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Nice looking template buddy! I just found the one error on the sliding box in Google Chrome.

Looks fine here in Chrome for me. The issue above must have been an isolated one. Nice work @goThemeTeam.

Is the last slideshow’s space without images, or is an error in my IE8 ? Good theme.

I purchased this theme. The last space in the slideshow shows up blank. I tried several things to fix it. Any ideas?

Thank you.

Hi jmelton,

Yes just figured it out, in the first list element there is style=”margin-left: -600px; float: left;” remove margin-left: -600px; and you should be good.

Thank you for pointing this out we will update the template as soon as we can.


Ah ha. Now it works. Thank you very much! Excellent design and code work.

I didn’t notice this before.

I’m looking over the live preview in IE 8 ….the word woodrow and the navigation bar gets cut off on the left side. The live preview looks fine in Firefox and Safari.


Hi jmelton,

I just ran our browser tests and in IE 8 I ’am not seeing the woodrow being cut off, can you send me a screen shot of what you are seeing?


user error. I didn’t realize the browser was set to zoom in at 125%

I thought this was a template for direct installation. What do i have to do to make this work?

Hi sanderv5,

That template is just an html template, you receive the html in the download from themeforest.


So when i want a simple and clean install i need the other template ” Woodrow — Customizable Magento Theme”

The problem for me is the slider on the home page… and lack of experience..

Hi sanderv5,

Yes if you want the magento version please purchase that theme. Also our documentation will walk you through initial setup.


Is it possible to give me a voucher/discount of $15. i can’t use the html templ.

All sales go through themeforest, please contact them with any questions or concerns.


My site’s homepage slideshow gets cut off (sometimes in firefox, all the time in chrome and IE). Can anyone help me with this? I don’t want my store’s website to cut off at all, or have the user refresh the page.

Please, any help would be appreciated.

Where do you put your twitter username in? The twitter section in woodrow.js had an open comment section that I closed but that still didn’t fix the problem… Also in home.html should the div class be “twitted” or “twitter”?

Thanks in advance.


We can help you out in our helpdesk at:

See you there!

Best regards, GoThemeTeam

would be perfect for a project if it was responsive.