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Fantastic Design! Well done :)

Thank You :)

WOW! very nice, simple and FUNNY!! design. 1st purchase by me!

Thank YOU, and thanks for 1st purchase :);)

There is a Trojan in it. JS:Trojan.JS.Iframe.CU (Engine A)

Oh! I did not get that message here, but re-uploaded demo! let me know if problem solved.

The problem is gone.

Thanks for feedback.

Nice and very funny when i looking at this page :) Good job , you made my day .

Thanks “tabvn”, and your comment made my day too ;)

Really nice and funny to look at, too bad it doesn’t display right in IE9

I update live preview and uploaded new files, maybe tomorrow reviewer accept it, anyway, you can download any update when it’s available without pay extra money. Or you contact me via my profile after purchase to send you updated files :)

Purchased, thx!

thank U

I have a question before I purchase it… I notice you have another stand with a logo on it in the flash version. Is that possible in the non flash verision? Please let me know.. thank you

yes, images are layered and you can add another stand or sign with a little knowledge of HTML/CSS, however you have our help after purchase to do that. :)

awesome thank you :)

Nice stuff very like :)

Thank you :)

Excellent work! Congratulations! :D

Thank you :)

Not Found

The requested URL /demo/worker-comingsoon/ was not found on this server.

oh, Thanks for report, fixed now

Hi, can I translate it? I quold like to buy but we speak Brazilian Portuguese, so I would like to know if it it´s possible. Tks… :)

sure, just need to change and edit texts on sign


I get this error when installing this theme:

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Any ideas?

Nevermind. I thought it was a wordpress theme.

I’ve just purchased it. But it has some bug on IPAD screen. I’s display a haft screen. Can you fixed it ?

this was a free file .. I have this from 4 year ago…

It would be great if this was responsive.

Just purchased…My first. Works on site; however, the Photoshop file is empty.