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I would like to use my own FONT within the cufon rendering. So far i couldn’t get it working…

I created our own “FONT.js” file, put it into the /js directory, changed “header.php” accordingly and the “cufon_onload.js” was also updated.

Is it only possible to use ARIAL and Trebuchet MS?

Thanks in advance!

You can use any font for the menu and header h3.

Ok it is definitely because of the file i created here: http://cufon.shoqolate.com/generate/

My created file doesn’t work! What can I do?

Make sure to not make a mistake.
If you still have a problem – send me a personal message.

Hi I bought this issue but not how to check a contact page but I do not understand the instructions would appreciate your alluda thanks

The system shows – you do not have bought it.

Forgiveness was another track called victoria

Hey there, I can’t figure out how to change the top logo…when I click on “add to option tree” a blanc page appears…please can you fix this bug or tell me a way around it? thanks!!


In admin Panel:
Victoria / Theme Option and title “Top logo” – Click upload and add your logo.


is it somehow possible to change the slugs: “v_category” and “portfolio_item” to something custom? I have tried several permalink plugins as well as renaming all functions in the source code and in the data base that contained “portfoilio_item” or “v_category”.

Although this code alteration worked (permalinks were set correctly custom), portfolios then where displayed in the “layout/style” of a normal blog post. Something was mixed up…do you have a simple solution for me?

Where can I simply edit the slug of the custom post type?

I solved it myself. Thanks anyway…

Hi! I bought this theme few months ago. Now I would like to have a slide show inside a portfolio item. In the portfolio item you have an image which is the “featured image”. I would like to have a slideshow which isreplacing this image inside the article. Is it possible and how?! (I download already nextgen galery…) You can visit the link to understand better (I put the slideshow but it’s below the article) http://www.helenecany.com/Wordpress/portfolio_item/sedi/

Thank you Hélène C.

This requires custom coding.
Send me a private message.

Is it possible to have Title and Description show on images that are “Featured” I can get this info working on images that are added but not featured?


Can you explain better what you need?

Hi!! I need to change the font of text to the posta and pages! i’ve downloaded the font harbara.js (alredy cufon converted). How to use it? Thank you!


I wrote you by email.

Is your theme compatible with Wordpress 3.5?

It should work. But I recommend you take a backup – before you do the update to WP 3.5.

What should the home page slider image dimensions be?

Also when I uploaded the site content none of the images imported so you may want to check that


You can not change the dimensions of the images on the home page.
Send me a private message and provide data to WordPess (host, user, password) Check the import operation.

please can you tell me what the font is you used for the logo in the demo? Thank you


I have weird problem when I edited any php code as an example let me take function.php and I want to add some custom function that I need for site. When I upload it and reload a page, I got blank page. I NEVER have such problem. Also thickbox is not working on this theme at all.

Tank you


You have to do something wrong – if the recording site does not work. Ideally, send a private message, and enter the data into WordPress.

Is there an option to have a sidebar in the default page template?



Sorry…There is no such possibility.

No matter which plugin I use, I can’t get any lightbox gallery to work. Even premium plugins won’t work.


Send me a private message and provide information to the WordPress (host, user, password)

Hi, Is it possible to disable the search box in the homepage ? Regards


Send a private message after purchase. I will remove the box for you.