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very nice… will consider it


doesn’t come up right on IE6 for me.

thanks Mr the giant for your interest the problem is not in the theme but in the live prewiew server . try to see it now . soon i will change the demo server. thanks

The date bubble on mine is messed up. It’s too close to the blog text. How do I fix it?

hi saintlsaiah thanks for purchasing the theme ! please activat the theme and let me see the problem because it’s an other theme now that it is active . thanks !


The blog is back up, with only the logo replaced. The big issue now is that you php character limit function is limiting the post, but even when I click the more button to display the entire entry, it’s still cut off. no page has been edited yet at this point.

hi santlsaiah please give me your email i will send the correction file

please check your email

Hello sakari,

I love your theme but I am having problems with some elements. Post images show double images, word spacing for the description are too far apart, popular post image does not show, contact us page not showing up as well. Can you take a look at my site to see if there is something I missed. I am using the latest of wordpress 2.9.2. URL

live preview not found

can this be update to be use on wp 3.x? thanks

No live preview, will you be updating for latest version of WP?

I am having problems with timthum. The wordpressia do not but featured images! What is that?? No support??

I will report this. People do not buy, the theme is not working well!

can you give me a link please ??

got the same problem, dont show the entire post!

why cannot see the live demo?

The preview doesn’t work, is it possibile to view the demo though another link?

shame, lose sale here, should get preview working!

Live Preview doesn’t work.

I think the theme designer abandoned his work. This theme hasn’t been updated in years. Even the publisher’s website has turned into some hosting service provider. I guess the the theme designer didn’t even renewed the domain name on which the demo was hosted. So this theme is basically bah-bye.

I purchased this template but the banners do not show. Do you have any suggestions for this?

i want to see the demo of this theme but its not working. Please help me on this