Discussion on World Wide - Responsive Magazine WP Theme

Discussion on World Wide - Responsive Magazine WP Theme

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You know, that I still see notice to update WorldWide theme to version 1.7.1, I use 1.2.0.

Version 1.7.1 is this one https://wordpress.org/themes/worldwide/

Oh Thanks for notify us about that. We will push the version name to 2.0 to avoid the conflict with WP org theme.



victoo Purchased

It’s me again :)

Sharing posts from my page where I use “Worldwide theme” on Facebook looks different than from other themes. It is small square image (140×140px) on left side and title on right side. You can see it https://www.facebook.com/terazgorlice

How to change it to big image like most shared posts on FB?


Usually, you can fix it by use SEO plugin, we’re recommend Rank Math, trending plugin in SEO for WordPress at the moment.​​

If you don’t want use custom image offer in SEO plugin, so you must need some coding customize. Please use the function shared from here in function child theme file then set up featured image in your page/blog to get it in social share instead logo. Please note the copy only support for twitter and facebook.

Reference: https://wordpress.stackexchange.com/a/254485 .

Unfortunately, it is customization. We don’t provide customization, so if you can’t do it by yourself. Please hire a freelancer to do it for you

Best Regard!
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Hi team, is this theme compatible with Wordpress 5.5?


First of all, Thanks for your interest :)

Yes it is :)

Okay thank you for the confirmation

Hi, I’m downloading the theme but in the readme, it says is the v1.05. I want to download the last version 1.10, How do I do it?

Where did you download the theme?

Please note that you must login the Themeforest with account that purchased this theme then you can get the updated version.


I guess you get our theme from free item, so it don’t include update for free version. If you want update, please consider to purchase our theme then you will able to update it to latest version.

Hi, I´m having issues with Yoast since I updated to PHP 7.2. Now I can´t set keykeyphrase and other SEO configurations form Yoast. I tried deactivating the theme and using the standar Twenty Nineteen theme and is working perfectly. Where is the problem?

Can you please submit ticket in our support website? Our dev and supporters only provide support in there, not here :(

Please note that, Right now, all support will be conducted through http://support.goodlayers.com/(Purchase code can be found here : http://support.goodlayers.com/purchasecode.png )

Thank you very much! :)

What is the actual version for April 25, 2019 ?

Just to check, the latest update was : V1.10 , 26/07/2018

In April, it might be the updating in description page so it reflected in there. Sorry for confusion.

Hello, what latest version of PHP does the World Wide theme support


It supports up to PHP7.x

Thanks for your interest by the way :)

What were is the version for April 25, 2019 ?

There is no update to the changelog .

Oh sorry for confusion, we just updated all our theme with Layer slier and Revo slider and that’s almost every themes of us so we also updated this theme accidentally :/ (This theme has no any slider.)

How can I change the header background? I put the logo but i cannot change backgroud image. Please help


If you mean the red background image, you will need use custom style to change it:

div.header-outer-wrapper .header-wrapper {
    background-image: url(add-your-image-link-here);
Then add it in Theme option > General > Page Style scroll down and paste the code in Additional Style field.

GoodLayers Team

So I purchased this theme, my issue appears while trying to set up a demo content: Saving changes in goodlayers admin panel leads to Internal Server Error 500. Cannot edit pages also just white screen appears and that’s all

Can you please send wp access + ftp access through the form in this page > http://themeforest.net/user/GoodLayers ?

Please also copy the message into the form as well so we can recognise your case. We will help inspecting directly.

Hello guys,

My client bought your theme and asked me to install demo content. I’m wondering why after pressing “Save” button in Goodlayers admin panel site shows 500 internal server error?


Can you please submit ticket in our support website? Our dev and supporters are only provide support in there, not here :(

Please also provide wp access + site url so we can check on it directly.

Please note that, Right now, all support will be conducted through http://support.goodlayers.com/(Purchase code can be found here : http://support.goodlayers.com/purchasecode.png )

Thank you very much! :)

Logo disappearance is happening once again due to a Wordpress update. I sent you a ticket privately with the login credentials. If you have a PERMANENT fix for this issue, I would appreciate it very much. I have never had any sort of an update affect the logo image.Thank you for your assistance.

