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trumic91 Purchased

Hello, nice looking theme that we consider to buy for my Company.

Please allow some pre-sale questions:

1. Is it possible to make a customized field for the Search Tool? 2. Is it possible to let not Reistred Members to apply on Job? 3. To make just a “simple” Job Search Tool on the Homepage and remove Recent Job list from the Homepage (is this an shortcode?), and make an seperatly Page with Extended Job Search Tool with more filters and the Recent Jobs List? 4. change the theme colour? 5. Integrate language button to switch between german and english? 6. NOT to Integrate WooComerce? (we only offer jobs, and we not need any payments for it) 7. Change the button “apply for this job” link to our database (we already have such a link) 8. Disable the login and registration system for guests, butt allow the Admin Post jobs in the frontend?

I am very grateful for an answer. Thank you very much


  1. With a bit of coding it’s possible
  2. Depends on which application form you choose, but generally they are registered
  3. Yes you can do that like that
  4. Sure, it’s in Customise section
  5. We don’t have such option
  6. Sure, it’s optional
  7. What do you mean by that? How do you link to database :)
  8. Sure, it’s in options

trumic91 Purchased

Hello, nice theme i love it :) Can u say me how i can remove the Reset and RSS buttons. Thx

Can I add audio questions in the resume dashboard

I’m afraid there’s no such option

Hi purethemes,

Is it possible to get a demo login to the admin site, so i can see how data, fields and setup can be manipulated to our needs?


In case you don’t support our needs—do you offer money back? I’m a bit hesitant to buying as i see some comments on here, as well as i might not have any use of the theme since i haven’t seen the admin panel.


sorry, we don’t have admin access to demo, we can offer you a w weeks “no questions asked” period for a refund if you won’t like the theme.

Which comments make you hesitant? ;)


greg12 Purchased

Hi the issue is still not resolved gutenberg is off turned off all plugins when editing pages the text editor is blank so still can alter any text within the whole site. Regards



disable the plugin Modal Survey, it causes JS errors in wp-admin, you’ll see it works correctly with that plugin deactivated https://www.dropbox.com/s/weq2llx616xr4oa/Screenshot%202019-03-13%2023.01.05.png?dl=0


greg12 Purchased

Thanks I did disable them all I will contact the plugin author abut the conflict.



Hello dear,

0- I would like to know, Is it possible candidates and employers apply job without registration. Mostly I need candidate apply job without registration. I need candidate send CV and fill in their information and send it without registration – Even I do not want to have registration in my website. No registration.

1- Is it possible to add more field to the “send CV form” and “Apply for job form”? Right now there are some fields such as name, surname and etc … I would like to add more fields into that page.

2- Is it possible to remove Map top of job search page and resume search page?

3- Is it possible to add or remove field in search filter?

4- Is it possible to remove packages? because in the website that I would like to have , everything must be free. Everyone can add job (free) , add resume (free) . You know because registration it will be disable.

5- Would you help for customization (a bit for some parts) even if you charge me?

Best regards.


ad0. No it’s not possible

ad1. Yes it is possible https://wpjobmanager.com/document/resume-manager-editing-submission-fields/

ad2. Yes of course

ad3. It requires a bit of coding now

ad4. Yes, it’s optional

ad5. No sorry, we don’t have resources now for customization jobs, but we can refer you to developers who have been working with our theme.

Best regards

Please verify your purchase first. And this is supported by default in WP Job Manager

Hello there,

This is my website, the “post a job” page, and the style of the “Job category” is not displayed correctly, I want it to be the same as the “Job type”, what should I do?


It’s caused by recent change in WP Job Manager from chosen.js to select2 script, we’ll post an update for that soon