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Hey guys, ready to install the new updated theme, and wondering what the smoothest way to do this is.

I’ve check the documentation and didn’t see anything there; web searches tell me to either delete the theme (which I fear will delete content), or rename the theme and install the new theme (which I fear will force me to manually pull over all the content to the new theme).

What do you suggest? Thanks!

WordPress 3.9 and above actually has an option to upgrade your theme so, you simply need to click on Appearance > Add New > Upload Theme > Choose File and then look for the radio button that says ‘Upgrade Existing Theme?’ and check that.

That’s It! you should be good to go. As long as you did not make any changes directly to the code of the theme’s core files no informations or customizations you’ve done in the admin panel will be lost. More info on upgrading your theme can be found on our docs site –

Thanks! Elizabeth
Lead Designer

Hi Guys, The website for my client is pretty much ready to be uploaded but i need to tanslate the taxonomies that the theme generates in the urls: coach -> entrenador gallery -> galeria category -> categoria etc.

This is very important for us. I made a ticket in the support forum, I would really apreciate if you could give it a look. Thanks! congrats for the theme, it’s awesome. Regards, Bruno.

Hi Bruno, thanks for the compliment on the theme! We have replied to your ticket with the appropriate course of action. Thanks!

I’m about to pull the trigger on this theme but I have a few more questions:

1. I was checking out the “Shop” section of your demo on my mobile phone and it’s pretty jacked up. I’m not seeing any responsive stacking – everything is getting waded together. Is that a bug? eComm will be a large part of our site and I can’t have it looking like that on mobile. See image:

2. In a previous question, I asked about possibly adding social feeds to your theme (Instagram and Twitter ideally) and your response was that is was being worked on and is coming. Any sense of when that is happening?

3. Currently you have two demo homepages (the default and the “alternative”). I trust that the modules on both can be used in any configuration? In other words, the “Recent WODs” from the alternative could be used on the default homepage?

4. I notice that navigation “goes away” after scrolling down a certain amount. I wonder if this behavior can be turned off? From a usability perspective, I am concerned that certain people will not understand where it went or how to get it back.

Hey there, Sorry for the delayed response here over the holiday weekend.

1. Your image is not showing.

2. Sorry if your question was misinterpreted, but while we are adding more social icons soon, we have no plans to add social feeds as there are many plugins that offer this functionality.

3. In short, yes. The home default shows the home template that allows you to ‘plug and play’ with a pre-built layout. The home alternative allows you to build a page from scratch using any combination of shortcodes from our shortcode builder.

4. The hiding navigation is a feature of the theme, there is no off option at this time. User simply needs to scroll back up for the nav to be in viewport again.

Hope that helps!

Thanks! Elizabeth
Lead Designer

Thanks for the answers.

In regards to #1, can you just take a look at your main “Shop” page on a mobile device? As in:

On my iPhone 5s, the items get all squished together, rather than stacking one on top of another.

Right you are. Not responding as well as it should. Fixing now will be pushed to ThemeForest soon…

two2twelve have you consider adding megamenu function like ubermenu to your theme? i think it would be a very good idea, i wonder if ubermenu works right in your current theme

Interesting. Thanks for the suggestion. Maybe something we’ll look into.

I Changed my url settings under general settings which happen to be the same url as a previous wordpress site I had. When I went to login to change them back it sent me to the old site login. So I logged in and changed those url settings to the new site hoping it would then take me back to my new site and let me login and change them. Now I can’t get into either admin areas of either site. Any sugestions?

Hi there, unfortunately this is definitely not a theme related issue and we cannot help with your install directly. I believe one of reps is trying to point you in the right direction. Will follow up in support desk.


Hello, Having an issue with the homepage map showing. Initially it was working fine and I went back to view it after a week and it’s no longer displaying the google maps location but saying: “Please check your map configuration.”

I looked the the home page (page) and checked the fields, including a lat/long value specifically pointing to the location with a zoom value of 10. Still shows the error message.

Can you tell me if there are other configuration dependencies that might be involved here?

Thanks – I saw the thread already posted that we’ll need to use the embed code so you’re aware and a new ticket won’t help much. For the front page I thought I’d share my work around:

I found the file that controls the error message in /plugins/t2t-toolkit/shortcodes/t2t_shortcode_map.class.php

I then looked for the part on line 155 that prints the error message and replaced it with my unique google maps embed code. It’s working for now, but perhaps the next update of this theme will just give us a text box to paste our embed codes in, if google is forcing it this way now.

Anyone else doing this must just remember that with PHP you can’t use all the ” ” characters the embed code provides for values like width=”600” for example. You’ll need to make them ’ ’ as in: width=’600’

Thanks, we’ve found the issue, fix coming out shortly.

Also just to clarify, the knowledgebase entry that you were referring to before, that’s not for the theme you are using, that’s for Advocate WordPress. So please disregard that :)

2nd Question of the Day: why do none of the theme options save between updates? If I upload a new theme folder or overwrite files none of the options we made are saved.

Is there a file in the theme folder where this is stored?

p.s. it’s important to note that while I have all these questions, I’m very happy with the product overall as compared to any of the other fitness themes on this site. Well done, just finding patches to iron out. :)

Sure thing! And thank you for the disclaimer :) Let get you sorted out in support. –

Thanks, I’ll try that again next time.

After a clean install installed I get error call to undefined function is_product() in C:\wamp\www\crossfittelford\wp-content\themes\workout\header.php ? i haev tried a few installs and keep getting this?

