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Is there any what to resize the logo?

Hi there, I’m afraid this is not really possible. But you can contact our customization shop to see if they can do something for you –

hello, in the documentation i see some options in the template options like Logo Height Full Width Column Width but i cant see them on theme options. what am i doing wrong? Also is it possible that the header backround to be different on some pages?

also from the home page i have disable carousel but carousel is still shown

Also there are stil links on the documentation and the online demo that link to some ../crossfit/ page. i suggest use ultraedit, load all pages and replace on all pages /crossfit/ to /workout/ :)

Thank you for suggesting ultraedit, I will try this. As for your questions, if you haven’t already, please submit a support ticket, so that we can help you further –

Thanks :)

Hey guys, been really getting into the guts of the theme and loving it.

I notice that under the ‘Callout box’ shortcode, you mention being able to choose from a large number of icons while also setting their color and size.

I can’t seem to find where to access these icons. Help!

Thanks, Eka

Awesome to hear you’re enjoying it! So the icons are located in the shortcodes options box (which is in the sidebar when you create a page or post). Find the icon shortcode, select the one you want and insert it nested into the calloutbox shortcode. If you have any trouble open a ticket over at our support desk –

Thanks :)

Doh, I actually just found this myself and now feel a little sheepish. Thanks for the response anyway =)

Next question: I want to center my text and button in the callout shortcode, and have tried the classic html code and also meta tag of align=”center”. What do I need to do here?


Yea, that seemed like the obvious thing, but try as I might, none of it shows up centered.

In the visual editor, it all looks centered, but that makes no difference on the site. Am I overlooking something obvious here?

To be clear, it is a callout banner, not a callout box. Would that make a difference?

Hey there, Visit us over in support and we’ll see what we can do about that -


hey how you doing quick question for some reason now my schedule list won’t show anymore may you know why? thank you

Hi there, it has to do with the start of week date option. We are adding a better way to adjust this and should have that update out by tomorrow the latest, depending on ThemeForest’s approval queue wait times.

Thanks for being patient :)

ahh well thank you very much il be waiting

Hi there, just a heads up to let you know that the update I mentioned is now available and you can download it now from your ThemeForest dashboard.

Thanks :)

Best, T2Themes

Hello. which font you guys used to make the workout logo? i need it

Hello there, the name of the font is ‘Capture it’ and it’s available for free download on Dafont –

Font problem on chrome: i have too a font problem like others on chrome:

It was the font that was causing this issue. If anyone else has problem with font (missing characters or font not appearing at all) then change the font or change the font size and the problem will go away.

Thanks so much for updating us. We will make sure to make a note of this.

I have a class that starts at 615pm, how do you set this time in the schedule as the options only include 6pm or 630pm?

Actually it’s not solved. Every time I select 6:15pm to 7:15pm and update, it reverts to 6pm to 7pm.

plawson78 – I have the option of selecting quarter hours when I add a new program but when I try to save this, it reverts the program back to the half hour mark, so can’t get it to work after all!

plawson78 – I have changed the Scheduling Interval to 15 mins, which is how I thought I had got it to work. But it automatically reverts back to the half hour slot after saving – do you find the same?

Clarityswahlez, how did you get the times to show quarter hours?

Clarityswahlez, I just talked with the support for the template and got the following “you’ll find that in your Customizer (under Apperance > Customize) and the option is titled “Scheduling Interval” under Theme Options”

Clarityswahlez, no I had to update the times and then update the page and it worked fine for me.

First off, love this theme! I’m a bit of Wordpress novice, so can you tell me what the ideal image sizes are for the sliders (specifically the Elastic Slider)? I was able to upload most of my images with no issue, but others seemed to be too large. Is there a target size images should be to fit properly?

Nice work on this one! Thanks! Gary

Gary! That’s so nice to hear, Thank you :) So with the Elastic slider, there’s no target size per se. I think what matters more than the size is the actual crop of the image. Since it’s full screen the way the size looks is relative to the size of the monitor’s resolution on which it’s being viewed on. I like to go with something high res for sure at around 1980px wide but then sometimes I crop the height alot to get the right area of the photo in the view port. If that makes sense?


