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Good job! Good Luck with Sale! ;)

Thank you :)

WWow! Nice design ;):D:D

Thank you :)

Please could I have some assistance with changing the colour of the template to majenta/pink?

Also, how do I insert some background images of my own? (I see the ones in the demo were not included).

Hi, 1) To activate the magenta color you have to add this line:

<link rel=”stylesheet” href=”css/color-red.css” type=”text/css” media=”screen” />

In the Head of the HTML files and it has to be added under style.css

2) To add images 1st copy paste them in the IMAGES folder. After that edit file JS/MAIN.JS on line 98 to 105 there are to arrays one is for the general images other is for page 404. Just add your images there

Got it to work, thanks.


Just finishing off a website I’ve done with this template but not sure how to get the contact form working – please can you assist? Is there a place where I can edit the address that the emails are sent to or do I need to add my own separate PHP file? If so, do you have an example of the code?

Hi, this is only HTML template. You have to build the whole functionality behind the HTML by yourself. There are a lot of tutorials and free code for contact form. You can just use one and implemented with the WOOP design template. We can help you to build that but this will not be for free.

Very nice, happy sales;

Thank you

I cannot get the template to upload to my Wordpress site. I have tried several times and every time it fails to load. Any advice?

You can upload the theme by FTP.

Dear support, help, I bought the html version and downloaded wordpress, I don’t work with wordpress, and the statement has been written that this is a HTML version. How can I be?

Sincerely, Nikones

Thank you for notifying us, We made an update so please download again the zip from TF and the html will be there.