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Sorry but this is full of CRAP ....i bought 1 month back template and i saw it dose not include HTML ….i posted a comment and waited 40 days to get HTML and now i see that i have to pay another 10$ just for it…..but the people who purchased design on the new link they get whole thing PSD and HTML for 10$....So i just wasted 10$ for nothing


Before I buy:

is THIS template with all layout PSDs included? I ask, because here you sell the PSD for this theme: http://themeforest.net/item/world-wide-software-company/55464

I will not buy twice, for HTML and for PSD separately.

I bought so much themes here, but I never had to buy twice to get HTML AND (!) PSD .

So I want to ensure, that when I buy this one here, I get the complete HTML and the complete PSD layouts!

Isn’t it?

Package includes 5 HTML /css templates and 5 PSDs for easy editing.


Another suggestion:

would be great, if the page with the screenshots have an effect like jQuery’s sliding captions (http://buildinternet.com/2009/03/sliding-boxes-and-captions-with-jquery/)

possibly in one of the updates.

I look forward to it ;-)

Just bought it and I’m happy about such a clean and although not boring template! Thanks for your work. Hope to see more of your style :-)

thank you! please watch this page cause i will put note here when update is available. i will polish this template a bit more.

Yes, I will do, and I’m looking forward to more of you :-)

file is updated. some refinements in graphics and css made.

Hello, I am a total newbee in wordpress. Well actually I can install wordpress and use a template. But in this case I’ve bought your template and tried to use it. But my knowledge are quite limited in this area. All I’ve done is to upload the entire folder on my ftp server (1&1), and then in the wordpress theme folder. So I was proud of my self until I tried to make it work. Actually I can’t. When I try to change the template in the dashboard (wordpress) : 1) First It said that the style sheet was missing 2) I saw a “stil” extension but in the HTML floder. So I tried to rename it as “style” and put it in the root folder (the main template folder). So doing so I didn’t received and error message in wordpress, but no template at all this time…I really don’t know what to do.. Any help ? Please ? I didn’t understood your help file. Thanks a lot. Eric

answered you via email, but in short: you bought HTML template. you cannot instal HTML template as a Wordpress Theme.