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1 click installation ( demo content ? )

Hey there, the demo content is included in the theme files, you can also download it from out docs site –



How do we edit height of the logo? At the moment on the site it is tiny!

Thanks Josh

I’m going to check in on this today and see what the timeline is for it. I’ll try to get back to you soon.

Hi there,

Did you have a look at the timeline?

Hey there, we’re not sure when we will be able to push this out, but I’ll update this again as soon as I know more. Sorry for the wait. If it’s a rush priority for you, feel free to contact our customization shop on a quote on having it done for you. Also keep in mind that the larger logo option will only be available on the centered aligned layout (as naturally using a large logo on the left aligned would throw your entire navigation off.


hello My elastic slider does not work. it gets stuck on a black background with writing “loading” without displaying any images. Do you have any solutions to this problem please?

Have you added a Featured image to each of the Elastic Slider slides you’ve created?

Hello, In the latest versions, is it possible to know which files has been altered? I have made modifications in many files (template-home.php,index.php,funtions.php,header.php,custom.js) and i would not like having to make them again. Thanks

Hi there, If you open up a ticket in support I’ll get one of the developers to provide you with a more detailed changelog.


it’s done i have open one, thanks for the fast reply

Can you integrate schedule styling with google calendar?

Hey there,

This is a custom calendar, the same styling would not apply to Google calendar.


Hello i would like to put this address into Location. Because i cant do it with the current fields, can u help me please?,-70.7902444,15z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x9662de40a8138dfb:0x529bc101c78610f4

Hi there,

Please open up a support ticket at our support desk and we’ll help you out with that –


thx i will do that


I’m contacting you because I’m really interested in the theme for one of my clients. However, I have a big concern.

I opened the demo version of the theme,, in two mobile devices (Iphone 4s and Ipad Mini).

The problem is that, even when the site completely loaded, scrolling the site is definitely not fluid, in both devices.

I tried the same with another theme of a different developer and I didn’t have such problems.

As my clients website traffic is over 55% mobile, I need a clear, easy to use mobile version of the website.

Could you please tell me if the issue with the scrolling is only due to the fact that it’s a demo site? And why this occurs?

How could I avoid having the same issue if I buy the theme.

Thank you so much. Regards, Bruno.

Thank you very much for your reply and honesty/transparency.

We still have sometime before buying the theme for the web so I hope our timing match. Please let me know if you come to a solution during the next few days.

However, I’ll test the demo in my devices before buying any theme, just in case you solved the problem right in that moment.

Nevertheless, your theme is great, and I’m sure I’ll get to work with it sooner or letter.

Good luck, Bruno.

Thank you Bruno :) I just wanted to give you a little progress report. We just released a version today that optimizes a few things. We got the mobile aspects to work a little smoother, you can view it here –

But we think we can do even better. The developers are chipping away at getting it perfect and this next update should do the trick and will be out in the next few days.

Whether you purchase now or wait just know that you will still have access to the perfect version when it is released. And an update is always just a few clicks away.

Thanks much,
Lead Designer

Hello Elizabeth,

Thank you for the follow up. I Have checked on my mobile devices the link you gave me and I can truly see some real progress.

I’ll keep testing the theme during the next few days to see if the Homepage gets a bit more fluid and then I’ll buy the theme.

Thanks again.



Hello, I am trying to set the alt attributes for the images in the sliders, but there seems to be an issue. It appears (as with most slider plugins) the alt attribute is generated by the slider title, however the alt attribute does not show up in the actual code at all. Am i missing something?

Hey there, the developer would be better able to answer your question about this. Please open up a ticket over at our support desk –


Using the home page template, I disabled most of the options. It seems that the home page now consists of a very long blank page and I have to scroll very far to get to the footer. Any idea why this is happening?

Hey there, the homepage template is meant to either show the default options or for you to add the shortcode combinations of your choice. If you are trying to achieve something outside of this please open up a support ticket with a link to your site, what version of the theme you are using and how exactly you are trying to get your homepage to look and we’ll see if we can help –


Can you have someone look at ticket 5580 please? Thank you.

Hey, the developer is looking into this now. We will try and update you soon.

What’s the actual turnaround time on open tickets? I’ve opened ticket 5589, and it looks like the only way folks are getting responses in a timely manner is to post about it here. Meanwhile, I’ve got a client who wants to know why the links from his individual coaches go to blank pages. Thank you.

We try to respond between 24-48 hours. I believe your ticket is in progress.


Why there is nothing showing on the schedule page ?

Hi there, have you upgraded to the latest version 1.1.6 released on May 22nd? This addresses this issue some people in certain time zones were having with the schedule.

Thank you for your reply.

