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Clean and Great Work! GLWS! :)

Thanks very much!

Unique design!GLWS :)

Thanks ThemeRox!! :)

Uuhm, I’m reading information about Chroma photography theme instead of Crossfit? :)

The mobile menu is not expanding when clicked on?

Oops. Copy fixed. Addressing mobile menu now. Thanks!

New and simple design, good work.

Appreciate it!

Creative work!~ Good luck :)

Thanks much! Cheers mate!

Amazing work! Good luck man :)

Thanks for the kind words and support!!

Wonderful layout, congrats. Good luck with sales.

Kind Regards,

Bedros! Thanks for the kind words :)

An excellent job. Good luck with your sales :)

Hey Vicky! Thanks for the support :) when clicking on schedule item I get an error.

I think once this is fixed we’ll be buying in a few weeks! Good work.

All fixed. Thanks for catching that!

Beautiful theme. Very interested.

Is there a boxed layout?

I apolgize in advance if I have missed it somewhere.

Thanks very much. No, afraid no boxed layout.

Thanks for your support :)

Congratulations on your theme! Wonderful template;)

Thank you ThemeRex!!!

Very nice! GLWS :)

Cheers 4smart :) Appreciate it

will you be adding support for buddypress or bbpress?

Hey Ganzuelo,

It’s not in our plans at the moment but something we may look into for a future update.



What is the T2T Toolkit for and why is it required?

I’m asking because I’m trying to install it and I get a 403 on themes.php… this didn’t happen with the other plugins.

Hey there,

That’s strange. The toolkit is required to use all of the features of the theme. If you want to head over to the support desk and open a ticket one of our reps will get that working for you right away –


Hi, Opened the ticket. Got a quick reply. Downloaded the zip file and installed manually. Worked like a charm. Great support. Thanks!

Ummm… pretty sure naming your theme “Crossfit” (or even using the word “Crossfit” in the name) is going to get you a Cease & Desist letter from the attorneys at Crossfit, Inc. They are extremely aggressive at protecting their copyrights. Even the copyright notice on their website is assertive. It reads:

© 2014 CrossFit, Inc. “CrossFit” and “Forging Elite Fitness” are registered trademarks and “3,2,1…Go!”, “Fittest on Earth” and “Sport of Fitness” are trademarks of CrossFit, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

I highly recommend a name change.

Appreciate you looking out. Will take that into consideration.

Is it possible to disable the sticky footer? It’s very annoying when viewed on a smaller screen.

Yes. You can choose to use a traditional static footer that stays at the bottom of the page: Here’s an example



I can’t use “Navigate to…” button at mobile version. Nothing happens when clicked or touched. (At demo version). I’m using firefox, chrome (desktop) and chrome android.

Hi there, this menu is only triggered on an actual mobile device, try the demo on any phone or tablet and you’ll see it in action.

I’m trying it on Nexus 4 and it is not triggered. Watch compatibility with other famous browsers too: using Dolphin browser all get crazy, the screen turns to black, impossible to browser in the site… Maybe when all these major bugs be fixed i’ll buy the theme. Thank you and best regards.

First off, make sure our toolbar isn’t open when trying to look at the demo on your phone. The theme appears to be working fine in Dolphin – though that does require an old operating system. Best to upgrade your iOS to something newer. No major bugs in this theme to be found. Thanks!

The theme looks awesome! Really considering to buy it…

Is it possible to choose different header-background-images for each page-section in backend or would I have to modify this myself with CSS?

Hey there,

Currently there option is to have a single image that is applied to all the pages.