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Discussion on WorkScout - Job Board WordPress Theme

Discussion on WorkScout - Job Board WordPress Theme

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Hi :-) How can a modify some element in the search banner : i would like to get rid of the ” or browse job offert by category” and as always thanks :-)


to get rid of that page, you need to deselect Browse Categories page in Appearance -> Customize -> Jobs Options -> Jobs Home Page , and the last option there is for that

again Thanks for your support !

Hello, i need to change domain name used , kindly reset my code

There’s currently no domain restriction in code



The “company_logo” hides on mobile devices. How do I enable it on mobile devices?

Thank you!

I installed the woocommerce social login. Is it possible to use the social login on the pop up “sign in – login”? Because it does appear on the login-sign in page but it does not appear on the pop up.

I want the non logged in users that is trying to visit the submit new listing page, to be redirected to the login page and then, after he login to be redirected back to submit new listing page.

Is it possible to make this? How can I do it?

I figured out the second question and the first one is not is not needed anymore to be answered.

Thank you!!

ok, thanks :)

I have 2 jobs offer, and on one, the Job Location map in the jobs page, is grey and do not display the map with the geolocated mark. On other job it show. The jobs are copied but change in title and geolocated lat and long… why could one of them shown in the map’s place just grey?

i tried to search the web for that error the google map give me, but i did not find… can you help me with what could have cause that error? thanks

This error was because your whole site was unavailable when I was checking it. I still can’t see your single job as there’s some “Coming soon” page “Emplois automobile… Le site est en préparation et sera bientôt disponible!”

yes maintenance page… but i fixed it. just try another geolocated lat and long value and it work. thanks

Another quick question, I did not find where do change it… How can i translate in french the name for the menu “footer / for candidates” in the footer widget. I search with loco translate the strings in the theme but did not find it? thanks again


It’s just a widget title in Appearance -> Widgets, you can change the text there, it’s not ‘translatable’ as it’s something that user adds in Dashboard

yes thanks it worked :-)

Hi, Quick question please.

I deleted Jobs page coz it was causing me 500’s errors. i added a new page with same name, same permalien and same short code https://snag.gy/AUK6Tb.jpg but if i do a job search on home page i got a 404 error https://snag.gy/0VQuX5.jpg

What can i do to fix it please ? Thank you


have you set that new page as your Job Listings Page in Job Listings -> Settings -> Pages?

I didn’t :D it’s fine now thank you so much


How do you change the “featured color” from yellow to something different? I’ve tried CSS but no luck. TY


.resumes li.highlighted a:before,
li.resume_featured a:before,
.job-list li.job_position_featured a:before {
    -webkit-box-shadow: 0px 1px 0px 0px #e0da94;
    -moz-box-shadow: 0px 1px 0px 0px #e0da94;
    box-shadow: 0px 1px 0px 0px #e0da94;
    opacity: 1;

.resumes li.highlighted,
.job-list li.job_position_featured {
    background-color: #fefff6 !important; 
    border-color: #e0da94 !important;
    z-index: 100 !important;

Please consider renewing your support as your included support period has expired. That help us maintain the theme and develop it further. Many thanks!

Hi I can see that in Customize > Login there is an option to “Remove role choose from sign up form”, how does it work? I mean when a new user signs up what happens next? I thought that this was necessary and a new user was given a role as a candidate or employer, and thus could see in the dashboard only role specific options. PLease advise, many thanks, Roland


there are users who don’t want employers accounts as they manage the job listing by them-self (like a single company that uses WorkScout for their own recruitment) – this is option for them so only Candidates can register.

Hi, in the Signup/Registration form is there a way to revert the order in the field “I’m looking..” to set first ”..for a job” and second ‘to hire’?

Hi, yes I found it in workscout\inc\registration.php:211 ; but I’ve already edited quite a few templates and would prefer to avoid editing more as you constantly develop the theme. Is there any chance that you could make it as an option for us to choose in the admin Appearance > Customize > Login | Registration

I guess most of the jobsites will have more applicants wanting to add resumes than employers posting jobs, so this small change would help. Thanks!

