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Hello, how do I replace the word “Howdy” in the dashboard to something more international like “Hello” ?

Thank you!

It’s Howdy, with coma at the end, not just Howdy

Thank you, that’s all fixed. Support renewed now.

Couple of other questions that you may be able to help with.

When I checkout after buying a job listing package it doesn’t divert me to post the listing straight away. How come?

I need this to be a streamlined process for my users where they buy, then list straight away rather than going into a different page to post their listing.

Second query:

When I set up a resume package I expected this to be for employers to view resumes in the website but instead it’s for candidates to post a resume.

How do I ensure the resume packages are for employers to browser the resumers rather than as above.

Kind regards, Adam


you should direct users straigh to Post a Job page, there you choose the package you want to buy and go throught the submit process.

It’s all functionality of https://wpjobmanager.com/add-ons/wc-paid-listings/ not theme.

Check also https://wpjobmanager.com/document/tutorial-require-an-active-job-package-to-view-resumes/

In my workScout theme which I imported into my website recently and it’s not displaying the submit a resume or manage resume option in the candidate dashboard. kindly tell me the way to sort out this issue.


If you want the same content as the demo page, you need to buy also some additional plugins, WorkScout is based on WP Job Manager and it’s add-ons. The free version of WP Job Manager allows for listing jobs and job submissions, If you want to have resumes, application, bookmarks, job alerts and other features you can see on a demo, the best way would be to buy the Core Add-on Bundle for 125$ https://wpjobmanager.com/add-ons/bundle/ – it’s all clearly explained in WorkScout description.

WP Job Manager is owned by Automattic so the company that ‘owns’ WordPress, I don’t think there’s a better guarantee that that plugin will work and will be maintained, can’t say that about other solution from developers who might abandon their project if they will stop selling. Using WPJM you are always sure you can change the theme any moment and all your data and jobs and everything else will still work. With other solution you might be stuck or have a lot of work to migrate your data.


TRM3 Purchased

Hi Purethemes! So the other day I mentioned the problem we were having with the resume plugin. My client decided on a different approach to handling resume uploads, so we’ve taken care of that problem. :)

My question now is this – on our “Browse Jobs by Location” page, the right side map displays fine on desktop, but on mobile, it’s just displaying a large grey box (where the map should appear).

Are we missing something simple here? Perhaps a toggle deep within the customization settings that needs to be flipped on, or is there a bigger problem at play? Thanks so much. :)


TRM3 Purchased

Hi Purethemes :) We’re on Version: 2.0.15.

latest one is 2.0.17 and we’re about to release 2.0.18


TRM3 Purchased

Just wanted to take a moment to confirm to anyone else reading with the same problem, updating to the latest version did indeed fix this bug!

Sorry, Purethemes, but a team member assigned to this project was under the impression that the latest version was installed (the advertising on Envato’s page misleadingly shows 2.0.15 as the current version.)

In any event, thanks for the awesome continued support 3 years after purchase, and a fantastic theme overall! Our agency looks forward to working with your team as we, too, continue to grow. All the best. :)


Just wondering if it’s possible to hide the Employer registration so it isn’t open to just anyone? I’d like to limit registrations to people I invite rather than everyone having access.

Is this something that’s possible?


Yes of course, you can disable registration in Settings -> General -> Membership -> Anyone can register wp Setting

My currency can’t be changed or disabled. I tried Loco Translate, String Locator, SayWhat? and read all of the documents and checked if the icon class was written right and everything. Please help me, I need € instead of $.

I just did, hope you can help :)

Any Progess?

On the home page you can see the recents posts section doesn’t display the YouTube link in the excerpt.


However when you go into the News or Videos pages in the main nav you can see the YouTube link. How do we make this consistent so the link isn’t visible if a video is embedded?

Kind regards, Adam

Also please could you explain why the Secure padlock is only displaying on some pages and not others such as this?


That’s correct, the links/embeds are stripped from excerpt. That’s WordPress doing that, not our theme.

regarding https, if you check source view of that page, most of the libraries and external files are loaded via http link, not https, but the same links are loaded via https on other pages like home page, so I assume you have some cache plugin and probably this page still loads the cached non-https version

you could also try with plugin like https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-force-ssl/


ktsirkas Purchased

Hello there,

I would like to learn if i can have job category filters on sidebar by using widgets?

