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Hi, Can you point me what i need to change to fit your layout info Facebook iframe? FB iframe is 760px. My first idea was to zoom out the page using some CSS but i failed to achieve it, second idea is to squeeze the content to 760px. Can u please help me with it?

Thanks, Best mp


It’s not easy, you would have to rewrite a great part of the code. The template is based on the grid system, so you would have to change all the widths.

Hi, i’ve two issues. 1) With Safari (Mac and iOS) the menù doesn’t work. 2) In the mobile version, div #work is too hight. I’ve set 900px and in desktop browser all is fine, but in Safari for iOS there is a big white space.


Sorry for my late response, I’m on vacations.

1) I will try to fix this when I return home.

2) The template is not responsive, so it will not look good on smaller screen devices.

1) It’s been 3 months, and nothing has changed

Can I repeat the effect you get at the beginning, with the work overlapping the text? I want to do that like 3 times?

Hi, sorry I don’t know how to do that. Maybe with some js plugin, but with HTML/CSS only I think it’s not possible.

Any update on the Safari menu issue? I would really love to use this for a client, but need the menu to work on Safari. Thanks!

Also, when I open the index in Dreamweaver, it says there’s a syntax error on line 49… any ideas how to fix? thanks

This is the code associated to it. Line 49 is </script>

<!- prettyPhoto ->
<script type="text/javascript">
          $(".portfolio a[rel^='prettyPhoto']").prettyPhoto({
        autoplay_slideshow: false,
        overlay_gallery: false

Ok, I figured out the line 49 issue, but would still love to hear about the Safari issue – thanks


Sorry for the late reply, I didn’t notice I had a comment here. I’m working on updating all my templates. I have to have this one fixed in about 2 weeks.

It’s strange, my video’s that used to play ok in the PrettyPhoto plugin no longer work.

And the code for embedding above through Vimeo doesn’t seem to work either. Is there another alternative?

Thank you so much :)