Ok, I’ll change it

Thank you!!!

How can i add Recent job posts on my Revolution Slider from workscout theme ? Please update the steps here.

Sorry but afaik there’s no option for that

Anyone having problem with selectin Header/paragrapg in text editor since 4.8.1 update of wordpress? All my pages with Visual composer or siteorigin or any builder have problem with this.

I replied to your email.

Hi, quick question about styling and displaying job applications in the jobs dashboard.

1) I have free profiles and premium (featured) profiles on my jobsite. Is there a way to pull the information from the database about the profile type before displaying it and ideally adding a class “resume_featured” to the relevant div in the: div class=”application job-application” ?

like this is done on a page that shows all candidates and their resumes: https://workscout.in/resumes/

2) Also, currently job applications can be sorted by newest, name and rating. Is there a way to put all the job applications from featured resumes in front of the queue? It doesn’t matter which filter is applied, but to always push these in front.

As I am sure you guessed by now, I am trying to monetize on featured profiles and tell users of all benefits they will get after upgrading.

Dziekuje Lukasz, czekam na odpowiedz, pozdrawiam,



ad1) There is function is_resume_featured( $post ) that takes $post object of resume, in job-applications you have ID of resume available if the resume is from that application, so something like
$id = get_post(resume_id);
if(is_resume_featured($id)) { echo "resume_featured";}
should do the trick

ad2) You’d need to modify the application_orderby around line 300 in /includes/class-wp-job-manager-applications-dashboard.php

Hi, I’ve translated quite a lot using LocoTranslate, but having a small trouble locating a phrase “View Resume” which is in the Job Application section where an Employer can see all the candidates and job applications. There is a picture of a candidate, first name, Email and then View Resume and kind of download icon. It is really a link to the candidate profile page.

I’ve searched through the theme and few WP Job Manager plugins but still can not locate it.

Please let me know when you have a free moment, thanks!


it’s in workscout\wp-job-manager-applications\job-applications.php: but it’s translatable string
esc_html('View Resume', 'workscout' );
and you should see it in LocoTranslate.

Hi, I searched again everywhere but could not locate it. In the Workscout theme, I have 1642 strings but no match for “View Resume”, and in WP Job Manager – Applications I have 200 strings, but again no match for “View Resume”.

I synced both language files to make sure that they are up to date before I searched…

Would you be able to check that on your end in LocoTranslate?

Thank you!


this is weird but you’re right, this string is not in the translation, even if all other from that file are. I’ll try to figure that out

Hi Guys! Sorry another question, this time about categories.

When you add categories for resumes and jobs there are options to add Name, Description, Category icon or custom image, and a Background image.

I think currently only the ‘Name’ and ‘Background image’ are supported in the theme. Is there any chance you could add support for Description in your next update?

It could help a lot in terms of better SEO for the categories. But also we could include a button like Join Now, or Post a Job etc..

Here is an example: https://www.upwork.com/local/united-kingdom/england/london/wordpress/

There is a short description at the top + button, and as you scroll down you can see a much longer section “Hire.. Experts” with some text, and another section below “Skills related..” Maybe this is a bit too much, but it would be great to have at least one section.

What do you think?

Thanks, Roland

Ok, I can see that the Description was picked up by Yoast SEO for meta description, but still, it would be great to be able to include this text on the actual page for visitors to see.


I’ll add it for next update, thanks for feedback

Thank you!!!

Hi, Is the search function working properly? It only shows all the jobs that are listed, instead of the ones that matches the keyword that i search for. www: mailitd.com Can you help me?

No, you need to enable that field in Customize -> Jobs Options -> Jobs Home Page.

