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  • Important Request to Theme Author tvlgiao *

Your support team is failing to provide proper support for this theme and I have identified the cause of the problem.

Problem WD eCommerce Short-Codes Fail to Work (most don’t work, a few do)

:: Cause :: WooCommerce Updates, which are updates important to your theme. The theme broke in the Full Demo when I updated it with the WooCommerce Updates.

:: Test :: I tested the Full Demo BEFORE any updates. Today, I created a new product and image, it displayed properly using the WD Short-Codes.

Then, today, I updated WooCommerce plugin in the Full Demo GoMarket Theme.

Today, I created another new product AFTER the WooCommerce update and tested the WD Short Codes, the short-codes failed to display this new product, using the same short codes as in the previous test – but it continued to display any product item made prior to the WooCommerce update.

This says when a new product is created, it fails to produce the required data which the theme and WooCommerce needs to display via the WD Short-Codes.

This confirms the cause of the problem – the WooCommerce plugin update broke your GoMarket theme or your theme cannot work with the new WooCommerce update.

It also broke other things too in your theme as well and in the base framework of WordPress. The latter.being I cannot get full use of the WordPress editor page. Top half I can use the cursor, the lower part I have to use TAB key to move the text cursor through the page to edit anything there.

Also PHP warnings are all over the place.

I am asking you to personally tend this Ticket # 8493212918 .... and fix the issue personally please, since your support team is incapable of dealing with this issue and has a bad habit of ignoring repeated requests to communicate.

Note: I came here to this comment string because your support team left me no option. They are very unprofessional and have no clue of what they are doing. My last option is to file a complaint with Envato.

hello, I just installed the theme, Visual Composer plugin is not included? And home page demo are all the same with no content. Am I doing sonething wrong? Yos said on the template feature this:

Cool features like:

Multi-purpose, multipurpose Bootstrap 3, SASS/SCSS, W3C HTML5, CSS3 valid. Responsive, mobile compliance & friendly, SEO Mega menu (megamenu) Revolution slideshow / slider WPBakery Visual Composer / Page Builder WooCommerce plugin shopping cart Advanced admin theme options Portfolio, Testimonial integrated. Ajax search FontAwesome icon RTL, WPML, Multi-languages, multi-lingual, translation ready, i18n jQuery Parallax scrolling effect bbPress forum support Product discount, sale countdown Quick-view, quickview, quickshop plugn Product color filter

thanks for the aclaration


Please give us your purchase code via my email I will check and give you link to download the package the same with demo site.


Hi, the Flat Style is definately killing, just wonder the color scheme can be customized? Can change the nav bar to other colors instead of brownish?

Dear sir,

Thanks for interesting our themes,

Yes, This theme supports Theme Options, You can change fonts, colors and other setting on backend, You can see image demo at here


This comment is currently being reviewed.

Inquiry about your theme after reading the theme details.

I wanted to ask about your short-codes.

Can I use an “Accordion” short-code inside a “Tab” short-code?

Just installed the updated theme and the changes don’t seem to be applied. Can you check if I installed the right one or if I need to rename anything? Thanks.


Thanks for contacting us,

Please sure that you did update this theme and all plugins for your site.

To update theme you can copy new theme that you download from themeforest and replace old theme on your site again.

to update plugin: please go to wp-content\themes\wp_woo_go_market\theme\includes\plugins copy all plugins top folder: wp-content\plugins and replace old plugin

You can read more detail about update on the link at here:


Yes I did that, but I just get an error message that says failed to install theme. Can you check my account please?

Fix Bad Labeling

In your PHP file “woo-hook.php”, lines 189 & 191, you used the word “Sale”. That appears on a blue circle label over a product that is on for sale.

The word “Sale” is wrong. It creates 2 separate sale prices and creates a legal problem for North American businesses.

Example: Regular price is $27.00” That gets crossed out and the new sale price in red says ”$22.00”, but the blue label says “Sale $5.00”. It misleads and confuses the viewer as he sees 2 separate sale prices.

The correct word is “SAVE”, then the blue label says “Save $5.00” making the labeling correct and in line with the sale price of $22, which is saving of $5.00” less than the regular price.

Do you understand this?

I previously sent you that information before you updated and you ignored what I said and this information is VERY imnportant and legally required in North America as there are laws that require the merchant to give the customer the lower price if the “label” price is displayed incorrectly.

For others who see this should go into that PHP file and change that word in 2 places.

Your DEMO Is Broken

Admin Area Not Accessible

I used your theme update version 1.3 on the full demo you provided and it is broken. The theme was version 1.1.1 and I updated it to 1.3, which includes updating all plugins.

Some script is blocking cursor access to the entire page in the Admin area, I have to use tab key to move through the page focus to access a link to activate it. When I deactivate WooCommerce 3.0.7, that removes the blocking and the Admin area is back to normal.

When I deactivate your Theme and leave WooCommerce active, the script problem does not happen.

WD Short Codes Not Working with WooCommerce 3.0x

Also the WD Short codes for product display fail to work. I activated the WordPress debug and see a whole lot of PHP error alerts relating to “wd_shortcode.php” and “woo-gomarket-shortcode.php”. Apparently your theme and short-codes are broken and do not work with WooCommerce 3.0x.

When I returned the WooCommerce plugin to 2.5.5, everything works fine in the demo.

By the way, the demo install has no additions to it, no customization, no custom fixes or mods. It is purely your full demo and all your demo content. Nothing added or changed by me. All I did was update the theme and plugins.

Your support team refuses to answer me on this even though I paid for support.

Obviously, this is the same problem in my active website using your theme and plugins. Since your demo breaks with WooCommerce 3.0x, so will my website.

Featured Slug Short Code Breaks Entire Page

If I use the “feature slug” short code, it breaks the entire page and leaves a blank page when viewed. Only the header of the page is visible. This was the problem in the Demo before I updated it and same after the update. So even your original Demo, version 1.1.1, failed using that short code

Is this all going to be fixed??

Note: if you give me an email address directly to you, I can send you the link to see your broken demo and all the PHP error alerts.

thanks for your feedback,

You can contact with us via email we will check and fix it on the next update.


The update screwed up my website and erased all the fixes we made before. I want to revert to the previous version but I can’t even login properly because it’s showing an error:

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare gradient() (previously declared in /home/thego438/public_html/wp-content/themes/wp_gomarket_update/wp_woo_gomarket/framework/functions/custom_style.php:159) in /home/thego438/public_html/wp-content/themes/wp_gomarket_update/wp_woo_gomarket/framework/functions/custom_style.php on line 159