I also tried installing the demo content after theme and all plugins are added, and all images and various files fail?! sample errors, there are over 100 of these….

Failed to import Media “coaching” Failed to import Media “shutterstock_117036283” Failed to import Media “shutterstock_115688629” Failed to import “Men’s Black Tee”: Invalid post type product Failed to import “Men’s Cinder Tee”: Invalid post type product

Hi there, if you are using version 1.1.6 of the theme you will need to install the WooCommerce plugin. If you;d like you can upgrade to the latest 1.1.7 that does not require you to install this plugin if you are not using it. As for the demo content, as mentioned on the item theme page, some images do not import due to copyright issues, however this does not effect the core components or functionality of the theme in any way.


Hi. I installed the updated theme and am trying to create pages but all of them read “Fatal error: Call to undefined function is_product() in /home/content/39/10738339/html/UpgradeYourFitness/wp-content/themes/workout/header.php on line 70” and I cannot figure out why. Please help!

Please make sure you’ve also updated the T2T toolkit plugin and also installed the WooCommerce plugin.

Hello! I installed WooCommerce and that seems to of fixed the errors but now the page customizations fields (on customize.php) do not appear or drop down to customize.

Hi there, that’s odd, please visit our support desk so we can take a closer look –


Hi, I’m doing updates for a client, who purchased this theme.

He’s wanting the calendar set in such a way that the viewer doesn’t have to scroll the page. Is it possible to condense the calendar?


Hi there, this would require custom changes to the code. Our customization shop would be able to provide you with a quote for having this done for you after purchasing the theme – please feel free to contact them about it for more information –


Using the “Light” theme version I tried to upload a white background but noticed that the theme appears to apply a dark gradient (mask?) to the image. Is there a place to disable this?


Add to custom css: .shade, .background { display: none !important; }

Yep, that would be it. Glad you got to it before I did!


Just purchased this theme and am installing it on WP 3.9.1 I am using the normal upload theme feature. I have not made ANY changes to ANY files. I select the theme .zip file and tell it to install. after a while of trying it comes back and says: “are you sure you want to do this? Please try again”. It keeps happening EVERY time. Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated!

Hey there, you can change the scheduling interval to 10, 20 or 30 minutes by going to Appearance > Customize > Theme Options tab > Scheduling Interval dropdown


Is there a way to easily increase the size or style of the social media tags in the footer?

If you are using the default rounded style please add this to your Custom CSS area in the Customizer:
footer#standard .copyright li a {
font-size: 22px;
The current size is 22px so just increase that to whatever number you’d like.

If you need further help or have questions like this in the future please visit our support desk, as this page is reserved for pre-sale questions only.


I built a website using this theme and it runs UNBELIEVABLY slow. I have tried everything from deactivating all plugins to switching servers / hosting. Any suggestions or anyone else struggling with the sam issue?

It looks like your hosting is the issue here. I can see that you are using ‘Write Now Host’ — which even their site is incredible slow.. You can find out more about performance regarding WordPress hosts here –

Hosting makes a HUGE difference. Many of these hosts throw as many users on one server as possible, which results in very very slow sites. I would recommend switching to one of the suggested ones.

Best of luck, T2T Theme Team

Having an issue with the carousel slider items. They do not allow linking to posts like before. The fields are there when I edit the items, but the search field does not find any results, therefore I cannot link the icons to any posts.

I tried it with your latest version of the theme 6-25-2014 but this didn’t work either. Can you please confirm? Ticket also created on your support portal.

Still waiting on a fix for this, can’t launch the website and it’s the only item holding us back.

Have you also updated the toolkit? This seems to be working in all our tests…

Yes, thanks – tried after ticket was updated. My site login information is still there to verify what I’m having trouble with.

Hey there. i’m using the location section feature built into the theme on my homepage. The map stopped working. I can’t seem to figure out why. Checked the info and it is right and placed properly. I don;t understand what the issue is. site is located at

Not trying to be a pain in the arse, but why does ThemeForest say its v1.1.6 if youre saying it’s 1.1.9?

I haven’t updated that page yet ;) Look at the stylesheet.css file in your download to see the actual version

Just updated to latest version and all google maps have stopped working. Noticed an earlier thread about this issue – but it hasn’t been fixed yet? What is ETA?? Love the theme and the client is very happy but it’s VERY frustrating when upgrading causes issues like this!

Just to clarify, the home page map is working but the map on my contact page using the shortcode is not working.

ok sorry to stuff you around! I just recreated the shortcode using the metabox on my contact page and it’s working fine now! Apologies again. Cheers

Whew! Scared us for a minute there. Glad you’re all sorted :)

Is there a simple way to change the text color on the price on the products? or is that solely the domain of the woocommerce plugin and not a theme issue?

Please visit our support desk and one of our reps will see if they are able to help you out with that


How to add abackground picture for slider as is in the demo?Thanks

Hi there, go to Appearance > Customize and click on the Theme Backgrounds tab and upload your image to the ‘Header Background’ area. For more information about setting up your theme please see our online documentation – for other questions and support please visit our support desk and open a ticket –


Since the update to 1.1.10 my elastic slider is broken. I have checked everything and generated a fresh shortcode and it’s not working.

If you haven’t already please open a support ticket so we can help you out –


Today it suddenly started working again.

Ah, I think perhaps you had not initially updated your t2t toolkit plugin to the latest version and so it may have auto-updated for you at some point yesterday or today :) Glad to hear it’s working!

is there any chance of adding bbpress and buddypress support?

Hi there, I’m afraid we do not have plans to integrate these.