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Chargin Purchased

Ive made a new ticket, for other peoples reference it seems your theme turns off certain functions of Visual Composer via your “woodstock extensions” plugin.

Hi, your Woodstock Extensions plugin disables certain things I need, why is that? For example I want to order a category by “Menu order” so I can control the layout a bit. Your plugin removes that option, see the image linked below. How do we fix this, can you please update that part of the plugin? What else does this plugin “turn off” so I can know for suture reference.


It seems there is a problem with this theme in cart page in mobile view. I’ve tested with a real device and some elements are not placed properly.

Screenshot: http://s9.picofile.com/file/8294992484/photo_2017_05_15_13_59_14.jpg

Hi. Yes, I know about this problem and will be fixed in next theme update soon.

Hi! Is it possible changing font/size of the mega menu?

Hi. Please open support ticket on https://temashdesign.ticksy.com


iUzbak Purchased

new update date?

What to upload new theme update on weekends

I have big issue with slider – Multiple / Specific Product. It cant show product, pls reply my ticket :(

Please check your ticket

Подскажите, а есть возможность изменить размерность/формат отображаемого фото на странице товара при использовании Woocomerce. По умолчанию шаблон прямоугольные фото вписывает в квадрат, а хотелось бы, чтобы сохранял пропорции фото без обрезки, т.е. чтобы они отображались прямоугольными.

Привет. Да, можно так сделать. Просто нужно убрать галочку hard crop в установках Woocommerce

Спасибо за быстрый ответ))

Не за что. Но я не вижу вашу покупку шаблона


ilaygri Purchased

А что можно по русски писать))) а то я извращаюсь с переодчиком)), когда там тема обновится под Woocommerce 3.0.7 ?

Можно ) Заканчиваю новую версию темы с поддержкой последней версии woocommerce. Хочу загрузить в выходные.


julianofb Purchased

Hello! When updating the theme for the current version I noticed that the shopping cart no longer opens on the side. When you click the cart icon in the header nothing happens.

On the homepage also some buttons below the banners are gone and it is unconfigured in the layout. Can you take a look and help me? Everything was working but after the updating of the theme stopped. Thank you!

Hello. Can you open support ticket on https://temashdesign.ticksy.com


julianofb Purchased

I can not open the ticket because my support time is over. But I see that the problem is not in my site but in updating the theme. I need you to help me on this please because everything was working perfectly until Woocommerce updated and I had to update the theme and then the problems started. Can you help me please?

Can you write on email temash @ gmail.com

Speed question, once I installed the theme, my website load time went from 2.3 sec to 20 sec on gtmetrix, your test site http://woodstock.temashdesign.com/watch/ is taking 28 seconds? Any fix in the future for this? Thanks

Hello. Try to optimize theme code in earch update. Checked watch demo on Pingdom tools and I have 2.3 sec https://tools.pingdom.com/#!/eqghf0/http://woodstock.temashdesign.com/watch/


What is the most compatible and similar designed Social Login Plugin with your Theme?

Thank you,

Hi. Can’t say. I am not tested any Social Login Plugins with theme

Hi! Possible to have a product without price (: When the field ”price” is left empty)? Thx


temash Author

Hi. You can enable “Catalog” mode. This will allow you to showcase your products as an online catalog without ability to make a purchase.