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is there any way to make the time intevall of the schedule into a 24 hour watch instead of AM PM? Eg. so 4:00PM becomes 16:00 like it is in most of Europe.


Hi there, any news on my support ticket? #7173 Submitted 6 days ago but haven’t heard anything.

Thanks, Marc

I have two problems with the schedule page:

1) The schedule page doesn’t seem to work properly (it doesn’t show any class) but it was working when I purchased the theme about three weeks ago (i.e. see the attached file, but it doesn’t work also on your preview-website: what’s going on? are there some problems with the new WP version? How can I fix it?

2) Is there a way to turn 4.00 pm into 16.00?

Hi I installed your theme on my website, and I installed a q-translate plugin there. currently there is a problem, slider on English version is working, but on Chinese version is not working, can’t move automaticly. could you tell me how to fix that?

Unfortunately we are unable to assist with third party plugins, please contact the plugin developer as they may be able to help.



I got an email to upgrade my Workout theme but im having trouble installing it, it keeps failing. Can you help me please?

Do you have a private emial?

Thanks you.

Kind Regards, Inspired Design

Hello there,

Have you tried installing it manually through FTP? When the WordPress installer doesn’t work this is the way to go. I would suggest backing up your theme first and then following these instructions –



Ive waited a month for this reply! I cant reply to the email you sent me…

Can you do this for me through FTP??

Regards, Inspired Design


I want to ask if you plan to do any updates to this theme or the development was closed. Can we expect any updates in near future?

Thank you

For the time being updates are closed.


where’s the support on under the main website? Tickets submitted, Facebook message sent… Your theme and demo content on my site is not working per the instructions and I have asked if certain things are correct…. Where is the help?

This theme doesn’t work well on tablets. Have asked for support. never received any.

Is this theme fully compatible with the latest version of Wordpress (actual 4.4)? Thank you

There seems to be missing functionality in the version I downloaded. The product page shows version 1.1.12. But in my wp dashboard, it shows I have 1.1.11 installed. I just downloaded the theme and tried to upgrade, but it still says I have 1.1.11. My WP version is 4.4. I can’t figure out how to assign a coach to a class time in the schedule. Was this added in 1.1.12? Or am I just missing something?

Hello, I want to buy this theme. Is it completely working with WP 4.4? I’m especially interested to the events feature, can you tell me if all works as in the preview with the latest version? And can I have a way to import all the contents visible in the preview in order to have a prebuild structure? Thank you

In need of help with ticket 7293. I never received help with previous tickets I opened 3 weeks ago. Current issues with the theme after I have deactivated all plugins to ensure they weren’t incompatible and calling bluehost, and making sure all things were kosher and streamlined there.. issues not resolved are…. BLOG: Blog feed will not work on homepage but it works on the footer widget. Blog layout: cannot find the option to switch the blog layout to masonry or WOD. There are no directions for this per the manual link. I can only find the options for the left or right side bar or no side bar. Inserting PICS INTO COLUMNS SHOW CODE NOT PICS: I want to put pictures from my media library on wordpress into columns, When I insert the picture url into the column shortcode, the pictures don’t show on the live site, only the URL’s show in the columns on the page. PROGRAMS NOT LINKING: I have created 3 programs on the program page templates. I insert the programs via shortcode on the home page. They show nicely in three columns but they do not link to the corresponding pages. I try to click on them and nothing happens. MOBILE SITE not working The mobile site only shows all the short codes. I have to scroll to the bottom of the page on my phone and hit “ view full site” to see anything decent. I really like this theme but if these are not resolved soon it will be a bad review and a new theme from else where. Thank you. :)

Be ware of buying an unsupported theme!! you will get no help. I was quotes $8000 from the author to take a look at the glitches I was having like the mobile site not working, widgets overlapping and blog short code not feeding into my site despite the fact that I deactivated all plugins to check compatibility and calling my hosting service to make sure everything was streamlined on there end.


wants to know why the links from the individual coaches go to blank pages.

Thank you.

Hi also. wants to know why the links from the individual programs go to blank pages.

Thank you.

Hello!!!!!! anyone here?????

Can this theme do subscriptions payments as well or do we need to get an extra plugin?

I see no updates for about 2 years, do you plan to updates and improve theme soon or is this as it is?

Hi there,

Apologies but you will need an external plugin to handle subscription payments. We do not have an update planned for the time being


Hey, any info here or what?????

Hello, Can you tell me what is causing my elastic slider to appear only half-height instead of full? Screenshot:

I wonder if I’m missing a setting or configuration.

It would appear that support has ended for this item and it is bugged out of the box so it won’t work anymore.

The sample and online documentation is not working.


coaches page not working correctly please Check or advise?

Hi two2twelve,

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