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Hi Enabled, thank you. I surfed the site but I cant figure out how to do this with the youtube video. For you as a professional it must be a piece of cake… – can you just give me here an example how to integrate a youtube video with clourbox in your template?

Thank you

Thank you very much!

Let me know if it worked. I will add this to the FAQ page if you can confirm it worked out well for you! :)

It does work 100%.

Thank you

This is a unique portfolio template, well done!. Will be purchasing soon:)

Thank you very much tonytupperware! Glad to hear you like it! :)

Hello there! I am interested in purchasing this App, I am a videographer and I need to make sure that it can use my videos from my vimeo page, and I also need to know can I put the code in the style css in the wordpress host app?

This is my site now and I’m upset I can’t get my videos on there :( www.camilletaylor.com

Hey there, first of all, this is a HTML template. Not a WordPress Theme. Secondly, yes, it can have Vimeo Embeds in it without a problem.

Hi there, will i be able to use this on Hype editor? Looking forward to your reply, thanks, Will

Hi Do u still provide little guidance for new buyers? Im interested in extended license but have a couple of questions before jumping in. 1- Are these pictures replaceable? like the display in Mobile phones and iPad mouseover view? and the Worktropia can be replaced with my logo?

2- Will the mobile site work for all mobiles or just iOS?

Hey there! Yes, the pictures are replaceable, they just need to have the new size added to the CSS if you replace them. The logo can of course be replaced with your own! The mobile site works for all mobiles! :)

I have bought this template but need mobile web redirection code for mobile site. No one has responded for my comment in this thread yet. Please provide. My username is Zamq83


I have purchased this. Now please send me the code that u were to send for me to include for mobile re-direction.

My username is zamq83

I want to give a public vote of admiration for this programmer on as many of his products as possible.

There is a reason.

When we’re buying templates and themes, we need more than a batch of code which works properly. We need to know that the programmer behind it is serious about his or her work, capable of responding, able to offer reasonable custom work and upgrades – and most of all concerned that we get the product we need to solve problems and create solid projects.

Enabled is that kind of provider. I will take as much time as I can to tell as many people as possible how good his work is, how much I appreciate his talent and how much money he saved me in outside development.

When I need him, he’s there. Whether via email or Skype, he provides extraordinary service as if he’s just another seamless part of your team.

I rarely say I can’t wait to buy more of someone’s products, but he is the resource I’ll return to every time I need anything related to desktop or mobile design.

Bring your project, bring your skill level and explain exactly what you want to accomplish. You won’t find anyone better.

The beautiful bonus you get is being able to envision how a theme might work, and not worry if you have trouble customizing it to your own idea of what your project must look like or accomplish.

Ask him, rely on his expertise, and you’ll befriend one of the world’s finest programmers.

I’m putting my name on this, because I believe it with 20 years of experience in tech. Hire this guy, at any level, and you will be pleased with the results.

Jason M. Kibby, CIO Wortham Laboratories, Incorporated HDYellow/CraftGeneration Chattanooga, Tennessee USA

Jason, thank you from the bottom of my heart for being such an amazing customer and for your purchase and rating! It’s been and will always be an immense pleasure working with you! These are the things that keep us going and keep motivating us to making better and more amazing products, for amazing customers like you! Cheers my friend! Thank you for everything and for your amazing feedback!