I’m using the latest version of the theme.

May it be because I’m using Wordpress in german ?

Best regards.

Hi there, if you are having trouble please open up a support ticket here –


Has there been any consideration of adding social feeds? The links to social sites are a good start but given that social media is so huge, a Twitter or FB feed to the homepage or a grid of Instagram images could be a spectacular addition.

We are in the process of adding this to the next update.


Hello Sir/Madam,

I’m really interested on your theme however before purchase wanted to confirm if the customization can be done with my scenario as below:

1 – I have a 2 studio. Can the schedule/calender give an option to show 2 studio’s timetable? Like a drop down button you did.

2 – If I have 2 class at the same time happening in two studio, how can I put it?

You can see the example in


Scenario 1 – If I have two studio. Scenario 2 – If I have class in the same time under 2 different studio.

Thanks for your question, but I’m afraid this theme only supports 1 location.


Would you be able to recommend a way that I can add a snippet of CSS to this theme? I don’t see support for custom.css; is Child Theme supported?

Hi there,

Yes, child themes are fully supported in Workout. You can also add custom CSS snippets within the customizer panel of your WordPress admin.

Thank you!
- Eric

Thank you. You might consider advertising that feature. I tried a child theme on a theme that didn’t support it and it crashed the admin panel so I am a little gun shy.

Good idea. Sort of skimmed over it and we assumed that was the norm. Thanks for the suggestion!


Is there any more specific documentation or other examples of the calendar you can provide? I am on the verge of purchasing this theme but I need to make sure a few specific items will work for me. Specifically, I want to modify and use this theme for a celebrity’s website. But I want to use the calendar to allow viewers to see what she is doing on any given day (i.e. on Monday at 10am she is signing autographs at such-and-such a place…). In that respect, I really only need a weekly view, with one text blob associated with each day (I don’t need every hour of the day listed). Is something like that possible?

Attached is an example from another theme – unfortunately, they have the calendar I need but not much else. But if I could modify yours to approximate a version of this it would be a slam dunk.

Thanks for any ideas you can offer.

Image is hosted on Dropbox so it seems to not be loading. You should be able to see it here:

I think the closest approximation I can come up with is to add your events to the calendar as usual (such as Signing 10am) then instead of having it link to the program’s full schedule page you can create a specific page with details about the event and link to that page in the ‘External URL’ section of the program. I’ve set up an example for you on our staging site if you look here at the 4am gray entry on the calendar You can click that and it takes you to a page a created about the event details. (so basically linking to a page rather than a blurb) Alternatively, if you can’t find a theme that meets your exact specification you can feel free to contact our customization shop after purchasing Workout to get a quote on having our calendar altered to suit your exact needs.

Hope that helps :)

Lead Designer

Overall I’ve really enjoyed the theme! Slowly getting a site built out it in. I have found that by adding HTML5shiv.js and respond.js (recommended for any modern responsive build, or site that uses HTML5/CSS3 markup) to the header.php file of the theme helps to manage some of the display issues I’ve noticed with the theme.

Not sure if many other’s have experienced issues with IE9 testing where the nav bar doesn’t display, background images not displaying, etc., but injecting those into the header.php seems to be a decent work-around, at least until those files are offered as part of the theme.

Hi there,

Thanks for posting your findings here :) HTML5shiv is already part of the theme (these are minified and therefore you may not have noticed). As for respond.js we will look into that, subsequent versions of Workout already have improved functionality and we are exploring this and other options for the next release.

Thanks again!

I recently purchase and installed your theme. There are several items on teh pages that do not function like the live demo. For example, the top menu bar does not expand and contract as I scroll, nor is there the hot pink menu that pops up from the bottom of the Home Page. There are also some missing background images. How do I make the theme look exactly like the live demo? I couldn’t find the step by step instructions.

Hi there,

There should be no difference between what you see on our demo and the theme that you install. If you are having trouble please visit our support desk and open a ticket so we can help you out –

Thank you!

Like Bruno, I looked at the staging link – and I still see the theme is not very smooth on Mobile or Tablet (iPhone/iPad). My site is built and I’m looking for some help to improve the responsive CSS function.

Thanks, Monique

This will be part of a larger theme update coming in version 1.1.7

Are you putting a date on the release, so I know when to check for it?

You’ll be notified via email from ThemeForest when it is available for download.

Your theme comes with Coaches as a page template. Within that template, you can assign coaches to different user-defined categories. How would I be able to create two Coaches pages to draw from separate categories? – one for our trainers, and one for our feature athletes? Thanks

Hey there, support for all our themes is conducted through the t2t support desk. Please stop by and post your question there and someone will help you out. –