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Thanks for the template, I like it a lot! I like the layout and the color.

And here is a new software product website built base on it (A Word addin for writers who writes large documents in MS Word):


Thank you!


Just tried to view the live screenshot but got a warning message from my Kaspersky Internet Security 2010 software saying that the requested object was infected with ‘HEUR:Trojan.Script.Iframer’. Could you please advise what I should do here. It this a genuine virus or a false positive generated by Kaspersky? I would really like to view the live screenshot but at the moment can’t.


Yes, false positive.

Hi, great template, would it be difficult to have different coloured tabs on the home page? (e.g. 4 different colours) I’ve edited the psd to create my new colours, I thought I would be able to create a different ‘li’ class for each button which I would assign a different background image for each in the css file but im not sure how to do it, would I be pushing my look to ask for an example from you?



Hi, I’ve managd to solve the above problem with the following css:

#home_tabs li a, #home_tabs li a:visited, #home_tabs li a:link {
    padding:13px 0 7px 0;
    background-position:left bottom;
#home_tabs li.tab1 a {
    background-image:url(../images/banner_tab_on.gif) !important;
    color:#ffffff; !important;
#home_tabs li.tab2 a {
    background-image:url(../images/banner_blue_on.gif) !important;
    color:#ffffff; !important;
#home_tabs li.tab3 a {
    background-image:url(../images/banner_red_on.gif) !important;
    color:#ffffff; !important;

Can I ask how you would get the ’#tab_content’ banner_bg.gif to change to a different image for each of the tabs e.g. I’ve created 4 banner_bg.gifs matching the colour of each tab so I want them to change when you click each tab. I’m hoping this is quite simple to do, but if its out of the scope for support for the template I can pay to get this sorted, Lee.

I managed to solve the above problem by assigning different classes for each li, and giving each class a different background image,


Hi Dtbaker,

In the sitemap.php file, you have the following code to get a list of files of the current folder: $files = glob("*.php");

How to also include files in a sub-folder? Thank you!

Great template mate.

Keep up the good work!

Hi, Your this template is really nice. But, I wanna use this template on WordPress. Do you have WordPress version of this template? Please, confirm me. I am waiting for your response.


No wordpress available sorry. We will post here if one becomes available in the coming months.

Love this template. Beatiful, but you say it validates. I tried it http://www.w3.org/ and it shows 14 errors, 3 warnings!?

IE9 compatible? Does the theme include php files to pages also, so can view php instead of html pages?

Any plans for a Joomla/Wordpress version? Thanks!


tol Purchased

I contacted you through your profile, but no respond. Can you please explain in detail how to change parts of the psd-files. Would be much easier to have each image for it self, instead of whole page in layers. How to save just the home_banner1-4 correct as png images, since I want to change the prices?

Can you create new pages? If so how?

I there anny Update possible with a Catha code in the form?

For the rest its a perfect build. Evrything is eazy to understand ect.

Greetings flexxlol

Is this a Wordpress template? It is listed under Wordpress, but I don’t see it in the specs. Thanks.

Sorry this template is not a Wordpress template. It is currently listed under “Site Templates”.



Your work is first rate.

Good show.

Just posting my interest in having this as a wordpress theme..

Hi is it possible to have 6 tabs on home page instead of 4?