This is good, thank you. However, I need to know 1. What you did because this seems to be a problem when I make updates and 2. The background is now gray rather than red so how do I change it back to red?


1. As my replied from my email, after login in your site, I still saw the logo in theme option setting then I just need go to theme option and click Save Option and it’s work again.

2. I’ve setup it again for you now: http://take.ms/wdT5a .

GoodLayers Team

Okay, thank you for your help!


MyISAM tables are what we use and the Theme is currently working just fine with MySQL 5.5


Will your product still work If we switch our server from MySQL 5.5 to MariaDB 10.2 ?

While still using MyISAM tables ?


There should be no problem with our theme if wordpress supports that :)

I’m trying to update the Layer Slider that came along with my premium Total WP theme. However, it doesn’t accept my purchase code so I could set my Layer Slider plugin to automatically receive updates. Here’s a screenshot of the actual error message: http://prntscr.com/l2th39. This Total WP theme is only installed in one domain. Please advise what to do. Thank you.

The purchase code for slider is not necessary. It’s used for auto updater. However, the slider that’s included in this theme is being used as ‘Extended license’, it’s considered as a bonus file which doesn’t support auto updater. If you need to use auto updater, you have to purchase slider’s regular license separately. But as I said, It’s not necessary, you can still use slider that come with the theme like its’ regular license and we still keep pushing slider’s update in future theme’s version as well ;)


had this theme for awhile I am having a problem with the sharing button it is not fetching the post when sharing to facebook.

Using FB Debugger I am getting this error Warnings That Should Be Fixed Inferred Property The ‘og:image’ property should be explicitly provided, even if a value can be inferred from other tags.

can you help?


I recently updated to latest version of theme and the logo disappeared. Tried to upload logo again but get an empty square instead. Tried to use URL only and that failed as well. I am totally unable to put a logo back in the header. The logo should not have disappeared when the theme was updated. Please advise. Thank you.


Could you try add your logo with this step:


If it still not work for you, please send an email to me and I will help you check it: support.loc@goodlayers.com

GoodLayers Team

This did not work as I tried that many, many times prior to writing you. I also tried only with the URL as well and it did not save. When I renamed MY logo with the name of YOUR logo, it did save but now I can’t alter the size as it’s very tiny. I also responded via email to you. Thank you for any assistance.


I’ve replied to your email now.

GoodLayers Team

Hi. I am potentially interested in buying this theme, but before I do, I have one concern. I like the blog layouts. Instead of showing an excerpt of the post (forcing the user to click “Read more,” etc.) can the theme display the entire post content in order instead of a running list of excerpts on the homepage?


Yes, there’re option to show full blog content when you edit the blog item style :)

Thanks so much for interests.

HI there, my support has expired and I’ve had the theme for awhile. After doing some debugs it says some of the GL widgets have deprecated would a theme update fix this? I don’t mind renewing the support, I just needed to understand if that’s what is going on.


Thanks and sorry for the issue. Before moving on, can you please follow this?

1. Can you try to disable all other plugins first and see if it’s fixed or not.

2. Please make sure that you update the theme to latest version : https://goodlayers.ticksy.com/article/1893/

3. If still doesn’t solve, can you please provide the screenshot of the problem that you got so we can see it clearly?

Will do, I’m going to renew support soon, I also have questions about the mobile responsiveness not working for me.

Hi Support, I am unable to save changes on Theme Option. It spins but it doesnt save changes. Can you please advise? I need to change the right banner asap please. Thank you


Could you provide your wp-account and ftp-access info back via goodlayers profile page so we can check this out.

Hello, is this theme AMP ready? accelerated mobile pages?


Not it’s not.

Thanks for interest by the way :)

Hello, on the page option, i am unable to click Edit icon on the columns.

I can resize the column and delete the column, but can’t edit.

Can someone help please?

Thank you


1. Can you try to disable all other plugins first and see if it’s fixed or not.

2. Please make sure that you update the theme to latest version : https://goodlayers.ticksy.com/article/1893/

3. If still doesn’t solve, please provide wp access + site url through the form in our profile page so we can check.

Cheers! :)


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