Thanks Elizabeth! I will give that a try! I figured it would be a res issue. The photos my client provided to me aren’t the best quality (most likely taken from a phone), but they are large size. However, when cropped and edited, they get a little funky. We’ll probably have to take some better photos soon!

Thanks for the quick response! G

Hello, Having trouble importing demo content. 1) the link on the documentation is broken:

Also, when I try to import using the demo Crossfit.xml file it fails to import most of the settings and images.

Can you please help? Using the latest version of your theme.

Sorry about that, the link is actually located here –

Some copyrighted images may not import, otherwise this XML should have all other content and settings.


No, thank you!

Hey there! Is there a way to add more “fiticons” in the Program Options section? Where do those come from? Are they specific to this theme? I’m using the theme for a paddle board themed site and am looking for something that looks like a paddleboard or a surf board. As place holders, I’m using the closest fiticons available, like the guy swimming. Just curious if more are able to be added. Thanks! Gary

Hi Gary,

Actually at this time there isn’t a way to add more icons. We are looking to a solution to allow for this though because it would be a great feature. In the meantime I can point you to our customization shop so they could add some more icons for you as I’m not sure how long before we release the next update will be. Either way you’ll be notified via email when the next update it out.

Thanks Gary :)

Hey again! Regarding the Elastic Slider, is there an easy way to rearrange the order of the slides without having to delete and place them in the order you want them to be? I have an ES set up with (thankfully) only three images. After I finished and tested the page, I found they played in the wrong order. I didn’t see a way to easily grab and move them around or order them in any way. I had to delete each and then figure out the order in which they played to place the correct image in proper order. Hope that makes sense!

Thanks! Gary

Thanks for the tip! I just installed that Post Types Order plugin, but I still can’t move the slides. I feel like I’m missing a step somewhere. When I click on the Elastic Slider, go to All Slides, should I be able to move them around in that screen? When I mouse over the slide, nothing happens. I was expecting the four-arrow cursor so I could move them around, but I don’t see that happening. Any further tips?

^ Please disregard that last comment. I forgot to Activate and configure the plugin. I got it working now!! Told you I was missing something! You’re lifesaver Elizabeth! Thanks again! G

Hey G :) Very glad you got everything working. Thanks for letting me know!

Hello, I am trying to create a Blog page like you have Blog Mansory but without success. Pls can you advise me to what I should set? It has to be defined as blog section in WP settings? I used Post list with Mansory order but nothing appearead althrough I select all from all categories :( thx for advise.

Next problem I am having with Gallery and no idea how to show on main page directly photos, not categories…

thx for any suggestion.

Access to demo from t2t page would be great to how it is all set /mean to have access just to see only…

anyway, it is great and brilliant theme! frank

Hi Frank,

All of our theme support is done through out support desk, please signup there so that someone can help you –

Thank you!

Thanks, I would like but I am not able to locate purchase code as you described… :’/

Found, sorry.

Don’t You planning both time systems (12h and 24h) for program schedule?

Sorry not sure what you mean?

Hi, I mean it would be nice to set up 17.00 instead of 5 PM. Kind Regards, Istvan

And a read more link would be so useful on a page which shows a blog grid shortcode.

Regards, Istvan

Hey Istvan, you can use the ‘more’ tag on any blog post to separate the excerpt from the post. Try that out and see if it works for you.


