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Hello, I have followed your advice to put an additional apply button at the bottom of a listing:

ad1. put that code https://gist.github.com/purethemes/65601f8614a2622465b5a905f0378212 after line 116 in single-job_listing.php

Unfortunately when I have done this the apply button appears at the top of the listing.

See here: https://i4recruitment.com/job/data-analyst-scientist/ Is it possible to keep this one at the top but replace the Full Time & New boxes and also have one at the bottom of the listing?

Thank you, Adam

Hello, I can send a screenshot if you wish? By following your exact instructions the title bar becomes removed entirely, the sidebar is moved and all of the text is pushed up heavily.

Please try for yourself by deleting lines 48-56. :)

If you could ensure the redirect is fixed asap that would be massively appreciated. I thought it was fixed prior to the weekend and have campaigns waiting to go out that wouldn’t return results if the registration doesn’t take them back to where they were.

Thanks again. Adam

Also the registration page now goes to the Wordpress login/registration page. This cannot happen. Everything needs to be visible on the front end as it was previously. I look forward to everything working as it should! :)

Hi, I replied to your email

Hello, is it possible to add a new filter to the job search, based on the experience required for the job, the same way you can currently filter jobs by a salary?

Hi, yes but it requires custom modification, you can check how the current filters are made in workscout/inc/wp-job-manager.php and duplicate the code to create your own

Hi, I found it extremely useful that in WorkScout Woo settings I can hide several of traditional WooCommerce My Account menu points, like Downloads. Two quick questions:

1) Is it possible to change the visibility of that menu items based on the role of a user? For example, ‘Orders’ is relevant for Employers, but not Candidates

2) Is it possible instead to add custom menu items? I would like that the My Account menu for candidates has buttons to their Job Alerts and their bookmarked jobs.

Thank you


ad1. You can hide that Orders page from the WooCommerce part of menu, and add a link to that page just to regular dashboard menu for Employers

ad2. The dashboard menu is actually two menus, the bottom one is WooCommerce menu, and above you can assign regular menu created in Appearance -> Menus -> Manage Location for each user role separately, so that way you can add any custom link there


looking to purchase. But Will I be able to include a calendar view for booking in the dashboards and on each job posts to show both candidate availability and employer dates opening? I’m including a freelancing/part-time jobs which shows calendar dates the job is needed. Thanks!


I’m afraid there’s no such functionality in the theme.

Hello plugins pay listing,on the preview space, before payment is it possible to add upsell options thank you in advance


There’s no build in option for that, it would require custom modification

Just so you’re aware – on the “pop-up” login form on the “choose roles” section you have misspelled “candidate” – you forgot the “n” and is currently “cadidate”. Can you please change this?

Thank you.


sorry about that, I’ll try to update it but you can quickly fix it by editing wp-content/themes/workscout/inc/wp-job-manager.php

the ‘Cadidate’ typo is in line 832


The theme is causing an issue in the Woo-commerce Store. It seems that one of the template overrides is causing store/shop images to duplicate. When previewing the page using another Woo-commerce compatible theme, there wasn’t an issue. Can this be resolved some way?

Thank you!


there’s no such problem with theme, I’ve tried regular products and they show fine, no one else reported such an issue. Make sure you’re running the latest version of WorkScout, as your comment doesn’t have ‘Supported’ badge it means you’ve bought the theme at lest 6 months ago, so I assume that you didn’t make any update since.

Hello, I started to install this theme but I was wondering if there was a way to add a section for current/old employees to add reviews of the companies. thanks, will

I want to use the plugin just to manage the job subscriptions for my own company. Is there a way to to make the theme to assume that all the jobs posted are for the same company? As I see, when I go to the “Post a Job” the theme has Company fields.

Yes of course, you can just disable registration options and the “Post a Job” option from front-end so no one else would have a way to add it

Hi, before to buy the theme, I’d like to know if I can have these filters ?

- Languages (multiple choice possible):

English French Russian Brasilian Spanish

- Days of the week : Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

- Working hours by week : 1 – 10 hours 10 – 15 hours 15 – 20 hours + 20 hours

- Jobs : Babysitter Teacher

Best, Andrea

Hi, thank you for your reply. What do you call custom modification ?

No we don’t provide currently customisation service but I can recommend someone

Hi, would be great if you could recommend someone please

Best Andrea

Hi there,

I have bought and installed the theme, I get this message from Google Search Console

Top 5 new issues found, ordered by number of affected pages: Missing field “baseSalary”

Missing field “employmentType”

Missing field “validThrough”

Missing field “jobLocation.address.postalCode”

Missing field “jobLocation.address.streetAddress”

I can’t actually see where these are? Any clues? Seems to be missing in the theme I have bought.

Dear Support, do you also plan in the near future modern layout, where the map takes half of the screen, and on the other side are filters and results?

Interesting idea, we actually have something like that in our other theme https://findeo.realty/half-list-layout/ – we’re launching soon new theme (listeo) but after that I guess we could add this kind of layout to WorkScout. Thanks for feedback!