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On demo –

I can see just 6 posts, but what if I have 400 posts and they all would be on 1 page? Is this theme supports pagination? Or How to add pagination on this page(WOD)?

Hi sorry, your question was overlooked here. The blog features a previous and next button and you can set how many posts show on each page in the WordPress settings.


Hi guys, I have just purchased the theme and having fun setting things up, although I have come across a couple of little problems.

1) When setting up the gallery, after selecting photos to add, and ticking them to add, you cannot then actually ‘add’ the photos. We have tried it with different images in three different browsersI think there is a bug somewhere maybe?

2) When setting up programs on the home page, can you centralise the title wording in each box?

If you could please help me, it would appreciated.


HI there, I open up a ticket in the supper #5196 a few days ago, but haven’t heard anything back yet. Just wondering when I will, as I am trying to get the website completed asap. Thanks Guy

Or even, I opened up a ticket in the support, #5196…fast typing!

I’ll look into that for you today Guy. Thanks for your patience!

hi just a question. where do i get the password for the vimeo videos that are in the documentation? i am missing a few steps in the proces of setting up my page. thank you for the answer.

Password: wordpress

Sorry I noticed that was missing from the documentation will update asap.


Hi There, I have tickets that have 7 or 5 days and not been answered in the Two2Twelve support, please assign them to some one, My last ticket is about I found that in programs there is a especial field where I can Link to an external URL instead of the program page but I put an address there and is not linking to where I need, it always go to the program page.

The Accent Color “Color to use for displaying this program.” is not showing the color I put there, for example in powerplate program I put #736fa5 and is showing other green I set up for the carrusel.



Hi Andrés, we are working on them, we will have you all sorted out this week as we are pushing a big update and will make sure all your issues are addressed in it.

Thanks for your patience while we communicate with you in support!


So I purchased this theme the other day and I am super excited to get it going. However when i uploaded the theme i was unable to find things like testimonials, the schedule and the elastic slider. Might I have uploaded it incorrectly? I have also been unable to locate the T2T toolkit. Does anyone know where it might be?

Thank you!

Hey there,

Have you already opened a support ticket here? – If not, please do. There is a message when you first activate the theme that prompts you with a link to install the T2T toolkit plugin. If you did not see this, try open up the theme in another browser and see if that works. If not we’ll see you over in support :)


Hi, in your schedule creation, is it possible to change the settings so instead of a view of the day, you can see a view of the whole month?


Hey there, sorry no this calendar is for week view only.


My page with the help of this template tell me your opinion.

Wow! That turned out great! Really nice customization job on that. Looks very unique! Thanks for sharing :) Do you mind if we feature it on our site

Please do :) it would be great to see it there. We will mostly include english language in the website in the near future also. Thanks again for your theme.

Hello, very nice theme. Has been good to work with. Is there a way to make the social links open up in a new window? They currently open in the same window as the themed website.

Thank you.

You would need to use the blank target attribute -


Hello Have html version?

Sorry no only WordPress

I’m not able to buy the template by paypal. Are you in trouble?

Hi there, that’s strange. But any payment issues you are experiencing are because of ThemeForest. I will report your issue, feel free to do the same by letting them know here –

Hopefully they will resolve the issue soon. Thank you!

Used your theme to build this site and it is REALLY slow! Any ideas?

Looks there are some errors on your that are due to a plugin conflict. One of them says ‘My Twitter plugin’ please deactivate all of your plugins to see if that helps. If so then reactivate again one at a time to find the offending one.

If you need further help please visit our support desk –

Thank You!

Looks like it is your plugin. Fatal error: Cannot use object of type WP_Error as array in/home/thecellg/public_html/newsite/wp-content/plugins/t2t- I opened a ticket days ago and have not had a response.

Hi there, definitely not the plugin, we have looked into your ticket and will continue corresponding there.

EDIT: found Vimeo password on comments.

Hi there, I can not put an image in the footer of the site with an external link. When I put a link in the footer, it does not point to where I want, but to a broken page within the website itself. help me please, because the site is ready and lack only put the developer signature.

Thanks for attention!

Hi there, you just need to use a direct link to the image and wrap it in a link tag. If you are having trouble please visit our support desk and open a ticket


ok, the picture appeared with the direct link, but the external link does not work. The path I used was: appearence> customize> theme options> copyright box; what am I doing wrong? take a look at the problem in the footer of the site

thanks for attention! great theme!!

Hey there have you opened up a support ticket? If so what’s your ticket #?

Hi. Nice theme.

However, it seems to be working so so on iPad and mobile. Pretty slow and the panels take a bit of time before the beccome visible when scrolling. Any simple fix for this or are you working on it?

Also, is there any way to make the time intevall of the schedule into a 24 hour watch instead of AM PM? Eg. so 4:00PM becomes 16:00 like it is in most of Europe.


Hey there,

Thanks, yea the mobile lag is something we are working on, we should have an update out for that in the next day or two. This update will also have the option to switch to 24 time. You’ll get an email as soon as the update is available for download.


Hi, i have a pre purchase question. I need to know if it is possible for administrator create different wod for different guest that have a role like contributor(just an example) and for every member after login have a page where they can see thier personal workout for every different day. It is possible? Thanks a lot

Hi there, no this theme does not contain a members only area if that’s what you are inquiring about, just the standard Wordpress ability to create user roles (admin, editor etc).


Hi probably a silly question but am very new to this. purchased this the other day, how do you get the photos onto the home page to change every 5 secs like on the demo version? help is much appreciated, many thanks

Hi there, the timing on your theme is the same default interval as our demo. Is this not the case for you? If not, please visit our support desk and open a ticket and we’ll see if we can figure out what’s going on –


Hi I am enjoying working with this theme – thank you. Was just wondering if you could tell me how to change the height of the large background image in the header please? I have uploaded an image but there is solid colour showing below where my image ends. I would like to reduce the overall height of the header. Many thanks

Hey there, please visit our support desk where we can help you out with these sorts of things –


I have a very image driven site. Using one of each of the three slider types is not enough. Is there a way to use the same slider type to display a different set of images on the same or another page?

Sorry that is not a possibility at this time.

I realize this isnt necessarily your department, but i installed the drag & drop plugin you told gilbero about, and it is not working for me. I made sure it was activated and configured, but it still will not work. The configuration options consist of two checkboxes and a drop menu to specify the minumum user level. I have tried all level settings and cheked both boxes but it’s not working. Any advice?

Hi there, how is it not working for you? Do you see a ‘Re-order’ option under the tabs for each one of your posts type. For instance click on Galleries, the last option should now say ‘Re-order’.

Can I filter a program by category using shortcode?

Hi there, I’m afraid that is not possible.