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Hi, how do I edit thumbnails on the category pages? When I change the size to 300px via Appearance / Customise / WooCommerce Product Images it doesnt make any difference, my images are created at that size but displayed at 236px wide.

ie – when getting image info from FF “300px × 236px (scaled to 236px × 186px)”

Is there some css somewhere I need to adjust?

Also, Im using visual composer to list the products ie: [product_category_mixed per_page=”80” columns=”3” orderby=”menu_order” order=”asc” category=”greenhouses-polycarbonate”] Perhaps that has its own way of sizing the images??

Hello. Did you regenerate shop thumbnails after image size changes? WooCommerce -> Status -> Tools -> Regenerate shop thumbnails

Hi, no I didnt do that, but the images were already being shrunk from the original size. I have regenerated now and its made no difference.

When I inspect an image they are listed as “300px × 236px (scaled to 236px × 186px)” So changing the size doesnt really have an effect. Im trying to make them bigger. I dont know if padding or margins can restrict the size of an image? Must be some css somewhere…

Hello the theme supports wp 5.2 ?

Hello. Theme support WP 5.2

First of all i want to thank you for making a theme this awesome. This is the one i have chosen from over 20 to use for my new company. I cant thank you enough for making my task to make the website so much easier.

I had some trouble finding everything, but that has been fixed.

Now i dont know if you can help with this, but the website keeps saying my connection with it is not safe. Is that something i have to fix within the website? Or do i have to let it be certified?

I have a few months left before i start going “Live” so i have the time to fix whatever is needed.

Thank you in advance.

Hello. You should use ssl certificate. Ask your hosting provider about it.

I will, thank you for your fast reply.

I’m seeing this in the logs and the sidecart does not open when items are added to the cart. I’m using the latest version of the theme | WP | WC

The WC_Cart::get_item_data function is deprecated since version 3.3. Replace with wc_get_formatted_cart_item_data.

Hello. Thanks, will check and fix in next theme update.

How can I get the latest version of Master Slider Pro that comes with this theme? they have fixed some bugs

Hello. Latest theme version comes with latest version of Master Slider (3.2.14)

Hello, I am back for a question.

It seems all the icons have stopped working after the lasts WP update. What can i do about this?

Hello. Please open support ticket here https://temashdesign.ticksy.com . Thanks

I will do that. Thank you

Hello there. How do I change the logo (WOODSTOCK) in the footer field?

Hello. Navigate to Widgets section and edit img url in text widget of footer sidebar.

Hi, I submitted a ticket five days ago at https://temashdesign.ticksy.com and still no response. Ticket #2008868. thank you

Hi. Please check your ticket

Hi, nice theme. Some sentences must be translated from English to Italian and are: • Search for products • No products found • Search Results for On which pages are these sentences to be translated?

Sorry but I have a lot of urgency and I am waiting for a kind reply, thanks and regards.


Hello there,

I found a few posts here from 1year back, 2 year back people saying that hidden woocommerce products are shown in search.

https://i.gyazo.com/fa098531b2fda6706dbd234050813fd9.png https://i.gyazo.com/91717aa61efd44978360ff306b1e09c4.png

I’m facing the same issue and I was wondering if this is somethig that is going to be fixed, or if it is something that is not going to be fixed?

Thank you for your information!

Hello. Do you use latest theme version? Latest theme has rebuilded Ajax search

Hello there,

I was using, I updated to, this seemed to have fixed the issue. Hidden products no longer show up in search results.

I have a minor question. I have added some product tags to a product, but it seems that the search is not using these product tags to find products on. Did I do something wrong, or is this not something that is functionable?

Kind Regards!

Hi. Search support search by SKU but doesn’t support search by tags for now

Hello Artem

Is there a way to add the logo to Woodstock’s sticky menu?


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Please check replies on ticket #1942278

Check your ticket please


Rooibaard Purchased

New replies on same ticket, no rush.


I’m having a problem with the theme. In the Theme Settings/Shop Settings/Shop Catalog, there is an option to “Show product attribute for each item listed under the item name”. When I do select an attribute it’s not showing on the Shop page. Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?

Send me your WP access to temashdesign @ gmail.com and I’ll check

I sent you the access a couple of days ago, did you have time to take a look?

You ask me for support but your support is expired, so please be patient. I have a lot of support requests.

Hi all and Thanks in advance. I do not understand what happened to the convenient editor after the update. And how to fix it ? What to do next ? Screenshot- http://dl3.joxi.net/drive/2019/06/01/0006/1667/407171/71/45e6d3ea0b.jpg​

Пройдите WPBakery Page Builder -> General Settings и активируйте Disable Gutenberg Editor

Спасибо. А ВордПресс версии 5.2.1 тема поддерживает ? Уже можно обновить вордпресс ?

да, тема поддерживает последнюю версию Wordpress

Hi do you able to design the phone view like this? https://prnt.sc/nzsyco

Hello. Sorry but I don’t understand what do you mean.


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Hi there Please respond to ticket #1942278 when you have time.

Hi. Please check your ticket


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The “Buy” button does not appear on the listing or on the product page.

Hello. Don’t understand what do you mean. Can you more describe?

The Master Slider Pro plugin in the last update of the theme have an old version. 3.2.11 – please update the version. Thanks!

Working on new theme update with latest plugins verison. For now you can open support ticket and I’ll provide latest version of Master Slider

How do I make a landscape categories slider in the homepage.

Hello. Please open support ticket here https://temashdesign.ticksy.com

Hi .. In shop mobile page when I add a product to the cart , appear the sidebar cart… The thing I don’t like is that when I close the sidebar the shop page is again at the beginning and not at the point before the add to cart action… So customer must scroll again the page…