Hi, we are talking about 2 different things. I use the ‘more’ tag, but on blog Grid page, there is no ‘more’ link. Actually the ‘more’ tag is inefficient on a page, where the Blog Grid short code inserted ;)

Hi there, I have an open tickect and since 5 days ago, I haven´t received any feedback from you guys, this si my inquiry:

On Monday afther I done the T2T Toolkit and theme latest update, the program list is showing powerplate program only and like in one single row on the left, with some code and the slider from the program, I do not understand what happened. This is the code I got on the Home:

t2t_special special_id=”138” description_length=”100” [t2t_program_list posts_to_show=”3” posts_per_row=”3” description_length=”100”]

On Program List i chose “NO” Put title: “Nuestras Clases Destacadas”

This is the one on Programs:

[t2t_flexslider posts_to_show=”2” effect=”slide” width=”fixed” height=”300” autoplay=”true” interval=”3”] Mira todas nuestras clases y programas…Hay muchas opciones para escoger y encontrar una que impulse tu pasión por sentirte, verte mejor y ponerte en el camino de el Fitness. [t2t_program_list posts_to_show=”-1” posts_per_row=”1” description_length=”100”]

It is mixing the program slider ther why? It is shoing only powerplate program and if you click it it goes to a different program called Yoga why it is doing that? Is it something wrong on my code?

The programs I have now are:

Please I need help on thtis issue asap because I need to advance with my Client,



Hi Andrés,

We’ve been working very diligently with you in support to resolve your unique issues and we thank you for being patient. We’ve pushed a few updates to the Toolkit and and will be pushing another major one to this themes this week so we hope to get your remaining issues resolved. Thanks and see you over in support!

4 days ago I reported a bug with the schedule calendar.

1- When you select a program from the selection (Fancy selection) everything disappears. It was working properly probably before update.

2- The other issue is it doesn’t matter if you select a program to be shown on the schedule or not. whether you choose Yes or No, it is shown. So you can’t hide some programs from schedule but have them on the program pages. This was working before the update as well.

The first problem is very critical, don’t you agree? If you have 13-14 different programs in the gym, customers want to filter them out but they can’t. as soon as they choose one, it disappears and the client is running it for a gym with a lot of members. I honestly don’t expect an update. I only need to know the source of problem. Which strings are responsible and what file.

Just consider the feeling you would have had if Themeforest had not answered you for 4 days after theme unavailability. The potential customers you could lose if it was a theme in a category with a lot of interests. We can lose customers too if it takes us more than 4 days to resolve something that is almost the most important thing for a gym and that to be calendar.

If I alleged anything, I’m so so so sorry. I take it back. You have an outstanding support I’m telling this to everyone interested to buy this theme, but if we could focus on the problem, I would really be thankful.

Thank you!

Hi guys, I sent you an email a few days ago, but haven’t heard anything back yet, so just wanted to see if you, or anyone whose using this theme can help me. I am looking to use this theme for our new company, and sports and triathlon event management company, and just wondered if anyone else uses it for this purpose as opposed for a gym, and also I had one question… With the schedule, is it possible to show events/activities in weekly, monthly or yearly calendars? or just day-by-day, as it would show on a gym classes program?

If anyone can help me out this this it would be appreciated.

Kind regards Guy

Hey Guy, I can’t speak to using it as you’ve specifically mentioned, but I can tell you that the schedule only supports day-to-day times.


Thanks for your reply. Would there be any way or editing the schedule at all, so that it reads weeks/months rather than hours of a day? Or is this something that could be easily edited in an update to make it more versatile to events companies? It would be a simple and great adaption to be able to choose between.

Many thanks


Hi Guy, I’m afraid that would be a complicated feature to add to the schedule calendar that we don’t have any plans on implementing at this time. You could try a plugin like Events Calendar Pro for this (but it would not be styled like our theme, and If you have any issues with it it’s something that only the developer of the plugin will be able to handle). The other option would be to contact our customization shop for a quote on having this feature added for you –


Hi. Great theme! How do I change the colour of the submit button on the contact page [uses contact form 7]. I changed the ‘accent colour’ in the them customization section to a red but the contact form submit button is still the original pink. Also if I select ‘quote’ as my post format the post shows as white text on the pink background, not the red I selected as my accent colour? Look forward to your reply. Cheers!

Hi there, Support for all of our themes is conducted through our support desk – please visit us there with your question –


Just submitted a support ticket with issues :)