w/ ads?

Hi, As we are using google font in our template & outlook does not render it properly. Right now we don’t have any hack for this so once we will get hack code then will apply on all templates.

So why not just use styles that are compatible, rather than ruin the design for the rather large fraction of people who are on Outlook and quite a few other email clients that don’t support Google Fonts btw.?

If I receive a marketing email which looks bad I’ll unsubscribe because it shows me that the company that sent it to me doesn’t care much about user experience.

Not sure about you, but to us solid compatibility across all major platforms is absolutely key. If you cannot create an appealing design with the tools and fonts available, then you’re leaving people behind and put your customers email lists at risk.

Great template! I am having trouble customizing it in MailChimp for instance once I have it upload and I go to “Edit Design” the editing blocks sections are not appearing. Please advise.

Hi, Please send us login details of mailChimp at support@theemon.com so that our team can check & suggest you the reason of your problem with this template.

please advise how to change the house images when using your template builder

Hi, Sorry for inconvenience. We are updating code so please try in an hour.

still not working! we are 5 hours later

Hi, did you checked by clearing cache? If not then please do it now.

HI, just a couple questions. Is it possible to install the builder on your own site or must i use it from a remote site and 2) if its only the remote option, can i save my work and reload it to finish up later?

Hi Dear, 1). Builder is hosted on our server that you can use to modify & export HTML ready Template. 2) No right now we don’t have option to save your work for later use.

1. Can you tell me if you hed the Outlook compatability issues please?

2. Can you tell me the font / icon set you use in the template for the bathroom, bedroom images please?


Hi broomm, sorry for late reply. Please find the reply of your questions:

1. Outlook does not support background images but we added some code that will support bgimages in recent versions of outlook.

2. Please check with designer of this template http://graphicriver.net/item/wonderhome-real-estate-enewsletter-template/12842081 he can give you better idea.

Can you please confirm that if i buy & custimise this template my client will be able to edit blocks in mailchimp please. Thankyou

Hi, In download version you will get MailChimp Ready Template directory. You need to import that in mailchimp & hence from mailchimp account you can edit any time. Right now our builder does not have option to export mailchimp ready HTML.

So to make it clearer – In mailchimp my client will only see a bunch of code. He can not for example duplicate a property and edit its details. Correct?

yes correct

hi, I import the code into my mailchimp account. it seems good in mailchimp, but when I send a test to my gmail, it is strange. how could I fix that?

how can I get your help?

Please send your mailchimp credentials at support@theemon.com we will try to test & update you by today itself.

Hi, Is it possible to save a template for a later use or to reimport the the html form? Currently I have to recreate my template from scratch even for small modification. Looking forward to receiving a quick reply.

Hi Dear, Save Feature is not there yet. We are working on new builder & planning for something similar in upcoming templates.

This template isn’t working in Mailchimp. I can not delete the preset modules or change them. Their support team doesn’t reply, they are not available 24/7 as advertised! Wish I wouldn’t have waste the money on this!

The save feature isn’t included yet either. So when you use the builder it might give you many error messages and you have to recreate it many times before you can actually download the template that you have created. And I just found out once the template is installed in Mailchimp you can’t edit it anyway.

As mailchimp need their class to make template editable. Yes this builder does not have option to export for mailchimp that’s why we provided MailChimp Ready Templates in download package so that buyer can import that to get editing feature in mailchimp. In other ways you are getting both options i.e. if don’t what to use mailchimp editor then use our builder otherwise please use downloaded package to get mailchimp editor features.

Note: We will release new items in enhanced builder having option to export mailchimp ready template from builder itself. You can check our latest builder here (https://themeforest.net/user/eeemon/portfolio). New 3 items have this builder.

Can you please send me a direct link to the new WonderHome builder. I can’t find a link to it on the portfolio page that you provided. I have imported the MailChimp Ready Template into MailChimp yesterday for the 2nd time but I can not drag modules around, I can also not delete the modules. I’m on a Mac. Which browser should I use?

Does it support MyMail?

Hi Dear, Yes

I import the code into my mailchimp account. it seems good in mailchimp, but when I send a test email, it looks all messy. How can I fix that?

Hi Dear, Are you importing Mailchimp Ready Template’s directory HTML file & Images or you are importing from the code received using builder? You need to import Mailchimp Ready Template’s directory HTML file & Images. Still if you are facing issue please share mailchimp details at support@theemon.com

Hi. I’ve imported via Mailchimp Ready Template’s directory. I’ve sent you an email with my milchimp access details to the email address you’ve provided. If you can take a look at it for me I’d really appreciate it. Thank you. :)

Hi, this is a pre-sale question. I will like you use your solution on MailChimp my question is do I need to send you my MailChimp credentials as I noticed some users are having issues with MailChimp regards Joshua.

Hi Joshua, Incase if you will face any problem then we can request for mailchimp details otherwise you will have to do it yourself.

Good day,

I will like to buy your template and customize it ti suit what I want but how do I save in mailchimp format so that it can be edited on mailchimp, for continuous use.

Thank you

Hi Dear, You can use the downloaded version. Once you will download from your themeforest account & extract the files there you can see mailchimp ready templates directory. That you will use to import in mailchimp & from there you can use at any time.

I have used a similar email template before but there were limitations in the mailchimp ready template. E.g I could not move sections up and down.

There is a builder I saw called CastelLab’sBuilder which exports templates in mailchimp language.

I prefer your own design but the issue is that if I were to use your builder I will not be able to tweak it on mailchimp and I believe the mailchimp ready template has its limitations as well


gk Purchased

Hi! i want to buy your template due to strict time. But some questions i have. i know html css php responsive vs and anytihing else. so i dont need some builders or editing programs like you mentioned above. i need pure html and css. So i’ll change the blocks, images and texts in my way. Do you have pure html/css version in the package? Maybe i’ll use mailchimp. Does mailchimp support the template? Is there any responsive problems in gmail? thanks.

Hi Dear, You will get both HTML/CSS & Mailchimp versions so you can edit that on any html editor & do modification easily.

Regarding gmail app responsive: We added some hack so it will behave as responsive in gmail app.



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