Thank you in advance


no, the sidebar filter is separate template, it’s not available as widget


greg12 Purchased

Hi is there a specific page for registering or is there a short code I can use to do this

You can link to any Dashboard page. for not logged in users it will show a registration form

Hi there,

I want the client to have editor access so that they can change content and approve job submissions. Is this possible for them to do with editor functionality. It’s important that they don’t access the technical area, which complicates the interface and a risk that they may accidentally change something ( it’s happened before and will happen again!), as a result they won’t have access to the admin role.

So my question is can the editor role have the ability to approve job posts ?

Also, I’d like it so that only employers can access the resume section – it seem that all can access it on your demo – just wanted to check in case this was for demonstration purposes only.

You’d probably have to use https://wordpress.org/plugins/user-role-editor/ to assign such capabilities for Editor role, but that shouldn’t be a problem. And yes, you can limit resume visibility https://wpjobmanager.com/document/resume-manager/#section-4

Thanks for the message.Using the role editor plugin, I don’t think it will automatically appear in the menu for the editor role ? Is there something else that I will need to do, to get it to appear in the menu on the left hand side, so that they can access it ?

I’m not sure what you mean, which menu ?

Hello, I am having problems when I want to enter as a candidate or employer. It gives me the error “wrong password and / or email”

Please contact me via Support Tab with admin access to your site


You have a great theme, but it would be better if you add a review system and the posibility like listeo that both accounts can make all capability (post jobs and resumes).


both roles in WorkScout have capabilities to post job and resume, but we don’t have review system. Thanks for feedback!

Hello, I want to check how I can see whatsapp and other contact data. I can only see some data. Thank you


see where exactly?

I would like to see the WhatsApp number on each resume and job

That would require adding such field in the forms, as there none like that by default. https://wpjobmanager.com/document/editing-job-submission-fields/

What is new in Version: 2.0.18?

Please i want to know what is new in Workscout Version: 2.0.18 before i update. I have checked your knowledge base and there is no information about this.

Kindly let me know what is new in this Version: 2.0.18.

I await your response.


Update was mostly for WooCommerce files and latest version of WPBakery and RevolutionSlider


UDADA Purchased

Hello, I bought the Workscout theme, not for a Job Board but to create an Opportunities Board. Its similar to the job board but not exactly, I am willing to pay extra if you have IT people who will tweak the site a little to suit what I want to use the site for. I am willing to discuss further on what I want if I can get a support person to speak with privately


we don’t offer customization services, try with https://codeable.io/ – I can recommend them.


saikenshi Purchased

Hi I want to ask how can I set up job alert for my web?


saikenshi Purchased

I’m sorry but theme lacks not only job aler, but also It lacks many features for me to create my own web. I figured out that If i want to create the web suitable for my work. I need to pay more than buying this theme, and I don’t have enough budget for it. I had bad experience about this problem so I just want to ask for refund. Thanks

It’s clearly explained in item description that it requires extra plugins. I already replied to your other comment with refund link


saikenshi Purchased

yes, I received your link. I’m sorry about that but I didn’t think it lacks too many tools that I need. I need to pay much if I want to done my web.


actilize Purchased

Hey guys, Thanks for the new version. It would be extremely awesome if you keep the changelog up to date. :) Cheers Florian

That was just maintenance fix, for WooCommerce and newest versions of WPBakery and RevSlider

I have people who post jobs to their existing website and don’t want to double up on the work

Is it possible with this theme to automatically populate job ads via an RSS or similar device for a third party website?

Hi, there are two plugins that you could try to use for that https://wpjobmanager.com/product-category/importexport/

Fantastic, this looks like it will do the job.

Thank you!


saikenshi Purchased

Sorry team but this theme is missing too many features that I need. I cannot design the web following the way I want to. So I want to ask the refund. Thank you!

Good afternoon,

When attempting to place orders via my website I’m experiencing this red bar with no notification.


Please assist. Everything is setup correctly in the dashboard.

Kind regards, Adam

Do you know when you may be able to look into this? It seems as though support is only once every 24 hours.

I just replied to your ticket. Our response time as stated above can be up to 2 business days. But usually it’s within few hours, as you could probably see by your previous comments and questions. Please take into consideration that we have many other buyers we need to support and we’re not robots ;)