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If i wanted to change the colour of nav_bg and save it, what would be the best way to go about this?

When I try as a gif I get the ugly white edge to the image, PNG is fine but would like to keep them all the same type.

There is a hidden setting that changes the ugly white to a color the same as your background so the edges just blend in.

1. open home.psd

2. click on the color picker tool

3. pick the color of the background next to the nav_bg

4. double click the color box on the left to get the hex code, the color I got was #012736 now copy this code

5. hide all your background layers so only the nav_bg shape is showing, and turn off the text on top too.

6. go to “file>save for web”

7.click the nav_bg slice

8. on the right are some settings, look for “MATTE”

9. click in the matte box and paste your hex code from earlier

10. save as a transparent gif over the top of the old image.

all done