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I have an older version (v1.6) with wooCommerce 2.7… Can I update the theme and wooCommerce to latest version? Is it better to update Theme before wooCommerce or wooCommerce before theme? Thank You

Hello. Please wait 2 days, I almost finish new theme update with latest woocommerce 3.4 version support and will upload it soon. Then you can update theme and woocommerce

ok, tks! I’m waiting… :-)

I have a problem with Top Bar. When there is no links included on the left side (from your demo site – place with links : home | drop menu | contact us | buy theme ) then “my acocunt / login” link dissappears in the mobile version. This is very critical issue – when will it be fixed?

Hi. Deactivated topbar navigation and checked, works correctly and I see my account menu on mobile. Please open support ticket on https://temashdesign.ticksy.com with your WP access and I’ll check what problem is.

I hope that despite six months have passed you can help me with the woodstock theme problem?

I bought the WOODSTOCK LIGHT VERSION theme. I use this motive for six months. I found three errors including the theme 1. When there is no menu in the Top Bar position on the left, then the login / registration option does not appear on the menu of the mobile page. When the menu is on the left side of even one tab, the login / registration tab appears on the mobile version 2. I installed the website translation and currency switch add-on. (WMPL) The template was supposed to have this funcionality in CSS styles. Unfortunately, after installing and modifying the display of the currency switch on images with flags when the page is loaded, the entire currency switch goes down, and the language dropdown extends over the entire width. 3. When I develop any drop-down list, a horizontal bar appears at the bottom of the page, but the page fits in the width of the browser. There is a white empty part.

Theme version Woodstock 1.9.7 The website address is www.ampgroup.hekko24.pl

Please, check and correct these errors.

Hello. Working on new theme update and login / registration tab on mobile will be fixed also will check WPML flags. Don’t understand about drop-down list, please more describe.

Hey, theme looks amazing. I just noticed one thing that is very important to my new site, the Mobile header. I noticed Search and Contact dropdown in the Menu sidebar on mobile views. Do your theme allow for Search and that contact dropdown to be on the mobile header after logo or does that have to be customized ? Thanks.

Hello. Mobile header doesn’t have a lot of space for contact and search sections so I decided to replace it to mobile sidebar.

I see, so I am guessing there is no option to change that besides doing custom coding?

Need some code customization