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Greetings, I’ve submitted a ticket and the reply wasn’t very helpful, I’m stuck with an issue on the gallery, i’ve set up two different environments for the the site and non seem to work when adding images to a gallery. When setting up the gallery, after selecting photos to add, and ticking them to add, you cannot then actually ‘add’ the photos. We have tried it with different images in three different browsers i believe there is a bug somewhere.

Your replied claimed to be a permissions error but you didn’t specify what folders or files. My environment has the standard permissions as any ordinary wordpress site.

Your support and help would be greatly appreciated on how to resolve this problem. I know someone here had the same problem but there is no answer posted.

Thank you, -Adam

Ticket #5907

I do believe your ticket was resolved. Do let us know if you need further help.

I am running into a couple of issues. The testimonials are not allowing users to click on them and read the full testimonial. This comes up when I preview the testimonial I am trying to post: Warning: join(): Invalid arguments passed in /home/xfitjoy/public_html/wp-content/themes/WorkoutTheme/workout/includes/shortcodes.php on line 86 The “programs’ buttons, or boxes are not working on the IOS.

Hi there, support for all of our themes is conducted through the t2t support desk, please open up a ticket there and we’ll be glad to help you out –


Yes I got that after reading through these comments. My ticket number is 5920, and its been about 5 days since I last heard from you guys. Is this a normal turnaround on resovling tickets?

Hi there, we’re very sorry about the wait. Normally we are able to get to these a lot quicker but we had a little break over 4th of July and got a bit backup. Also troubleshooting these issues can take a bit of time in some instances. I believe your ticket has been answered :)

Thanks for the patience. Cheers

On the live demo I don’t see the content highlight boxes below the slider like in this screenshot:

Is that a feature of the theme or was it removed? It was a really attractive feature of it. Would consider buying it if that feature is part of it.

The carousel no longer anchors to the hero section as if did in the beginning, it was causing to omany issue on mobile devices and so we opted to anchor it to the bottom of the page instead –

You have russian language?

Yes, Workout supports translations and localization using .po and .mo files.

It is possible create more than 10 differnet schedule table?

Not sure I quite follow, you’d like to create 10 separate schedule calendars?

Hi there, I have quite a few tickets outstanding – are you guys online? please can you help me out? Thx a lot for your support in advance,

I do believe we have been actively answering your tickets. If not what are the ticket numbers?

Hello When i want add pictures to any gallery and i clicking on “add photos” nothing happens. Why?

Hi there, if you’d like help please open up a ticket at our support desk and we’ll be happy to look into as soon as we can –


The phone icon is not showing up and I’m having trouble creating all the fields on the site. There is no way to create a backup file of the page you? The XML file that came in the download didnot.

Hi there, please feel free to open up a ticket in our support desk so that we can help you out –


Hi I want to know if it is possible to make visitors to record their own testimonies

Thank you!

Hello, no that is not a feature

hi, great theme.

i need one help, in my site the maps of the home and contact page are mising the directions, please check this


Hi there, please make sure you are using the latest version of the theme 1.1.11. Also make sure to update your t2t toolkit plugin. If you have already done this and are still have issues feel free to open up a ticket at our support desk and we’ll be glad to help –

Hi! Does your schedule allow TWO classes to occur at the same start/end time?

No I’m afraid it does not support this.

Hi, I went ahead and purchased the theme and it DOES allow two classes to occur at the same start and end time…

I’m sorry I completely read that wrong! You are correct it does support this. So sorry for misleading :/


Hey folks, I am having an issue with the Programs feature. When creating the programs pages, the subtitles do not show at all. Please see screenshots here and here

Also is it possible to set background images for the page headers (i.e. where the page title and subtitle display)?

Hey there,

Have you opened up a support ticket yet? If not, please do and we’ll be glad to help –


Hi, I would like to purchase the theme. Can you provide RTL support for this theme?

Sorry can you clarify RTL?

Right to Left languages support.

Hi there, if the Google font you’ve chosen support this than the theme will reflect that.


OK the mobile nav system on ios is very unfriendly. The fact that you have to click the “x” after selecting your item to go there is bizarre and not user friendly or intuitive at all. Also on android it says “navigate to”, is there any way to change that text or make it show the standard lined button ?(

Please add ability to made the center logo larger at least 350×100 etc…

- Can the height of the header be changed? - How to ignore the mobile version from loading?

Hi there! I opened a ticket (#6206) 3 days ago and it hasn’t been assigned nor responded to. This is quite urgent and while I understand it was on a Saturday morning (local time, California), I was under the impression the support desk was 24/7. Either way, I’m hoping to hear back from someone urgently on my issue that has my client in a fuss and they are up against a deadline themselves.

Please! help me! is it possible to add slider on main page? How i can to do it?

Such as the slider on the main page of our demo? Yes that is possible using any of our slider shortcodes.

Can you resize the height of the Elastic Slider on the home page?


Heyyy, How’s everybody doing with Workout Theme? Hopefully you’re all having fun building your fitness sites with it :)

Just wanted to leave a reminder here about a few things:

1. We’ve spent a lot of time making great documentation and videos so don’t forget to check them out when you first start setting up your theme or anytime you have a question about how to customize something. The password for the videos is: wordpress

2. The comments page is for PRE-SALE QUESTIONS ONLY. We do not reply to support questions here, please visit our support desk if you need help.

3. We DO NOT offer customization services in our support desk. For things unrelated to bugs or default features please contact our awesome customization shop

Thank you guys!

All the best, T2T Team