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Discussion on Woosome - Fashion & Lifestyle WooCommerce WordPress Theme

Discussion on Woosome - Fashion & Lifestyle WooCommerce WordPress Theme

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Hi, the demo data import always turns into “504 Gateway Time-out”. The installation of “WordPress Importer.” always showing “Something went wrong with the plugin API.”.... What’s wrong with that theme ?

The Problem is not in the theme. Please increase your php execution time limit. If your problem is not solve then please verify your purchase (https://www.themexpert.com/envato) and then post your issue in our forum (https://www.themexpert.com/forum).

After 2-3 imports of the demo content xml it worked. Thanks .

If you face any problem fell free to create an issue in our forum. You are always welcome.

Hi, when i insert blog thanks to visuel composer, no blogposts appear. I can read :”No posts were found”. Or i put a post ID. How explain this ?

I put my purchase code and i can read “guess not allowed”... :(((( I bought this theme…

You have to login first before validate your purchase. Please read the instruction in the validate page. Thanks

thanks, it works :)

Will it support WooCommerce 2.6.x ? Thanks

The menu on the mobile looks different, is it the theme way or need to be fixed?

Its is theme way. Thanks

support doesn’t help, their main concern is on the purchase code, 1st time I ask for their support, they didn’t even bother replying back. question was to add AUD currency, option is not available, worst support ever, NOT RECOMMENDED

What message are you getting ?

That the code has been redeemed, even though I ddint use it

You may set your base location and then choose currency in your admin panel. You will get these options in WooCommerce > Settings option.

Hi, I would like to ask how exactly the newsletter form on the home-page-2 footer works?

I forgot to told you that I’ve already have created a list and an ApiKey.

Can you please guide me step by step on how to make the template form to work ?

Ok, I’ve created a custom mailchimp form with your html markup. You need to update your templates documentation as far as the mailchimp form to be more clear.


Thanks. We will update our documentation.

Search and Wishlist – Need to be fixed in menu row! We are using Style Header 1 How can we do it? Please help us!

Please tell us in details about your issue. We appreciate if you please post this issue in our forum. Simply verify your purchase (https://www.themexpert.com/envato) follow the steps, and post your issue in our forum(https://www.themexpert.com/forum)

Issues with Theme Loading – The theme loads very slow. We have integrated few essential plugins including Dokan multi-vendor plugin & also added few products. Please suggest how to overcome the sites loading issue?

We are already using resized product image to minimize the load time, Please let us know if slow loading issue is normal behavior of this theme after integrating Dokan plugin?

Nope, slow loading is not normal behavior of our theme. You may use cache plugin. Thanks.

We are using some external plugin which are listed below:

1) Velvet Blues Update URLs 2) Hide My Site 3) Nav Menu Images 4) Mailchimp

Any alternate / recommended plugins to replace above plugins, which might resolve our loading issue.

This themes logged in users dashboard CSS / layout is broken, kindly provide solutions / missing CSS files to fix the same. Themeforest demo also shows broken css for user dashboard, please check.

We update our theme for this issue. please download the latest version. Thanks

We have installed the latest theme version as well & it seems that the CSS issue is not properly fixed. You have removed the logged in user menu drop-down option from Header & rest of the page CSS is still broken. Please suggest.

I appreciate if you please create an issue in our forum. Simple create a free account , verify your purchase (https://www.themexpert.com/envato ) and post in our forum (https://www.themexpert.com/forum). So that we can reach you ASAP.

Hello, this is the store dokan integration (http://woosome.demo.themexpert.com/store/anam/), but have bugs and dont display any of default dokan widgets.

bug product view in vendor info tab: http://woosome.demo.themexpert.com/product/classic-shirt/ If you try to do click on link of Vendor, is not working and a dark overlay appear.

Can you share a dokan view complete of your theme?

Shop categories are available. See dokan live demo (http://dokandemo.wedevs.com/ ) . Contact form and map location are not free feature of Dokan. Thanks.

I appreciate it. Thanks for your video. We Will update it soon. Thanks..

How do I activate Slider Revolution, isn’t it supposed to be included in the theme?

Yes. It is included with theme. Check out theme package folder. Otherwise you will get this from theme >libs > plugins folder.

Please how can i remove or change the language and currency displayed in the header of the theme.

You have to make some change in the template.It is very simple. I appreciate if you please create an issue in our forum. Simple create a free account , verify your purchase ( https://www.themexpert.com/envato ) and post in our forum ( https://www.themexpert.com/forum ). So that we can reach you ASAP.

Hi there, How can i open a ticket on your site??? I have some issues on my website that i would like to talk with you. Regards

Hello JoaoRFerreira, Thanks for the purchasing our theme. Open a ticket in our site is so easy. Just create a free account in our site (https://www.themexpert.com/) then Please Go to ( www.themexpert.com/envato ) and input your ‘Item Purchase Code’ and hit ‘Verify Your Purchase’ button. You are now able to open a issue in our forum. ( https://www.themexpert.com/forum ). Thanks


Hello, i have a pre-purchase question Is the theme compatible with the latest version of dokkan and woocomerce? thanks!

Hello, yes our theme is competitive with both of their latest version. Thanks

have issue on uploading theme

Hello, sorry for the problem. Upload problem is not for theme. It depends on your php execution time, file uploading memory limit, and server related other things. But sometime its happen for theme when you want to install child theme. However I appreciate if you please post your issue in our forum. Thanks.

hi i uploaded theme but i got another issue http://prntscr.com/g4na2s i want to hide or remove language and currency but unable to do that because there is no option to remove also my quickview and wish list also not working biggsmithtransport.com/trupial please check and help for solution

Hello, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TdGqWQquJ7s this is complete installation process of this theme. You can find wishlist solution there. If you want to remove language or currency then you have to edit template file.You can find that code in the template folder in our theme root director. I appreciate if you please create an issue in our forum for any other problem. Thanks.

Hi, is your theme appropriate for a multi-vendor physical goods? If so, would you have any example of a website working on it?

At the beggining it is hard to get traction with multi-vendors sites. So, does your site has any feature to promote high value users (people who can attract other people)?

Hello, Our theme is well designed for multi-vendor. I didn’t get the second part of your question. Thanks

Hi, I try to install the theme. 1. Install theme success 2. One click demo import failed: 30 minutes waiting to import. But not success.

Hello, create an issue in our forum. I will take care about it. Thanks

Hi, few questions before purchase if you don’t mind.

1. Does this theme feature a sticky menu?
2.Is there theme option like logo left / right / between menu etc
3. How are the slides edited, will this require a license for a plugin like revolution slider?
4. Are there any other plugin licenses required in order to edit the theme?


Hello, Sticky menu will be in the next version. We can help you to position the logo where you want to place. No license needed to edit the slider. Thanks