Discussion on Wonderwall - Responsive Magazine Theme

Discussion on Wonderwall - Responsive Magazine Theme

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Hi, I am looking for a Theme for a huge blog for Women with kids and my eye fell on Wonderwall or The Essence.

The theme that I need also has to give support to a forum running on Buddypress.

My question is if you do have themes that support this and if the themes I mentioned also support Budypress?


Essence is more suited for a feminine blog.

Wonderwall is more oriented towards a magazine type of website.

As for BuddyPress, there shouldn’t be any issues but the themes are not restyling BuddyPress, it’s at the default styling and behavior.

We offer no questions asked refund to any unsatisfied customer up to 14 days from the day of purchase. So you can try it out, if you’re not happy with it we’ll refund you.

Does this theme support the Gutenberg editor? Thank you in advance for your assistance.


The section/modules shown on the homepage are not Gutenberg blocks, it’s a separate system.

But the theme does support Gutenberg, you can create posts/pages with it as you would with other themes.

313/5000 Hello, I wanted to ask you about a problem that detects the time to perform a search, and that is that the results, the dates are mixed, it is not in chronological order.

The attached url to see the result of a specific search: https://www.mujeremprendedora.net/?s=bebe+de+paris

What can happen?

Thank you


None of those plugin should be altering search results, but can’t say for sure without testing all of them.

But before that, can you do a little test. Switch to a default WordPress theme and then check the search results for the same search term.

Check if the order changes.

Then switch back to Wonderwall.

You will not lose any settings or content in the process.

He put a default wordpress theme and remains the same, without correct order.

it’s strange isn’t it?

I have reviewed the news in particular, saved the date again just in case, and nothing, remains the same


Since the order remains the same it can’t be caused by the theme since the code from it does not apply with the other theme being active.

As far as I know no changes were made in WordPress in regards to ordering of search results. They’re ordered by the publish date.

So it should be one of the plugins that’s doing that. But looking at the list none of them seems like it should be doing that.

There’s also the possibility that the hosting provider is making adjustments there. Some managed WordPress hostings do make changes to WordPress at the top level ( not a plugin ).

Try disabling all the plugins. Then check if the issue is there.

If it’s not, the issue is caused by a plugin. In that case enable them one by one, after enabling check the search results. When the issue shows up you’ll know which one caused it ( the last one you activated ).

If the issue is there with all the plugins disabled then I’m pretty sure the hosting provider is making adjustments. Check the hosting control panel for WP related settings or contact the hosting provider for assistance.

Hi…I have a little problem…like you can see all the images I upload can’t be opened. What can I do to resolve this issue? Link: https://cristianaelegance.ro/cele-mai-bune-parfumuri-ale-verii-2019/


From what I can see you are using version 1.0 ( June 27th, 2017 ) of the theme, current version is 1.1.3 ( released May 22nd, 2019 ).

Head over to WP admin > Appearance > Theme Welcome. In there you’ll see a section called “Theme Updates”. Just fill in the form to activate the updates.

Then go to WP admin > Appearance > Themes, you’ll see an update notification, just click on the update link.

If you still experience the issue with the latest version of the theme let us know and we’ll figure out what’s going on.

Hi…I went to the Appearance then to Theme but there wasn’t any section called Theme Updates. Can you please provide me more information about how to update the Theme?


Just to make sure there wasn’t a confusion. When you hover over Appearance in the menu there should be a submenu item called Theme Welcome

If that does not show up, can you please contact us through the contact form on our profile page so we can start a private conversation ( will need access information to test and this is a public forum so information like that should not be shared here ).

Hi, is possible add subtitle in list category?



Sorry for the wait, weekend got in the way.

There is a “secondary title” option for pages but no subtitle options for posts. I think I misunderstood what you meant.

Can you send over a link to the page where the subtitle works (you mentioned it appears correcting in the news)?

Hi, in this link, you can see de secondary title:


- Nuria López. Secretaria General de CCOO-A

My question is, in page category (https://www.agendaempresa.com/secc/ideas/) the title appears, but not the secondary title in this page category

I do not know if I explained well. thanks


You aren’t using Wonderwall theme on that website. You’re using the theme Look by Theme-Ruby, you’ll need to ask for support over there for that theme.

do you still support this? last update was 2017. Is still working? should I buy it from here or from your website?


Yes, still supported and updated. Themeforest does not have a system in place for the theme users to update themes directly through the WordPress dashboard so we’ve implemented such a system ourselves.

After installing the theme just activate the update system ( add username and purchase code ) and whenever we release an update you can update directly via the WordPress dashboard ( admin panel ).

Is possible add “linkedin” in box share??. Thanks

Sure, added to the to do list. Will release the update this week.


I have a doubt. When a category appears on the cover (home) in the highlighted section (with label), and the entry also has another category that appears on the frontpage, duplicate sale.

Is it possible to control this error so that it does not repeat itself?

It is annoying that the “highlighted” section in the widgets is also repeated when I select a category.

Thank you

Hey Adri,

Just replied to your ticket (please send me your site url, along with the login details).


I want to change the color of the text in the subscribe footer. I want to use a background picture with a light color, so I need black colors for example. How can i do this?

Hey there!

