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About Breaking News and Social Icons.

The Social Icons disappear when the Breaking News (below navigation bar) Post titles are long.

IS THIS YOUR BLOG? http://apploudblog.blogspot.com/

i think you are using nulled copy. If you bought my theme, please verify, if not I will report it

yes, that’s it… a friend of mine bought it for me, his talking about part of a bundle or something like that, his not using it, does it had invalidity of the item license? i will contact him later or maybe tommorow, ill ask him what is his name in this community, im still waiting for him to buy me a domain.

ok, if you bought you can verify this, if you need any help add me on skype – cbtblogger

Hello. I asked more than one month ago how to fix the problem with posts on the footer of the template. Your code (that includes http://reader-download.googlecode.com) doesn’t work, becouse the system asks for name and password to access to Google Code Subversion Repository. Do you have any suggestions to solve the problema?

Hey, i want to buy this Theme… But i have question, how to add Label in recent post, this theme just showing 1 label right?

sorry for my bad english

don’t worry about your English .

you can add labels like as politics, sports, tech, games etc… then you can add your label name to recent post widget, there show only one label for one widget. you can use severally labels for each widgets

theme documentation have full videos collection and screenshots. so you can config your theme easily :)

thank you :) maybe i’ll buy this theme for my blog if i have enough money.

Hello, my Search Box (HTML10) isn’t ready and I can’t restore it… thanx. www.instanvsi.com

can you send me to screen shot. i have no idea about “HTML10”. is html10 is widget id?

Search engine isn’t work… thx

Add this code for widget code

<div id="search-form-feed"> <form action="/search" onsubmit="return updateScript();"> <input name="q" type="text" value="Type And Hit Enter..." id="feed-q-input" onkeyup="resetField();" onfocus="this.value='';"/> </form> <div id="search-result-container" /> <div id="search-result-loader">Loading...</div> </div> <script type="text/javascript"> //<![CDATA[ var searchFormConfig = { url: "http://work-coolbthemes.blogspot.com/", // Add Your Blog URl numPost: 9999, summaryPost: true, summaryLength: 400, resultTitle: "Search Result", noResult: "No result", resultThumbnail: true, thumbSize: 40, fallbackThumb: "http://reader-download.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/images/no-image-72x72.png" }; //]]> </script> <script type="text/javascript" src="http://cbtblogger.com/blogger/javascript/blogger-quick-search.js"></script>

replace http://work-coolbthemes.blogspot.com/ this url with your blog url

ads not show properly in lable page

after th post title

end of the post

You don’t need to post too many comments about this. i already send pm to you

ads not show properly in lable page

after th post title

end of the post

powerd by blogger showing page nav menu area http://www.7thpaycommissionnews.com/

i i need to buy this theme its really awesome but i need to change its color i want pink and white background instead of green and black if you can do this for me i will purchased it please and let me know the total charges in pkr ruppes (Pakistan rupees thanks ) me waiting 3yeshaa@gmail.com

No need to any HTMl or css knowledge. This theme 100% support blogger template designer. So you can change colors using template designer.

I don’t know About PKR price. Please use currency converter,



I have a problem, can you help me please.

The problem is that the news is repeated on every page, I refer to the numbering or when clicking Next on the main page.

Hi, I am trying watch the youtube video in the description area. It removed I guess.

Can you pls check that. I am interested in buying. Can we adjust the width to support wider monitors. I have a high resolution monitor and theme shows in the half. aprox 25% is margin on each side.

First, please say are you bought this theme? if yes please verify it

Thanks for responding. I like the theme. I have not bought the theme yet, but want to see how easy its customizations are. Also wanted to ask if it supports syntax highlighting?

I have a Google AdSense account. I want to make a blog about education (Basically mathematics). Which theme is more suitable for AdSense. plz help me!


personally i cant recommended any theme for my customers. first please check all of my theme demos. then you can ask any question if you have,


so i have some question to ask u. related to Responsive 100% i need to disable Responsive, how can i do it after i buy the template?

Hello Brother This is a great theme. No doubt about it. But some problems still remain!

I am facing these problems… 1) Pagination Not working for me! [lycanbd.net] 2) Scattered Mobile view 3) mobile= property does not work

8 days gone! Why don’t you fix the problem? You said this template is responsive but its not working properly. When I visit my site from mobile it doesn’t look well. Sharing buttons, comment box, related posts- these are coming over the post body! And you are also using Blogger Mobile Template as your Live Preview! Why is that?

I tried adding you on skype please respond. we have a quick question about your theme. It isn’t giving us access when we edit the widget. We need to bring back the original slideshow

Hello! I must commend you on this. It’s a cool one. However, I have some issue playing around it. 1. Images aint showing on on recent post i.e both on recent and sidebar post 2. Connecting mail subscription 3. making content come up properly on main post i.e when there is a breakline, it should break to the next line and not join everything together. 4. How to take away main post written at tthe bottom 5. How do I show the number of views only without comment 6. Comment not displating and comment form not working

You can check it out on promoupdate1.blogspot.com to have a full view of what I’m talking about.

Hoping to get a reply soon. Thanks

demo doesn’t work?

Hello sir, I want to buy this blogger template. i like it so much. i have one paypal account with some amount of balance. but this site only allow visa card, Master card, Discover Card payment method. I am not have any of these card mentioned above. i will send payment (20$) from my paypal account to your paypal account. then you send template to my email address. Can you accept this deal. Because i can pay you only by this method. Did you accept please send your paypal email address. After payment receive then you send template to my email address. My email Id is – softroids@gmail.com

Thank you..

hello sir.. how to add image slider and new design and post by leable list and main post widget. the above widgets are does not work in my blog :crying: .. plase help me :crying: .. my blog. www.softroids.blogspot.com

This template not work perfect in mozilla firefox and mac safari and chromium browser.. the sidebar content is go below to the main post.. check this work-coolbthemes.blogspot.in website.. go this website using your firefox or safari browser.. please solve this problem.. This template’s author cbt blogger is not reply or response for any comment and emails.. Please Do not buy this template it is waste of money..