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This should be a codecanyon script/layout…

I mentioned above that including a script with it will ruin what I aimed this product to be.

Looks promising, and I’d love to see more like this here (login / register pages often all look the same, yet don’t have to be the same design as the main site they lead to).

However, this template is missing some functionality – you should add the login form, some validation and perhaps some shortcode elements to make it easier to customize.

As it is, I’d be inclined to agree with agilecorp above – this is more suited to CodeCanyon.

BUT – please do persevere with it and similar stuff, I do think there’s a market for them.

This product is made to be integrated into your website. I did not write any PHP or any scripting for this because it would just dump into a database that you have no use for. What’s the point of that? This is designed to replace the existing login on your website, blog, forum, or other solution.

Sorry, I didn’t mean backend – I meant (for example) a jQuery animation to switch between login & register or something like that. Just an idea to make it more ‘saleable’ for you. As I say, I like the style and I’d love to see more like this here.

Wow, I like that idea. I’ll probably do something like that :). Thanks for the suggestions! Appreciate it dude.

Tbh, I am pretty dissapointed with lacking of styling for hover states.

Thanks for the suggestion :). Hover states and jQuery form validation will be added win the next update. Keep your eyes peeled!

The update was just submitted containing hover states and bigger previews. It should hopefully be approved soon.

I also wonder how come template with 0 sales gets to the sharing site…

What do you mean by that?

Now I know, and slightly depressed by the fact people can’t let a guy make a couple bucks online. smh

This is a great product, excellent work. Can’t wait to see it with hover effects. Btw templattica it seems that most of these “Sharing Sites” rip the templates using special programs, it’s pretty easy to copy css and html pages.

Aw man!? I’ve been ripped already!? I guess I’ll have to disable the demo then?

Thanks for the kind words though Swagster. Much appreciated :)

The demo link was removed :(. The update with hover states will be added soon.

I am very interested in the template but I came to the comments section wondering why there was no live preview, I see now that someone is stealing your stuff and that is why.

If a live-preview will not be put back up; could you add additional screenshots and perhaps a screencast video of the template instead? That would be sweet! GLWS, they will come! :-D

A full preview has been added.

There is no point removing the live demo as they have already ripped the design, it’s not just you but pretty much every HTML website that gets placed on here gets ripped.

Just removing it to prevent further leakage.

Update released with hover effects and a full preview.

Enjoy! :)

Yeah, it didn’t occur to me that they can rip it… Shame.

jasonliehr, might wanna file DMCA’s to sites hosting the file. Anyways, wish u good luck with sales :)

I was going to…but there’s quite a few of them! I got rid of a few of them by contacting the hosting site but there’s so many mirrors and so many sites!

Wow, and published after mine. Some people…

Your is 23 Jan and this is 3 jan

yes, this was released on another market before this but it was taken down after it wasn’t generating enough sales. the site was creative market.

Hello I need to create a full registration system by HTML, what does it cost to create this ?