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Am I missing something? I’m looking at the the demo on my iPhone and it doesn’t seem to be optimized for mobile?

Click the the mobile tab and then it will work. It can work automatically. If you purchase it, send me a e-mail through my profile and I will send you 1 line of code to add in the head section, and then it will automatically redirect to the mobile page!

nevermind, didn’t realize there was a “mobile” tab to hit… Would be nice if it auto-loaded… will that happen in the working file?

Hey dantehicks . No worries. Auto-redirect is not implemented in the template because it works awesome on most big screens mobiles. If you purchase the template, please e-mail me through my profile and I will send you 1 line of code to add in the head section, and then it will automatically redirect to the mobile page!

Great Template.

I love the sound and keyboard action on your personal site. Any chance to tell me how you accomplished this?

Thank you!

Thank yous so very much for your purchase NurSharina! Please contact me through my profile for more details!

Nice theme. First issue: Menu broken on Ipad2/Safari.

Hey there MrNobody! Thank you for letting me know! I have dispatched an update right now! You will be able to download it for free from the download section when it is approved! To fix it right now, just go to style.css and, on the 150th line, add 430 width instead of 420!

I am very very sorry for not catching this bug! Thank you for letting me know and for purchasing! Many many thanks!

Later Edit: I dispatched the update! It will be approved soon and the error will be fixed! I am deeply sorry again for this! Thanks a million for letting me know!

Beautiful theme, good luck with sales. :)

Love the scrolling messages too! :D

Thank you iAlex! Much appreciated!

Congrats Paul, awesome template! :bigsmile:

Thank you cosmincotor! Much appreciated mate! :)

I know. My host just mailed me that the are working on some problems. Please check back in a few hours! Sorry for the inconvenience!

Update released! 5th of January 2012.

  • Menu fixed to stay centered on iPad, iPad2, small screen laptops and Safari
  • Good job Paul :D

    Felicitari! ;-)

    Thank you KiwiStudio ! Apreciez! :)

    The idea is awesome and the whole design, right!

    Thank you fireform! Much appreciated!

    I like it very much! Easy to edit and a nice clean code.

    Thank you!

    Thank you for your kind words seacoin! Don’t forget to rate it 5 stars from your downloads menu! It really helps a lot! :)

    Hello, I’ve just purchased this awesome theme! You tell us that for buyers you could send them a 1 line code for automatic redirection on mobile page…

    Sorry for my bad english :|

    Hey kiveu ! Thank you very much for your purchase! Please send me a message through my profile and I will send you the auto-redirect script!

    All the best, Paul.

    Hi, I have not yet purchased the theme, does the mobile option / redirect also work for Android devices (tablets), want to use the site for a start page for our school but we have a few Android and ISO Tablet clients?

    Thanks Andre

    Hey there zaannyy! Thanks for your question! The mobile version is optimized for the iPhone but it should work without a problem on most 320×480 screen devices! :)

    Hey, i purchased and uploaded your theme to Wordpress but it says the package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet. Help! I need my site up by tomorrow morning, i have all the content ready, I just need to install the theme! Thanks. Will

    Hello Will! Thank you for your purchase, unfortunately this is a site template, not a WordPress theme. Did you read the description before purchasing? It clearly mentions it is a site template!

    Worktropia is truly unique! It’s a one page desk template! Animated, nice, clean typography with a sweet iPhone WebApp

    Oh no! I’m a newbie to this, that’s such a shame, I love the theme, is there anyway at all i can use it on wordpress?

    Well, first, remember, WordPress Theme prices start from 25$! As for your second question, I am very sorry, but it is impossible to use a HTML template in the WordPress framework. It needs to be converted to WordPress, and that takes a few days/weeks depending on what difficulties arise. :(

    You can still use it as a HTML5 / CSS3 template. I made it as easy as possible to edit! The documentation is really detailed and it’s not hard at all to use! :)

    I just wouldn’t know how to use or do HTML5 / CSS3 , nightmare. You should make a Wordpress version! Make a few alterations, badabing badaboom, sell it for $25 i’ll pay you an extra $10, happy days!

    Hey there! The WordPress version has been release! Check my portfolio! :)

    Amazing theme, and he really helped me out when I was stuck on the coding part! Thanks Man :D

    SparkyDZN! Thank you for your purchase and your kind words! Let me know if I can help you with anything else mate! :)

    Hi there,

    where is the image located that shows when I try to open the mobile version in a desktop brwoser? I like to customize this.

    Where and in what file is the piece of code located that detects if desktop or mobile browser is used?

    Thank you

    Hey NurSharina. I sent you that code and explanations via e-mail last week! :)

    Okay, found it – Thank you!

    Glad to hear that! Feel free to ask if there is something else I can help you with!

    Hi there, one more question. I want to integrate youtbue videos into the protfolio. How to format the link that the youtube video opens in the light box?

    I will use an image within the protfolio and once the image is clicked the youtube video should open in the lightbox.

    Thank you.

    Hey there NurSharina, nice to hear from you! :) You can find detailed information on how to use Videos, iframes, Flash and all sorts of things in the gallery, which is called Colorbox, here! It supports a lot of different formats, player styles, etc, etc. Check out the link! :)