Add the below code in custom css (Dashboard > appearance > customize > additional css):

.footer-subscribe-content input[type="email"], 
.footer-subscribe-content input[type="text"] {color: hexcode;}

Make sure to replace the hexcode with your own choice of color code – http://www.color-hex.com/


Yet again me :). I imported home #3, the one with the carousel on top and featured posts under it. It only shows 3 posts and then sample posts not filled with anything. How are these posts chosen to be in the carousel? How do I choose how many are shown and which? And why i have 7 featured post, no 8 for example. I added the tag featured to only 3 of them. Can I turn off the dates of the posts somehow? Maybe there is a way I just didn’t find it yet. Another thing, is there a possibility where I combine the top part, and then choose the posts to be shown for example like home#6? Just a note, the carousel looks weird on mobile, the hamburger menu as well. Not very user friendly. Might wanna work on it for the future. Otherwise a good theme, especially on desktop, the mobile not so much, but hoping you provide an update in the near future :)


1) The carousel is populated by posts that have the tag featured applied to them. You can set it to use a different tag when you go to edit the home page ( WP admin > Pages ) , you’ll see the option under “Featured Section”. The featured section style number 4 ( the one that home #3 uses ) shows up to 20 posts.

2) To get rid of the date just add this in WP admin > Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS:

#featured .post-meta-date-date { display: none; }

3) You can make any combination of content sections and featured sections you want. When you go to edit the home page in the “Featured Section” you can choose which style you want to use. Home #6 uses featured style number 7.

4) As for the hamburger menu and carousel looking weird on mobile, can you please send over the URL to your website and I’ll take a look at that.

Great theme! Took me a long time to find it, but it’s what I was looking for. One problem I’m having: The navigation menu shows as collapsed (burger) unless the browser is stretched out really wide. I’d like to eliminate the collapsed (burger) mode no matter what the length of the browser window. Is there any custom CSS or other suggestion you can provide to do this?

Glad you liked the theme, really happy to hear that :).

About the navigation, unfortunately that won’t be possible. It would require a bit of customization, I’d recommend hiring someone from Codeable or Envato Studio.

Thanks for understanding.

I’m very familiar with customizing themes in the Editor and on the server, so all I need is the code. If you can’t provide that tiny information, then that’s not much support. Also, I think there’s a bug with the menu operation, because even when I select the option to remove ALL menus (primary, secondary, etc.), when you shrink the browser to small size the mobile/hamburger menu “still” shows up—it should not show up if all menus have been disabled. That appears to be a bug in this theme. Any help fixing that bug would be appreciated, thanks.

I figured out a hack that involved totally getting rid of MegaMenu and installing a new menu plugin. That said, for a premium cost theme like this, there shouldn’t be a buggy menu. To the developer, I would suggest looking into a menu bug with the .body-header-style-dark-v1 .mobile-navigation-hook .

Great theme! I have two questions:

1. Can we custom/change the styling of the sidebar? 2. In the mobile version, the word ‘Navigation’ appears. Can we change this into ‘Menu’?


Glad you liked it.

1. That would require a bit of coding, assuming you’re talking about changing colors.

2. You will need to edit the theme file to change the text.

Hope that helps, let me know if there is anything else.


Can i know how to show 6 articles at home? currently standard only showed 5 only. Thank you

Hey there!

You will need to create a new page > select the home template > then under content sections when you add a new module, it will have an option called “Amount of posts”. Add the number of posts you want to display and publish.

Hope that helps, let me know if there is anything else.

Cheers! Dev

Good night,

How can I change theme main color? I’ve been looking in Customize, Yellow Pencil, menus and pages & posts but I’m unable to find it…

Than you very much in advance, and congratulations for the the theme.

Thank you very much. I’d also please want to know if it’s posible to change category/tag page thumbs for an horizontal rather than vertical format.

On the other hand, I work with a lot of galleries in between the text of the posts. Could you please suggest a gallery plugin that best fits the theme?

Best wishes, and thank you very much an advance (would you prefere if I open a topic in the support forum for further issues?).

No problem!

Unfortunately, that won’t be doable. It will require a bit of coding, I’d recommend hiring someone from codeable or Envato studio.

For gallery plugin, Envira Gallery seems to be a good option, but here’s a complete list – https://www.wpkube.com/wordpress-gallery-plugins/

Yeah, that would definitely be much better :).


Many thanks!

For categories widget, It’s will be better if I can select what category to show or not show. And if it’s supported parent and child category would be great.

Hey there!

Unfortunately, that won’t be possible with the current category widget, but you can show specific categories, using custom code.

Hope that helps, let me know if there is anything else.


could you please tell me what is the font name used for the fat headlines? Thx a lot

Hey there!

Assuming you’re talking about the post headlines, it is Montserrat.

Dear, I didn’t find some where to put header & footer code like google analytics, ...

Hey there!

You can use Insert headers & footers plugin, to add the analytics code.


Is the social profile widget available? or can you only get it by buying this theme?

Hey there!

Social profile widget is part of the theme and not available as a separate plugin.


Do you have the HTML only version of this template?

No, we don’t have an HTML only version.

Hi, is this ready for translation?

Yes, it is.

So you mean it includes the .po file?

The theme includes .pot file (not .po file).

fantastic work! best for your sales in 2017

Glad to hear that, thanks :).


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