I know but it doesn’t work. There are no search results only url changes: https://careerhouse.pl/#s=1

Have you set your own API key for google maps? Console shows this “This API project is not authorized to use this API. Please ensure this API is activated in the Google Developers Console: https://console.developers.google.com/apis/api/places_backend?project=_ For more information on authentication and Google Maps Javascript API services please see: https://developers.google.com/maps/documentation/javascript/get-api-key"


Without it it won’t work. You can also disable geolocation and then the location search will just match the text values from jobs


We are trying to use Contact form 7 on Single Resume Display page, through the ‘contact listing’ plugin. But, though the form shows as successfully sent, there are actually no emails sent. We tried to test the same form on other pages and it works.Any suggestion?


Another problem that we are facing is, order of Resume Listing. We are not able to sort listings by Date added. When we use default theme, we are able to sort listings properly.


the order of resumes on the archive page can be changed in Appearance -> Customize -> Resumes Options -> Resumes Options

as for the Contact Form 7, I’d need to have access to your site to check it, but if it works on other pages, the only reason I see that it would work is wrong email address of candidate


Your first suggestion really worked very well. Thanks.

For Contact Form 7 related issues, we have sent login credentials for your review.

Thanks for great support.

How do you handle the “Apply for a Job” form with multilanguage (WPML)? I have translated my website in 4 languages and I just noticed I can only select one form in Job Listings > Settings > Contact a Job Form. And because of the way WPML works with Contact Form 7 each form in each language has to be a separate form.


WorkScout is not WPML compatible theme (and not advertised anywhere as it). I guess that would require custom modification of Contact Listing plugin so it would use certain form based on the current language, which technically is possible, but you’d need to hire someone to help you with that.


I hope you can help me.

I was creating an Pricing list with the shortcode [pricing_woo_tables] i have subscriptions at my theme for two different categories (Job & Resumes)

At the Pricing list it just shows me the packages for Jobs. And It starts with the most expensive

How can I show both subscriptions packes JOB + Resume? How can i organize the packages to start with the lowest price?


Thank you so much for your effort!

Check my reply to your last comment.

Hi, I am facing a problem on the mobile version of the theme. On iPhone 7 plus. Please check the image https://ibb.co/gJkSSF

You see that the “Find Job” (Βρείτε Εργασία, on Greek) appears on top of the mobile menu.

Plus the “User Page” and “Disconnect” appear on two rows instead of one row.

Please provide the css fix.

Today I got this notification “Elements within this list are deprecated and are no longer supported in newer versions of Visual Composer.”

Is there a specific reason that you are not answering the question about the order of the categories? I see that you have answered questions made later than mine.

All types that can be displayed using that element are described here http://www.docs.purethemes.net/workscout/knowledge-base/jobs-categories/

If you select it to group by parents, the parent category is the title of the section.


I need your help immediately for these issues on my job page;

1. https://gyazo.com/17e22aac4a58087be6397489138d533c 2. https://gyazo.com/80b7126769a96c549bed7fe7fb39a327 3. https://gyazo.com/16bccdeed29a7ca8ee8c29deeda0c378 4. https://gyazo.com/ae1e00198aace330b5c54b23e3b2d391

I will be very happy if you answer me as soon as possible. Believe me especially because of 4. issue people not paying for job listings!


ad1) Edit workscout/job_manager/job-dashboard.php – this is at the end of that file, as you can see it takes the ID of the page that is set in Job Listings -> Settings -> Pages to be a Submit Job page, so you need to edit it there or just replace whole code with your button

ad2 & ad3 No idea what that table is doing there and how was it added, I’m 100% sure it’s not coming from theme. As for changing text try http://www.docs.purethemes.net/workscout/knowledge-base/how-can-i-change-some-words-in-theme-like-for-example-find-job/

ad4) This is handled by WC Paid Listings add-on, I’m pretty sure it’s something in configuration that adds it for all users, alternatively you could hide it with CSS.

I’d need to know your page address to provide you CSS for that

Thank you for your fast answers and help.

I fixed my first issue as you explained. But for second one I didn’t success with ’’Say What’’ plugin. I found the code for that ’’Preview’’ button on Wpide but I can not change it because it’s shortcode or I don’t know how to do it :) My page address is; jobsinsofia.eu


can’t you just replace the text using WPIDE? it doesn’t matter if it’s shortcode